More Disappointing News: SM and f(x) ANNOUNCE That Promotions Have Been Cancelled Due to Malicious Rumors

24 Jul


Yesterday, I get some bad news about one of my favorite mangas (CLICK LINK TO SEE), and today, I get some news about my favorite Kpop group. JUST SHOOT ME NOW!

AllKpop is the Source

This was my original statement on my original post regarding THIS ISSUE:

The most annoying and disturbing part about all of this are the rumors that have followed. Most fans are blaming f(x)’s Sulli for the schedule clearance, especially since most fans believe the idol to have lost interest in music, and seems to be putting more effort into her acting career. Many rumors speculate that she’s pregnant, and many people believe her to be dating. These were the same rumors that showed up when Sulli had that “abdominal issue” a couple of months ago…

Many people just believe Sulli is lying about being sick, will pull a “Kris” (EXO-M) on the group, and quit.

Still, many others know how, in SM’s past, other idols have continued promotions, tours, and performances, even when one member was absent. f(x) continued their promotions in 2010 after f(x)’s Amber had an ankle injury. They gave her a whole six months to recover. People speculated then. So, people wonder, “why isn’t f(x) performing at all?”

Instead of helping the situation, these rumors make everything worse.

Whether Sulli is lying or not, the situation is a tricky one, she obviously needs to take time off and it isn’t any of our business. Entertainment isn’t a mandatory thing. Ya’ll need to find something productive to do. At this point, any movement could hurt the group. SM has a tough decision to make, so I understand them when they state, “We are trying to decide whether to continue promotions or not”. If they do continue on without Sulli, you know what fans are going to say? “It’s not the same without Sulli”, “Something is missing”, “f(5)” or “I hope Sulli isn’t going to quit”…etc. This was exactly what happened when K-pop boy band Shinee continued their promotions without Jonghyun (due to his injury). Oh, what an outcry! This is also what happened when promotions went on without Amber. Fans cried, “It’s not the same without Amber. They feel like another boring girl group”. And then Krystal fainted onstage from exhaustion. This caused most fans to think that she was being overworked, and without Amber, they had to do even more work.

I believe SM is at a still moment, trying to decide whether to continue f(x) promotions, or whether to wait until Sulli gets better. It’s not like Sulli has an injury, so she’s going to get better soon. So, if they do wait, they wouldn’t have to wait that long. But, at the same time, if they do wait, they could lose their audience as the other K-pop comebacks swarm in.

It’s the same thing that happened with Kris from EXO. EXO stated that they would continue without Kris. Though most fans may have wanted the group to continue, some fans felt that it was bogus, and that EXO should’ve cancelled their tour to be “there” for their “brother”, Kris. I kept reading comments of fans online, saying, “EXO=12, not 11″.

Let’s just keep it real. When one member is missing, it creates more scandals, and disappoints fans even more. Keeping all members away does less damage in that way. SM has learned from other “missing idols” how much that would disappoint fans.

However, and this is where it gets sticky, if f(x) doesn’t promote “Red Light”, possibly their last comeback until next year, we are left with the “2013″ issue all over again: a lack of promotion and a dead comeback, which will cause SM to ignore f(x) even more. They’ve only promoted their album for TWO weeks. Luna promised fans that they would have even more promotion than last year. Now, I’m not one to panic. They are probably trying to surprise us with something else. We don’t know. But it’s a bit scary when you’ve been hoping for a solid f(x) year, especially since fans feel left out of the K-pop world with no fan name or solo concert, and you suddenly see nothing on the calendar to look forward to.

Though ya’ll already know how I feel about that…

f(x) gets treated unfair?

SM can’t force Sulli to continue sick. Many people have pointed out how SM used to force artists to perform sick in the past, and are wondering why they haven’t forced Sulli (Yea, I know, I actually heard comments like this). I believe they learned from Kris of EXO. When Kris couldn’t get time off because of his “illness”, he filed a lawsuit. It made SM look bad. I don’t think SM wants that to happen again. What people don’t realize is that SM pays money for artists to perform at venues and to be promoted. When artists skip out, SM has to find a way to pay the venues, make-up artists, costume designers, etc, back the money they promised would be coming as a result of the appearance. f(x) hasn’t gotten that far yet, unlike Kris of EXO who was preparing for a TOUR, which costs a HEFTY amount of money.

What’s truly sad is that people always complain about SM Entertainment treating it’s artists like robots and controlling them, but when you read the comments’ sections of articles talking about this issue, you realize that SM is just reflecting how the fans are. SM goes wherever the fans (and money) goes. The fans are somewhat more controlling and demanding than SM. SM is really just trying to comply with the demands of fans. Some people call Sulli lazy, and demand her to smile for them and dance energetically for them, so if they’re making those kind of demands, wouldn’t SM? The fans demand the girls to wear trendy outfits and look pretty, otherwise they hate the whole “comeback”. So wouldn’t SM, as a company, skip out on the creativity to go with something more appealing to the eyes? The fans demand f(x) to promote for long periods of time, every week, non-stop, almost like, hmmm, SM. If I were f(x), I would be exhausted and sick, too, especially if I haven’t been on a stage in 11 months. The fans act like the girls are robots.

Last week, Sulli came down with the flu and couldn’t perform with the other members. Ever since then, people have really attacked Sulli, calling her a “liar”, insinuating that she was “pregnant” or “trying to quit f(x)”, and stating how “lazy she is” and how the group was “better off without her”. When she was finally getting better, she had to read hateful comments that made her feel even worse, emotionally and physically. Now, f(x) has postponed all promotions ALTOGETHER.

Fortunately, they will still be performing “Red Light” at the SM Town World Tour in Seoul, Korea. I’m surprised they are even doing that. I wish I could go.

fx comeback red light calendar

It’s always the K-pop fans that have to screw up and make EVERYTHING worse. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the EXACT reason Kris from EXO left. He was already suffering from the lawsuit, but I can imagine the horrible comments made him want to leave even more. Oh, and I can just guess what people are going to say now: “Why is she acting like a drama queen?”, “She needs to be tougher than that”, “She needs to get over herself”. People are going to also say, “Why didn’t she just send out a personal statement, so we wouldn’t worry?” Well, why can’t you people just accept the fact that she needs to TAKE A BREAK? The whole idol world has been attacked lately, from the dating scandals, the drug scandals (Bom), and the loss of idols. Just STOP the HATE.

