What Does SHE See in YOU? By the signs

28 Sep

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Most of you probably know about “Zodiac Signs”. What you may not know is that Zodiac Signs are really just Sun signs. They represent one planet in astrology. But there are actually 9 other planetary signs (Moon, mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) in each person’s natal chart. Each of these planets have aspects (which shows each planet’s relationship with another planet, ex: Moon conjunct Venus), and each planet fits into one of the 12 houses on the big natal wheel.

To Learn More About the Zodiac Signs: The Truth About Zodiac Signs

My first post was on Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and how in a man’s chart Venus gives clues as to qualities he might be interested in when it comes to women. I made it for those who might be curious about their spouse or boyfriend, and what he might have been attracted to when he approached them or decided to date them. Of course, we learned that this didn’t mean he was attracted to your actual signs, as this is his actual sign, but something about you seemed to match his standards for a relationship. Venus is all of our standards, as it rules what we value and admire in others. Usually, in a man’s chart, it’s what he looks for first. Women also look for Venus, even if it isn’t naturally what comes to mind…usually…unless other planets, aspects, or house placements say otherwise.


I also managed to review the Sun and Moon when it comes to ideal life-long partners.



Today, I’m going to focus on Mars signs and how it effects a woman’s idea of the ideal man. In order to find Mars signs, you must retrieve a natal chart.

Type in http://www.astro.com . Go to Free horoscopes, horoscope drawings, extended chart, edit data, enter birth information, and click blue button. You may need birth time if Venus sign is on the cusp. If not, put in 12 noon, though this isn’t recommended by astrologers.

Mars is the planet of Sex, and yes, this is a part of any romantic relationship. It can be a physical expression of love, and it is a part of the mating process. Mars rules passion, drive, and energy. It rules over the activities we do on a day-to-day basis, in a physical way. It gives us clues as to what motivates us or inspires us. It tells us what will give us a boost of energy, and how our energies work.

As Mars is a masculine planet, Mars in a woman’s chart is her masculine side, and thus her masculine ideal. As many women are uncomfortable with the expression of masculinity, often times this is “put off” on the man of their dreams, even sometimes without them realizing it. Let’s keep in mind, this is her own Mars sign, so these are qualities she has in herself, which is being projected onto her ideal man.

In a man’s chart, this is what he thinks women like, and so he may embrace this persona more. However, if he expects to have a truly satisfying sexual and exciting relationship with a woman, he will have to find a woman who fits his Mars sign qualities, even if initially he won’t admit this as his “ideal”. If anyone were to ask him the qualities he loves in a woman, he may tell you his Venus sign qualities first (keeping in mind that his Venus or moon sign isn’t ruled by Mars). This is because when men look for women, they see them as something to obtain. Most men expect to take the pursuant role. But with so many women being encouraged to be strong-willed today, many women don’t mind pursuing! Often, men get approached by women, and when they are, first thing that comes to mind when it comes to her are the Mars-like qualities he’s looking for! The more a woman pursues, and the more he thinks about a woman pursuing him, the more he looks for Mars-like qualities in her. In that case, he’s forced to be the “object” that someone else is trying to gain! But since more women expect to be approached (and see themselves as a prize to be won), men often play the role of “approacher”, and so end up acting upon the Mars signs. Even today, men are more comfortable with taking the initiative. It’s evident in movies how our society thinks: boy likes the girl, and will try to impress her (Goofy Movie). Now imagine if it were the other way around…very few shows catered to young males show the woman doing all the pursuing.

Normally, men are shown approaching women in television, movies, music, and in life. Very few women take initiative. But if she does approach you, or if she said yes when you asked her out, her Mars sign can give clues as to what qualities she saw in you gentlemen that may have wanted her to give you a chance. For men who want a girl, this can be a good guide as to what  kind of man she’s looking for.

Remember that aspects, house placements, and ruling planets alter her ideals. You must look at the house Mars is in to get more of the story, and check out the aspects to Mars. Aspects are shown by those little symbols to the right of a natal chart. Houses are those 12 divisions on the big wheel on the natal chart. Houses show where these qualities are to be expressed. Aspects show how Mars works with other planets in the natal chart to influence our expression of Mars. The ruling planet is also important, as it can alter the expression of the sign.

http://www.astro.com This is to get a natal chart. sign up for a free account! go to free horoscopes on the left hand side, press horoscope drawings, extended chart, edit data, you may need birth time which you can get from birth certificate or parent, or for now, use 12 noon though not recommended. Press blue button.
http://www.alwaysastrology.com A good place for all 10 of your signs, and rising sign
http://www.skyscript.co.uk/sunaspects.html A good place for aspects
http://astrology-numerology.com/astrology_houses.html A good place for house placements
http://www.horoscopeswithin.com/planetsinhouses.php A good place for planets in house

Aspects are those little symbols to the right of the signs: a triangle, a figure 8, an asterisk, mars symbol, and a square are the important symbols. Houses are those 12 divisions in the middle of that big wheel.