People also have the nerve to say, “She’s too sensitive”. I’m sorry, maybe it’s because Sulli actually CARES what her fans think! You people may think most idols just ignore what people say, but many times they go in their rooms and cry when they are alone at night. We can’t say that every idol just “sucks it up”. Some idols’ careers have been destroyed by gossip. Fans let their “assumptions” rule their heads more than “facts” these days, and they believe anything the news media says. News media can be helpful or destructive, but their goal is to get the news, yes, but also to draw in as many readers as possible. They often get paid for how many people “traffic” their online articles or buy their magazines. They need your interest, and will do what it takes to get it. I take it none of you have heard of The Shattered Glass incident…The bigger an artist, the harder they will get it from media. SM and YG are “Powerhouse” labels, so media knows they can draw in “traffic” with their artists in the headlines.

Media isn’t always bad. Again, it can be helpful to building a career, especially if someone needs to promote themselves. But let’s not jump over with panic when we read things with the words “rumor” or “gossip” in the title. More than likely, it isn’t legit.

You people talk about SM being heartless, money-hungry, and controlling? YOU PEOPLE are entertainment-hungry, heartless, and more controlling than SM could ever be! The only reason SM is so controlling is because of the HUGE demands from you thankless fans, pushing SM to push their own artists. You people project your own faults! They released an excellent conceptual album, and didn’t get so much a “Thank You”.

PEOPLE are shocked SM has pulled ALL promotions. Well, after the Kris incident, I can see why. They don’t want to be SUED again! If they don’t let Sulli rest, it will fall on them! If they do push Sulli, and she decides to do it, she won’t be happy! She will be even less energetic, knowing that critical eyes are watching her from the audience. It’s no wonder she has been “lazy”. You “fans” are horrible!

You want to blame Sulli for the reasons promotions have stopped? Why don’t you people start with the “person in the mirror”? Without your cutting comments, the problem could’ve been resolved. You people need to stop projecting your horrible behavior on someone who entertains YOU. She is doing a service for YOU. And you people are the harsh, “power-tripping” bosses bent on destroying this girl’s career.

In fact, I’m starting my STOPtheHate campaign right now. Anyone who wants to help this, #StoptheHate and #SulliImSorry on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

For CRYING OUT LOUD, She is HUMAN! I just want to go Chris Crocker on people and say, “LEAVE SULLI ALONE!” You are lucky she took the time out of her busy schedule to help create a FULL ALBUM for you ungrateful bastards!

Not only did people probably make this girl’s week miserable, simply because she didn’t show up for a COUPLE OF PERFORMANCES, due to being “humanly” SICK, but people RUINED things for ALL OF US FANS.

This was my first year supporting f(x), and my first impression of this fan-base. And this is what I see? What a horrible display of humanity! People in this K-pop universe have gotten so ridiculously caught up in their “biases” that they create fan-wars and spread hate (because I can guarantee that the majority of people who wrote those comments were either trolls, f(x) haters, or people who wanted their idols to get more attention this summer).

It’s no wonder f(x) only comes out with ONE comeback a year. Because of this foolishness. This was the exact foolishness that killed Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

This was supposed to be f(x)’s year! This was the year we were supposed to get a fan name! A Concert! MORE PROMOTIONS, as Luna said! And people just had to SCREW it ALL UP!

I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole group disbanded on account of these OVERBLOWN fans. They just couldn’t chill out and be patient. They had to state stupid ideas on the internet. Ignorance runs rampant in the K-pop jungle. And then we have news websites, like Kpopstarz, posting horrible articles like this: Kpopstarz Fuels the Flames!

They actually posted a poll like this! :

poll that hurts Sulli

With the fourth answer being, “Who cares if Sulli leaves? The others will be fine.” I don’t even want to share the results with you. Not only do I blame Kpopstarz for instigating this fierce maliciousness, but I blame the PEOPLE WHO GAVE Kpopstarz the incentive to write this bull! They wouldn’t have posted it if people really weren’t saying ridiculous things like this. f(x) wouldn’t have been successful without ALL FIVE members, and you people know it! You wouldn’t even know her name if she wasn’t popular. Every f(x) member has developed themselves as individuals, and EVERY member has proven themselves.

f(x) Sulli’s Talents

f(x) Victoria’s Talents

f(x) Amber’s Talents

f(x) Krystal’s Talents

f(x) Luna’s Talents

And you idiots, who had the nerve to click that, ARE TO BLAME! I put the blood on your hands! If only I could read the names of those who pressed that, I would blast every last one of you! I’m glad all of f(x) stopped promotions. It serves you people right! Enjoy a boring summer with over-sexualized idols and summer jams, and not a sprinkle of originality! That’s what you wanted, that’s what you got!


And then people want to ask why the others can’t continue without her! You want to know why they won’t? I’ll tell you why. Because f(x) isn’t BOGUS enough to continue without Sulli. They don’t appreciate your mistreatment of her ANY MORE than she appreciated it! Unlike most groups, f(x) has a strong bond, and they see the value in their members. I’m not saying EXO didn’t value Kris before he left, but they sure didn’t mind moving on without him. And they didn’t mind posting, “EXO 11″ on their twitters, either. The other f(x) members KNOW how hard Sulli works because they WORK WITH HER. She has tried really hard to give to her music fans and K-drama fans at the same time. Her K-Drama fans are better at supporting her than her music fans. Maybe that’s why she enjoys it more. All she needs is a little RESPECT, patience, and SUPPORT. People don’t even know what support means anymore. Sulli would give a whole lot more if she had more of that “S” word, I guarantee it. If fans had been supportive, instead of ignorant and haughty, her smile might have returned to the stage.

f(x) is one of the very few groups that make a lot of money from individual activities, almost to the point they don’t really need money from their music activities. If they really relied on music to pay them, they would’ve continued promotions, even if they didn’t want to. But f(x) is so multi-talented, they can spread their talents anywhere. And they do! They really create music because they WANT to. They literally just ENJOY making music for their fans. For many idols, music is the only way they put bread and butter on the table. For f(x), it’s just one of the ways. So, this was not a loss. They simply went back to their own individual activities once they saw how belligerent you people were.

You people claim that SM usually forces it’s artists to keep going despite sickness or rumors, so this gives you reason to assume (yet again) something else is going on. Well, I wonder where you might get your ideas that SM forces it’s artists to perform? A news media website? The deceitful news media? Or maybe MORE GOSSIP; Some more irrational accusations that lack FACT. Just more and more assumptions that so often get passed on as fact by casual listeners. Perhaps, maybe, I don’t know,  artists choose to perform anyway! Whether SM urges the person to continue is probably circumstantial.

For instance, the EXO-Kris case. He became ill, and requested some time off. SM granted his request to have SOME time off, but they didn’t encourage him to go on a hiatus. The reason was because he agreed to a TOUR. The expenses of a tour are large. You are paying large venues for time slots, paying to have effective sound systems, lighting, costumes, make-up, the printing of tickets, advertising, and so many other expenses. SM is multi-billion dollar company, but they have to spread their finances among many different idol groups, as well as pay the bills they owe towards their OWN company. Those debts add up, trust me. If Kris suddenly went on hiatus, the venue risks losing business from fans, who may have only wanted to see Kris. They also risk losing the interest of fans who may have wanted to see all 12 members. The venue may decide to drop the group for a stronger group presence.  Lighting would have to be altered to make up for the loss of the member. Sound systems would have to be altered, especially if they all planned to lip-sync. Someone would need to replace Kris’s lines, and any song they can’t sing without Kris, they would not sing at all. This also put a lot of pressure on the other members. They were already tired from the constant practice. It takes a lot of work to practice a whole SET of songs, let alone start ALL OVER due to a missing person! Then they have to readjust who sings what. It’s time consuming and exhausting. This is why SM URGES their artists, in that case, to keep going with plans.

Read More About the EXO Kris Case Here

But in cases where the artist hasn’t made any major future plans, SM is more flexible because they aren’t LOSING anything. That’s how any business is, especially in professions like Medical Health or Teaching, where often a person is almost “required” to be at work. Teachers and Nurses can take time off as much as the next person, but if a situation arises where the nurses and teachers are absolutely needed, their bosses will strongly urge them to be at work. It’s often hard for teachers to get time off because students tend to misbehave with substitutes. Students also learn best with consistent teaching methods. Principals really would rather teachers come to work. Nurses and Doctors are often in high demand when hospitals are packed. Their supervisors would urge them to come into work because they really just need a body to at least watch patients. Every job has a contract. There are always rules that workers have to comply with if they expect to earn a living, but this doesn’t mean workers should never take a day off of work.

You people constantly compare her situation to other artists, stating, “This other artist I know performed when they were sick” and “This other artist I know didn’t stop promoting because of rumors”. Well, guess what? They should have gone on hiatus, too! Why would a smart person perform sick? They would risk getting sicker and risk looking dead onstage! To add, they would be spreading the virus! That means their sickly hands touched doors, microphones, costumes, and other people! That’s just gross! And those artists that continue promotion in spite of rumors? It’s funny how you people call that “strength” and “endurance”. I call it an abusive “fan-idol” relationship. You are an idol that’s being slammed over and over again by the fans’ verbal abuse, and yet, you still faithfully and submissively give your energy and time to the same fans abusing you? That’s NOT SMART. That’s letting them CONTROL you and manipulate you! That’s allowing your fans to abuse you. You are letting them get away with it by rewarding them with your talents and gifts. An idol who does that has developed too much dependency on their fans, up to the point they internalize the issue and keep performing for these people. They must be convincing themselves that you people were just trying to give constructive criticism. From most K-pop fans who respond to comments regarding these idols, their comments are critical alright, but not the constructive kind. I’m sorry, but you people who came up with this point need to re-evaluate your thinking. And I also suggest psychiatric help: You might have some control issues.

Really, you can’t even compare Sulli’s situation to other female idols. Every circumstance is different. Other female artists may perform sick or despite rumors, but there are reasons it may work. 1) Most female artists do not perform intense choreography. When someone is sick, they lose energy. When someone is depressed, they lose energy. However, most female idols barely dance. They usually have simple dance moves that don’t require a lot of youthful energy. Compare “Red Light”‘s choreo to the other female comebacks this summer. f(x)’s choreo requires intense concentration and energy. 2) Some female groups have so many members, one mistake can be made up by the dozen of other girls in the group! With only so few members in f(x), the mistakes are more noticeable, so a tired and sick person would be obvious. This is even worse when an artist is solo. Why do you think BoA has it so hard?

Men hardly get slammed when they go on hiatus. No one hardly makes false rumors. People treated Jonghyun a WHOLE lot better than people are treating Sulli when he had to stop promotions due to an injury. This is why women are always held back. Women get slammed the worst by these haters. And majority of the haters are women! Really? What happened to sticking together? Women have such a disadvantage because they get hit with the “pregnant” scandals. Men can get away with so much! They could have babies everywhere, and no one would ever know. No one would ever think it would interfere with work. This is why people don’t respect women in the working world. Pregnancies limit women from being REAL workers. This kind of rumor is not only more than likely false, but destructive to a working woman’s career.

What you people failed to realize is that this was only going to be a temporary thing, a temporary hiatus, but now you people, who made a mountain out of a hill, have permanently put a stop to promotions altogether!

And people are still coming up with these dumb rumors! They are still claiming SM and Sulli are trying to hide something. How about this: IT DOESN’T MATTER. All that matters is that they make good entertaining music for people who like their style to enjoy! That is their job. Their personal lives have NOTHING to do with that. Just like my personal life has nothing to do with my job…This goes for ANY job, unless you work at home as a stay-at-home father or mother (that’s quite a job, and the only personal one that exists).

Regardless, we don’t know the whole story, so who are we to assume? Who are we to let our assumptions decide our ACTIONS and whether we should support f(x)’s MUSIC or not? Shouldn’t we be focusing on their MUSIC? We always want to assume someone is lying. You think I’m delusional for believing SM? I think you people are delusional for coming up with ridiculous conspiracies that hold no factual basis. Try to connect the dots all you want. You sound crazier than me as you come up with these ridiculous rumors. A bunch of attention whores are what you are. And you people know who you are.

For those of you who still continue to inquire about these rumors, asking questions like “So, is it true Sulli is pregnant?” Remember this: It takes two to spread malicious gossip; One person to say it, and the others who hear it and believe it. Haters are taking advantage of the weak-minded and the gullible. They know that they are some people out here who will believe this nonsense. They will use your innocent questions, just as K-popstarz did, as evidence to prove that even f(x) fans are bashing Sulli’s head in, even if it wasn’t intended. So please, stop feeding into these rumors, stop inquiring about them because you’re just making everything worse.

Sulli may decide to have a baby in the future. So, when that time comes she CAN. After she has it, she can make music again. What’s the big deal? That’s what women do. Beyonce is pregnant with her SECOND baby. So what? It’s not mandatory to have a SONG in your life. You people may think she would be letting her fellow members down, but why would she? They all have their own activities! As workers, they shouldn’t always be so dependent on each other anyway. Every artist knows to have a fail-safe. Nothing in the music world is guaranteed. One member could die tomorrow, like what happened with TLC. What would happen then? They would still need to make a living. They need to learn to invest in other talents and continue developing themselves as individuals.

The people who made these comments need to grow up. Whoever was responsible for this childishness needs to re-evaluate themselves. They are the reason people want the internet regulated. You people can make ridiculous comments behind a computer, but I’ll bet my plushies you would be SCREAMING for Sulli if she came in your town, you phonies, you back-stabbers, you two-faced wannabes!

People want to get angry at Sulli for not “smiling” more, or dancing as energetically. A lot of help your criticisms did in improving that! Maybe if she’d have gotten a little TLC, you might have seen a happier Sulli return. And you all think this was the beginning of the malicious hate? “Fans” have been slamming Sulli since her promotions of Pink Tape! They have been calling her “lazy” ever since her performances of “Rum Pum Pum Pum”! Though she delivered at the SM Town Winter Wonderland Concert Tour…She smiled the whole time and seemed to be having fun. But with all the other “slams”, it’s no wonder Sulli seems so unhappy.

Fans don’t know what they want. You people complain about Sulli looking tired and lazy onstage for a WHOLE two years, but then you refuse to let her get some SLEEP! Every worker deserves sick days AND personal days. And so what about it? Why do you need to make accusations about it?

Some people have the nerve to say some dumb ish like this: “What’s she sick and tired from? f(x) barely has to do the work other idols do, like perform large tours and stuff.” Most of those idols ONLY focus on their music because most of them only have one talent and one promotional ticket. Take EXO for example. Most of their talents are singing and dancing. So, of course, they focus more on their music and rarely get asked to do random activities such as MCing or filming for dramas. Just because none of the f(x) members have been doing f(x)-related work, doesn’t mean they weren’t WORKING hard! They are all multi-talented, so many are filming dramas, Mcing for shows (Amber was just selected by KBS A Song for You to be the MC and was MCing for We Got Married Global two months ago), showcasing with other artists (Luna is working with Play the Sirens and will be featured in their MV and performances, Victoria is going to be featured in Zhang Li Yin’s MV), and so many other activities. They also have striking individual images, so they always get asked to do photoshoots and commercials. Every time I look up, f(x) is in a magazine! Just recently: High Cut, The Celebrity, Nylon! Sulli just did a commercial for Etude House! While Sulli had been waiting for her new movie, Pirates, to premiere in August, she also was trying to perform for you ungrateful “fans”. It’s no wonder she is sick and tired! f(x) gets pulled every-which-way. You people don’t know what hard work is.

You people act like entertainment is so important. It’s a pastime! You’re not going to die if you don’t get music. To think that way is so juvenile. If Sulli takes a break from music, so what? If f(x) disbands, so what? There are still tons of music out here, and plenty of music artists to listen to. I love f(x), but music is for pleasure. It doesn’t require your passionate, intense feelings for it.

I’m sure you haters are all enjoying your 20 minutes of fame, as all of your hateful comments have been called on. You have the satisfaction of knowing news media is giving you attention. You happy now? You won, you cunts! You also have the satisfaction of knowing you cut deep into the f(x) fandom. You can smile with glee as your comments hold power. You can jump up and down with happiness that now your precious idols have the chance to make it on music shows without f(x) as competition. You pricks have officially destroyed this comeback for us all.

I would rather you people to have never listened to K-pop a day in your life than destroy all the fun. Music and entertainment are supposed to be fun, something everyone can enjoy. It’s not supposed to be a playground for hate and evil. You idiots have certainly ruined our f(x) party this summer. f(x) said they hardly get to work together or see each other anymore, and this was their chance to spend more time together. You pricks just destroyed everything.

I’m officially having a bad week. Ya’ll hit me up and tell me what you think of this nonsense. If you’re one of those people who contributed to this, tell me what made you be this evil. Please, I just want to understand why you hate so hard. I’m so disappointed, I can’t even sleep. I can’t even listen to the album without shedding a tear.

f(x) Red Light album

I’m angry, but I’m not going to stop promoting this group. They are talented, artistic, and amazing people that I feel deserve respect and recognition. My excitement for this comeback has gone down the drain, but I look forward to August 15, where at least they will perform “Red Light” one more time.

HELP SPREAD THE WORD: #StoptheHate #SulliImSorry

And I just want to thank f(x) for giving me the RAWEST album out this SUMMER!


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VIZ Media Stops DCTP Translations and Scans of the Manga Detective Conan

24 Jul

So I go on to get my dosage of Detective Conan to find this:


VIZ Media sent a notice to DCTP, The Detective Conan Translation Project,  an online message board for Detective Conan fans, telling them to stop scans and translations because apparently VIZ owns the “rights” to Detective Conan. DCTP was known as a website that translated the Detective Conan manga, and at one time anime, for English-speakers, since most English-speakers had no manga complement as decent as the Japanese version. DCTP drew in fans from around the world. The team was very dedicated to their job of translating, even though many had other things to do. They were greatly appreciated. The same outrageous thing happened when SOPA and PIPA cracked down on pirating movies and shows on the internet, and so DCTP had to cease their translations of the Detective Conan animes. I was alright with that as longs as I was able to read the manga. And there wasn’t an English anime airing on my t.v. And I certainly don’t want that trash, Case Closed, ever airing on Cartoon Network again. In fact, there was never a good English anime complement to the Japanese version. DCTP’s manga scans helped that. But then VIZ just had to drop the bomb.

Here’s my thing. Why now, of all times? DCTP has been around for YEARS, and they choose now to say something? VIZ Media, if you own the rights, why haven’t you been doing your job of translating the manga at the same pace as the Japanese version? I am sure DCTP wouldn’t have translated the manga had there actually BEEN some decent mangas for them to read in ENGLISH! DCTP did a better job of releasing the English scans in a timely fashion, nearly matching the timing of the Japanese manga, and they weren’t even getting paid! VIZ Media is SLOW and PATHETIC.

I don’t speak Japanese, and I don’t READ Japanese. I appreciated a website that provided a decent, well-translated manga. VIZ Media is GARBAGE. They do not know how to make good dubbed material. They translate the mangas they want to translate, and if it doesn’t give them the satisfactory number of sales they want, they will cease translation altogether. That was a perk I will sorely miss from DCTP. They were loyal, hard-working fans that would never stop translating because they enjoyed reading Detective Conan themselves and made a hobby of sharing it with other international fans.

VIZ Media never cared about manga and anime fans. All they care about is making money from anime geeks. They hope to make a profit from this. But sadly, they won’t. You know why? Because their translations are 10 years behind JAPAN’S! Over half of the English audience is 10 years ahead of VIZ Media in the story. By the time VIZ Media chokes up the most up-to-date file, English-speaking fans will more than likely just give up on the series altogether. And by that time, Japan’s version will probably be OVER! DCTP was up-to-date. VIZ Media fails as a company altogether. I understand VIZ is a company and has to make money to eat, but they don’t put the same effort behind Detective Conan that DCTP did, and that’s the truth.

Another crappy addition to VIZ Media’s version is the SCREWED title, Case Closed. Why couldn’t you have used the ORIGINAL title, Detective Conan, VIZ Media? I understand that there’s a show that already has rights to the name “Conan”. But couldn’t you have called it Detective Kudou instead? Let’s also add the fact that Ran’s name is RACHEL and Shinichi’s name is JIMMY! Why those changes? Oh, why! Why is my worst nightmare coming true! Most of the cast’s names have been changed to sound more “American”, and it’s horrifying. The Detective Boys are the “Junior Detective League”, Mouri Kogorou is RICHARD MOORE, Ai Haibara is VI GRAYTHORN (WTF?) and Heiji is Harley Hartwell! Oh, just shoot me! Shoot me now!

I might not be buying or reading another Detective Conan manga until File 84 comes out in English. And when will that be? Another FOUR YEARS? This is the most disappointing news I’ve received! And when I do get it, I won’t be reading about Shinichi Kudo. Oh no. I will be reading about Jimmy Kudo! ARGH! The agony! I can’t even cringe my way through that!

I’m also reflecting on all of the Japanese cultural moments that were so eloquently translated by DCTP. VIZ Media just loves to take Japanese tradition and culture, and STOMP America all over it! They butcher over half of their mangas to make it more “understandable” for international audiences, and it just usually ends up a pile of train-wreck! They never translate the volume almost EXACTLY like the Japanese manga, and certainly not the way DCTP did. VIZ translates, omits, and re-writes everything! They are likely to change a popular Japanese board game into checkers! WHY! Please tell me this isn’t so! I knew this was coming one day, but I guess I wasn’t as prepared as I thought for this day. I count it as a lost in my manga world.

For people around the world who don’t have to deal with VIZ, you are fortunate.

I think this is probably the worst news I’ve heard this month…

No, wait. f(x)’s schedule for this week and next week have been wiped clean. Today is not my day…


Not Case Closed! Anything but Case Closed! NO!

What is GN’s Least Favorite f(x) album?

22 Jul


I know. Most of you might think that I seem to worship the ground f(x) walks on. From my background, to the heavy load of video sharing I do on random posts, to the large number of articles focused on this K-pop group, my promotion never ends. In fact, it seems like f(x) is a favorite among most critics.

f(x) Pink Tape

f(x) Red Light

But that doesn’t mean I think every album of f(x)’s was top-notch. I have my least favorite. I really don’t worship them as much as most people may think. But I am a fierce promoter of things that I believe deserve attention, and even f(x)’s worst is still pretty good. If you noticed, f(x)’s Electric Shock is not one of the albums that have a review from me…

I loved the concept. The title song was good, although the video was…meh. But the actual EP? Well, let me elaborate.

I got into an interesting discussion with the Assistant Chief Editor of Hellokpop, a popular K-pop news media website. They’d recently given their review on the Red Light album, and to my surprise they found Red light to be f(x)’s weakest album since the Nu Abo EP. Of course, I had to disagree. You know I already did my review on Red Light.

I stated in my comment to them that in my honest opinion the weakest album/EP from f(x) was Electric Shock.

This may shock many of you. It certainly shocked Hellokpop, to the point they asked for my reasoning for pinning Electric Shock as f(x)’s weakest. I didn’t realize that so many people, including critics, deemed Electric Shock as praiseworthy. I mean, compared to many K-pop albums, it was one of the most experimental albums out at the time, and it had some of the most interesting lyrics. Sure, there wasn’t a boring song on the album. Every song was catchy. They really sounded like Shinee in that era. But in comparison to f(x)’s other work, I have to disagree with most people when they deem Electric Shock as f(x)’s greatest “masterpiece”.

This is actually a review of sorts, only I’m not really giving a rating. This is my reason:

I suppose Red Light has less of an impact on usual k-pop listeners than Pink Tape and Electric Shock.

I knew about them through “Electric Shock” MV, but I really just started examining their work closer five months ago. I’ve observed them carefully. I was never into K-pop until I heard f(x)’s Pink Tape.

Pink Tape had a couple of artistic pieces, such as “Shadow” and “Good-bye Summer”. I felt the sound of “Shadow” cleverly conveyed a “shadow” with the smooth vocals, and the eerie feeling. Even if the listener couldn’t understand the lyrics, the tone conveyed feeling, to the point you could almost picture the “shadow”. It was a true form of art. That level of artistry is most commonly found on Broadway, or in musical movies, like in Disney’s Fantasia.

The Electric Shock EP, in comparison, lacked that kind of artistry or feeling. The sounds didn’t convey the feeling of the lyrics. I couldn’t picture anything solid through the music. It was almost as hollow as any pop album.

“Electric Shock”, the song itself, conveyed the feeling of an “electric shock” running up the body, while the first blush of love occurs, quite well, and one of the most commendable pieces on that EP. The others were left dry.

“Jet” was about being too busy to have a love life. I couldn’t feel that with the melody, tune, or lyrics. Neither spoke to me. As English is my first language, I couldn’t know what that song was about before translating the lyrics because the sound was simply catchy, but didn’t move with the lyrics as if they were “speaking” to the listener. Though it was meant to be a song expressing female independence, I was left feeling that it was a party song, not even picturing a girl turning down a lover. It was electronic, and just like electronics, hollow like a robot.

“Zig-Zag” gets mixed up with “Jet”. The song is about having a complicated love life, but the melody, the instrumental, didn’t convey that. It did convey a “zig-zag”-like feeling, but I never understood that this was a love song.

“Beautiful Stranger” was one of the very few songs that conveyed passion. The song is about two foreigners falling in love, often having cultural and language barriers. Amber, being the natural “rapper” of the song, conveyed passion in that song, as it apparently related to her as a foreign artist. The low tones in the verses conveyed a person trying to reach out, fiercely stating the obstacles, when it gets to the bridge/chorus we can almost picture the person stretching their hands towards the person in an attempt to try to finally reach out and confess the feelings, despite the language barrier. It’s almost like putting lyrics to imagination, making a “scene” out of the song. If we were to do the same with “Jet” or “Zig Zag”, we would end up empty-handed.

“Love/Hate” also failed to feel like a love/hate song, and sounded more like a cheer-chant. The “ups-and-downs” they were supposed to be feeling in the song was lost. I wouldn’t have known what it was about had the title not had love/hate in it, and the chorus didn’t shout it out a hundred times. They didn’t paint a picture of love-hate through the melody or vocals the way “Shadow” did in Pink Tape. What we find, in fact, is that “Zig Zag” and “Love/Hate” are really about the same thing: A love/hate relationship…

“Baby Let’s Try” also did really well in conveying girls being caught up in a romance with someone, and just wanting to run away or “leave” a particular place with that person. It carried that light air with it. I knew it was a love song even before I knew what the lyrics were saying. Though I think it was a generic love song that didn’t make any interesting references, nor did it have any interesting metaphors, it was still expressive.

I always feel music should be expressive. The point of lyrics-to-music, in my opinion, is usually to tell a story. Electric Shock didn’t tell me a story. It really didn’t tell me anything but to dance. If I wanted to just dance, I could hear an instrumental without lyrics. But then again, I keep Opera and Showtunes in my collection of music. I listen to a lot of world music, from Turkish Tarkan to classical Ludwig.

Another reason I felt Electric Shock was f(x)’s weakest was because of the lack of variety. While each sound was experimental, it fell mostly in the average up-beat, pop dance genre. “Jet” was upbeat, but lacking in terms of depth. I could really take or leave that song. It was awkwardly cute, and sounded like it was for children under the age of 12, which I don’t mind, as long as the instrumental conveys the right feeling . “Love/Hate” was typical of Asian pop (I listen to J-pop, C-pop, V-pop, many Asian pop songs). It simply had a catchy chorus, a lot of shouting, zany, but at the heart of the lyrics was a message about fickle love, something that was left unclear by the sound. “Love/Hate” was upbeat like most of the other songs. There wasn’t something for everyone, which I felt Red Light delivered. Mostly only people who like upbeat, dance-pop music would like the Electric Shock EP, but if you preferred ballads, acoustics, piano instrumental, House, Trap, retro, or even a mature, sexy evening song, you couldn’t find it. Electric Shock was a bit repetitive, and I often felt I was hearing the same song over and over again, especially between “Electric Shock”, “Jet”, and “Zig Zag”. The same “electronic” feeling was heard throughout all the songs. The concept killed the variety and emotional artistry, as well as vocal potential.

Even Nu Abo delivered the variety. From “Dear Daddy”, we have a soothing piano ballad. “Nu Abo” was fierce, and catchy. “Mr. Boogie” was sexy and silky. “Me +U” are for people who like more upbeat, bubblegum entertainment. “Surprise Party” was mellow for those who dislike a bunch of head-bangers. Pinocchio and the re-package had variety. With the variety, we at least can see the scope of their talents. I felt their talents were stifled in Electric Shock.

With Red Light, it carried variety and artistry. I’m just going to take “Red Light” for example. The low verses carry a ticking sound, like a bomb is ticking, bringing in an experimental trap feeling. When the bridge occurs, we are told to “stop for a moment and breathe”. Just as the lyrics say it, the song follows suit, so it feels like they are speaking to the listener. Then the chorus erupts into the House genre, just like the revolution they are trying to portray. The lyrics are encouraging us to re-examine our values, symbolizing themselves as activists trying to boldly make a statement to us, trying to make us really see the world beyond the superficial, according to Arirang‘s BTS of f(x)’s “Red Light”. Using Caterpillar, the American diesel-fueled organization, also known as CAT, as symbols, they embark to show us all we take for granted everything under our noses.

“All Night” is a slick sound, good for an older crowd who enjoys smooth 70′s disco numbers (the seniors seem to gravitate to this song), and the song is so sexy, it feels like something seductive is happening “all night”.

“Paper Heart”, the folk, Taylor-Swift-like country song, draws in those fans that love meaningful songs. The light sound is delicate just like a “paper heart”.

“Butterfly” is an example of this too. “Butterfly” sounds light and wistful just like a butterfly floating lazily in the sky.

Even “Boom Bang Boom” begins intensely, expressing the anger that occurs between two girls, when Luna’s bridge comes, she challenges the girl to enter the ring, once the chorus comes, they are fighting. We can feel that and picture it as they sing. So many other examples, but it would be even more long-winded if I continued.

I’m just going to also add the fact that they actually used their vocals in many songs instead of the heavy synchronization present due to technology, like in Electric Shock. The Red Light album draws in all kinds of people of different musical tastes.

The level of artistry is similar to Pocahontas’s “What’s Around the Riverbend”, especially how each sound inconsistently conveys each emotion she sings. It’s like when you hear Tom and Jerry. They don’t speak, but you can hear what’s going on by the song in the background. f(x) translated this to pop music in Pink Tape and Red Light.

Electric Shock failed to do that. It was simply designed to play at people’s parties and BBQs, holding back in depth and substance, chomping down on electronics, which disguised the girls’ vocal potentials, and pumped out dance numbers without stopping to help the listener get the sense of what each song was even about. We have one song that actually expresses something artistic, and that song excludes two of five members. The other song, “Baby Let’s Try” is distinctly different from the others, and is a solid pop song. It’s just not particularly interesting lyric-wise. For a person native to the language, maybe that kind of person could overlook the lack of feeling. If you just want to dance, sure, that kind of person would, too. But if you’re alone in your room, trying to find a meaningful piece to think about and contemplate like you would art in an art museum, Electric Shock would be last on my list. Well, Electric Shock probably has more substance than other K-pop albums I hear, where at least the lyrics are interesting, and the melodies are original and zany. At least in “Love/Hate” the verses move “up and down” as they sing to show the “roller-coaster” like feelings being expressed. But in comparison to other albums, Electric Shock does this the least.

But this is just my analysis. Many critics give props to things, but that doesn’t always classify it as “art” in my book. Critics so often go on their own tastes, and don’t often consider the tastes of the “collective”. There are many genres out here, and many different ears. If one artist can capture 10 genres within one album, drawing new fans every time, that’s pure genius for me.

I’m sorry this is so long. I was trying to explain my point thoroughly.

So, that’s my spin on Electric Shock, and why it’s my least favorite f(x) album. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. What’s your favorite and least favorite f(x) album, and why? Do you think I have a valid reason for believing Electric Shock to be f(x)’s weakest?

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20 Jul

This is my newest summer JAM! Ya’ll can party with me by listening to this new cut by Superwoman and the Humble Poet! She makes some pretty funny Youtube videos, too. So, check her out!


Five Songs, Female Empowerment, Two Messages: Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Little Mix, and Fifth Harmony: Which do you think carries the STRONGEST MESSAGE?

18 Jul


Here comes “Ms. Controversial” here, with another controversial topic…

Wow. Just came across five songs that seem to all represent the same theme: female empowerment. They didn’t all debut at the same time, yet the message they send is equally strong and relevant for today.

From first glance, you might think these songs are “feminist songs”. But that’s not entirely true of all of them.

Lesson #1: There are two ways women represent female empowerment : 1) Through Feminism 2) Through Chauvinism

What’s the difference?

Definition of Feminism: the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men

With Feminism, it brings out the idea that women are EQUAL to men, are capable of the same opportunities, whether they try and succeed, or try and fail. It is the idea that women have the same feelings, wants, desires, and need for freedom that men have. It is the idea that women can take care of themselves much the same way a man could.

It is NOT the idea that women don’t NEED men, that women are BETTER than men, and that women are exclusively different from men in the fact that they’re prettier, stronger, and have their own interests, desires, and feelings. It is not the idea that women have better thought patterns and views of the world. These ideas are more closely associated with female chauvinism.

Definition of Chauvinism: the denigration, disparagement, and patronization of either sex based on the belief that one sex is inferior to the other and thus deserving of less than equal treatment or benefit’s definitions

Angry feminists, exasperated with the lack of equality, can often turn into female chauvinists in their life-time. Women suffering from break-ups, rape, or other socially harmful relationships often become female chauvinists. They end up almost HATING men. Many end up feeling women are superior in what they can do, or rather many result to over-emphasizing their importance in a hetero relationship out of frustration because it may seem like the men in their lives don’t “respect” them as equals.

But what we must understand is that female chauvinists and feminists are not the same thing. In fact, the very difference is that feminism benefits MEN. It encourages men to stay home for a change, cook, clean, sew, wear nice clothing, enjoy ponies, and anything else, even if it’s not stereo-typically “male”. Chauvinism, on the other hand, sets out to make the “lesser” gender look bad, weaker, evil, or just useless. It builds up one gender above another, and encourages the “lesser” gender to be more like “it”. It is usually evident which message is which by the opposite gender’s responses…

Most men respond to feminist material as “this is cool and dope”, much like the responses towards Mulan and Hunger Games. Men usually end up respecting the women to some degree rather than feeling resentful. However, the response towards chauvinist material is usually “I hate women, femi-nazis”…etc.

Which brings me to my views on these five songs by Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Little Mix, and Fifth Harmony. All five songs represent female empowerment. But tell me, which ones represent feminism and which ones represent chauvinism?

Destiny’s Child-Independent Women

This song is how many years old? 14 years old! And yet, the message is still strong and clear. Destiny’s Child has always been known for their strong “female empowering” messages. In fact, they created a trend of it, and it just followed Beyonce into the next chapter of her career.

This song focuses on a woman buying everything for herself and working hard for what she gets. It encourages women to contribute 50/50 in a relationship. It even warns women about the sacrifices you have to make in order to be independent by stating that independence is not easy, but emphasizes how women still should strive to rely on themselves, even if the road is difficult. And even though the beginning of the song creates the picture that women don’t need men, it focuses on creating a relationship that is fair and equal, working hard for what you want, and even treating your man to a “watch” every once in a while for a change, though they are reminding the man to appreciate it. I say this song is for Feminists.

Beyonce-Who Run the World (Girls)

Beyonce continues the Destiny’s Child tradition of female “empowerment” in this next song “Who Run the World (Girls)”. Only this time, the language is stronger, the beat is more intense, and the feeling is even more powerful than any she ever created with Destiny’s Child. You can’t ignore the point with this song. It is very controversial in it’s direction.

From the introduction, “We run this Motha”, to the bridge line, “You’ll do anything for me”, it is apparent that this song is showing the world just how powerful women are. This song emphasizes how women can use their power to easily strip a man of his. The “persuasion” a woman has (that apparently, a man doesn’t have) can melt a man’s hate for a woman, even if women come “at his neck”. This song presents the idea that, in fact, men can only admire the strength of women as they bare the children (something a man is incapable of doing), and STILL get back to doing “business”, just like men. Basically, women can have children AND work, while men can only handle ONE of the two.

Gentlemen, doesn’t this song make you a bit uneasy as you listen to it? It’s almost as if someone is trying to threaten you, take something from you, and make you feel weak or powerless. You know what that uneasy, insecure feeling is? Intimidation. This song feels like it is for Chauvinists.

Christina Aguilera-I Hate Boys

Christina Aguilera carefully saved this song for her album Bionic, and quietly slipped it in the music industry without a music video. With a catchy chorus hook, anyone would ignore the hidden message…unless of course, you got wind of Youtube and lyric videos. Her other song, “Vanity”, off of the same album, carries the same tone…

The song carries some strong controversial words: “I hate boys, but boys love me” alone states that Christina hates boys, but they just can’t seem to get enough of her. She says she’s just a “tad” bitter towards men in this song. She states that men are only good for “fruit” and not “bananas”. The chorus repeatedly says she thinks boys “suck” and that her “friends agree”. She expresses how happy women would be if men weren’t around, and how boys are so immature, they rarely turn into men, but then again, they are “dogs”. “Inflated Egos”, “Little Dicks”, “Spit-em-Out”, the insults hardly end. She even states that we should “pack them up and ship them out”. WOW. The tones give a slap to the male face. I wonder how many men think she’s so hot now…Probably plenty of men do.

This song feels like it’s for Chauvinists.

Little Mix-Salute

Little Mix’s “Salute” has a sick drop and pumping beat with a message that encourages women to stand together in numbers. This song is a chant that can get any woman’s day started.

While the song flows nicely, simply encouraging women to do their best, not really mentioning men at all, aside from the one chauvinist line “we don’t need no man”, which can be taken in any way, this song repetitively encourages women to be like strong, fearsome warriors. It states that women are more than pretty faces, which women are. The song could’ve been categorized in the feminist category if…

…the video wasn’t so derogatory. Having men on leashes? Snapping their harnesses like whips? Let’s reverse roles and put women in those leashes. Oh, what an outcry it would bring! The video is in the chauvinistic category. While the song itself is neutral, the video can and does distort the message. We, the viewers, are left unclear.

This song carries both messages.

Fifth Harmony-Bo$$

Fifth Harmony’s name-dropping song is one of the popular songs of the summer. Their hit adds to the “female empowerment” trend that’s taking over music and movies, one mission at a time.

Fifth Harmony swings between feminist and chauvinist. The song exposes the fact that most people confuse feminism with chauvinism, and it shows how that confusion influences what women expect from the world. The song encourages women to be strong and hard-working, like “Michelle Obama” and “Oprah”, to get paid, and to be confident, which all support feminism. However, the song contradicts it’s air when they ask to be treated like a “lady”, which is not getting the same equal treatment as men (because men can vary in the way they treat each other, and as Susan B. Anthony said to the “bulls” breaking up her organized movement, “Beat me and throw me in jail like you would a man!’), when it says they “run this house”, and when they say they “ain’t thirsty for no bae”, which is different for men. Most men feel like they need girlfriends, and often sing songs about trying to get the girl of their dreams. In fact, name one man who doesn’t have a woman in his video. Lightly, it creates an exclusive difference between men and women, creating a light image that women are slightly better than men in the way they think, which serves to their advantage. When they state that they “run the house”, they paint the picture that the home is not run by two equal partners, but one dominating the other, the dominating partner being the woman.

I’m sorry, it makes it difficult to know what girls want when they demand to get treated like a traditional “lady”, but also expect to be treated equally by men. Do you observe how men treat each other? Can we really have the best of both worlds?

So, tell me what you think. Which song carries the strongest message? A message you won’t ever forget? Can you tell the difference?

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f(x)’s Amber and BtoB’s Sungjae Star in a New Korean “drama”, Directed by Super Junior’s Kangin (A Song for You)

16 Jul

:P Not my fault you clicked!

f(x)’s Amber, BtoB’s Sungjae, and Super Junior’s Kangin made a “parody” skit mimicking a K-drama for the introduction of Global Request: A Song For You, where they act as two lovers…only Amber is the guy and Sungjae is the girl!


Tropes VS Women in Video Games by Feministfrequency

15 Jul

Now, I’m not the first to jump on the “feminist” bandwagon, because I know how people feel about them. It’s not that I’m against feminism, but so many women have destroyed the meaning by using it to their advantage, that the moment I support one little thing, I will get the strong hand of “hate” by males and the “wagging finger” by women who are “comfortable with the way things are”.

Women who are female chauvinists, and practically sexist, often hide behind the title “feminist”, but the idea of feminism isn’t exactly bad in itself. It simply is the belief that women can be equal to men. And I believe this to be true.

So, when I watched the video above, I felt this woman had some pretty interesting points to make.

She was focusing on the fact that every female character, particularly animal female, in video games is defined with a “pink bow” or something “pink”. While many people strongly disagree, judging by the number of “thumbs down” clicked, I think she makes some points. I often feel that when there is a huge number of male main characters in a video game, the female is simply defined by what she wears, usually a pink bow or something else pink, while all the males have various characteristic, and are more defined by their interesting personalities.

I also find this to be the case in games where the majority of girls are the main characters. Usually, the female characters have lovely clothes, and the male characters get whatever’s left over in the bargain bin…

However, the point is that women are too defined by their clothing. They are too separated by what they look like, and not how they act. They don’t have various facial expressions or personalities. Particularly in games geared toward children.

In Tekken and Street Fighter, we see an array of female characters, of various personalities and attire. But in cartoons and video games for children, we still see that animal with the pink bow.

As a child who played Crash Bandicoot like a drug, and watched hours of Spongebob, I can honestly say that the female character that existed seemed to love pink an awful lot. And as a female, I never identified with the female character. I always identified with a male character…

Then again, most children today play games that are Rated M. So, who cares what’s in these childish games, right?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Tekken 7

13 Jul

TEKKEN 7: That’s ALL I have to say…*FAINT* And this is supposed to be the FINAL BATTLE. I can’t. I can’t go.

There was an announcement a while ago stating that there would be no more Tekken games made…

TekkenxStreetfighter was supposed to come out, too…So what’s happened with that?

I just knew Namco wasn’t going to stay away long. Tekken is coming back. IGN gave a little teaser today, coming from Evo 2014, and the news is spreading like WILDFIRE. I can’t wait.

I honestly can’t wrap my mind around the fact that this is the FINAL battle. In fact, I don’t believe it. Call me delusional. I don’t.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you are thinking! I’m speechless. I just had to share the news.

World Cup Finals TODAY! Germany Vs Argentina

13 Jul

Even though I’m saddened that Brazil didn’t win, :( I’m still excited about the champion match! Watch today!

f(x) Comeback “Red Light” Review

12 Jul


My f(x) Red Light Review: Overall Score of…

Originally posted on Generation Next:

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It is f(x) summer on my blog in honor of f(x)’s latest comeback, Red Light! WOO HOO! So y’all know I had to buy this album, and y’all know I had to do my review!

Back in March, I did a review for Pink Tape. You can check that out, too, if you want to.

f(x) has been my K-pop obsession lately. There’s just something about them that strikes me as original among all the other artists.

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f(x) Pink Tape Review

Why f(x) of all K-pop groups?

This is all really exciting for me because this is my first comeback where I witness the whole f(x) “comeback scene”. After all, I’ve only been a fan of f(x) since February, so I was really excited to hear what f(x) had…

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