If she has Mars in Aries in her chart, you must be a winner! This woman only likes the man that will fight for her, and win…or at least put up a good fight. She wants a man that is masculine, maybe a bit boyish, and fun. She wants a guy she can play around with, even playful arguments sometimes. No one too serious. Most of all, she wants a man that’s direct, decisive, and knows what he wants. She doesn’t like men who can’t decide which girl he wants. She probably saw this in you if she was interested. You must have a lot of energy, possibly athletic and adventurous, or just someone who has a busy schedule, because that’s what she likes in a man. She likes an independent man, a man who can work for himself, someone who relies on himself. Mars is definitely at home in the sign of Aries because Aries is assertive, and direct, and Mars can move as much as he can in this sign. This woman obviously sees you as a self-reliant man who can fend for himself. She may see a little aggression, or fight in you. She loves a man who can play rough sometimes. She’s not interested in cowards. She wants to see a man stand up for himself and her. She may even respect a man that stands up TO her. She likes a man who isn’t intimidated by her, and can handle competition from other guys. She’s not fond of insecurity, and wants a man who’s confident in himself and will be himself. To her, you are the alpha male. Be fun, self-reliant, and decisive, and this girl will be running after you. Act boring, indecisive, and dependent, and she will easily move on. Aspects and house placements must be considered for the full story.

Celebrity Women with this placement: Angelina Jolie, Tyra Banks, Vanessa Hudgens, Melanie B, Kourtney Kardashian, Carrie Underwood, Kate Hudson, Lauryn Hill, Hayley Williams, Lee Hyori

If she has Mars in Taurus in her chart, you must be one good-looking man! Taurus is ruled by planet Venus, the planet of beauty, and she is looking for a man who is attractive. This woman is physical, and she wants a man that looks good, smells good, and even feels good. A nice soothing, seductive voice helps, maybe someone who can sing. She may be attracted to men who are into the creative and performing arts in general. She probably sees these qualities in you! She wants “all-man”, that traditional man, who works, earns money, can fix things, lift things, etc. Muscles make her turned on even more! Charming men make her squeal. She might see these traits in you! Mars in Taurus women like a man who appreciates the finer things in life, including luxury, fine wine, nice dinner, tasteful art, and a nice walk on the beach. She loves an affectionate man, a man who hugs and kisses her, and touches her. She is impressed by men who can cook, and men who enjoy eating her cooking. She wants a polite man, strong, and silent. Tall, dark, and handsome…prince charming…she wants a lovely man, and that’s you. Having money, security, and loyalty is especially a turn-on. If she sees all of this in you, you must be darn near perfect to the world. This woman has to be careful only focusing on the superficial. Mars isn’t comfortable in the sign of Taurus for this very reason. But don’t be alarmed. Mars is forced to curb his aggressiveness in this sign, which is the positive side. This woman likes a calm, easy-going, down-to-earth man. She is impressed by the quality of patience and long-suffering. Being a bit stubborn can be a turn on as well. She likes a man who can endure. She likes a man she can be comfortable around, someone who takes his time getting to know her, and doesn’t push himself on her. Be charming, laid-back, and spend money and she will ease into your arms. Be aggressive, pushy, and forceful, and she will definitely meet her pleasure elsewhere, even if she doesn’t directly break up with you. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so the Venus sign will add to these qualities. If it’s in any other signs, read the description of that sign on here. For instance, if your Venus is in Leo, read Mars in Leo’s description as it might sound similar to your expectations of men, as it will alter your Taurean expression.

Celebrity: Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba, Celine Dion, Keira Knightly, Jennifer Lawrence, Janet Jackson, Kate Moss, Courtney Cox, Kesha, Leona Lewis, Lil Kim, JoJo, Angela Bassett, Sade

If she has Mars in Gemini in her chart, you must be the most interesting man in the world! This woman is only interested in a man who is interesting. She sometimes likes a man that’s hard to figure out. Often times, she just wants a man that stimulates her mentally. This woman likes to try new things, and may choose men who are different from her usual experiences. Example: a white woman dating a black guy, a good girl trying to date a bad boy, etc, etc. A clever man is a turn-on. She probably sees this in you. She likes the flirty types. She wants a good conversationalist, and a man with social awareness: aware of the latest in everything and proper manners in public. She really is impressed by a man with his own car, especially if it’s the latest model! She wants a man who maintains his youth. She may even like men who are younger than she is. She’s not extremely interested in the old-fashioned, unless aspects, or Mercury says otherwise. She sees you as someone who is fun, maybe even funny, and easy-breezy. She’s not interested in the up-tight. She likes a man who is adaptable. He can chill at home sometimes, and other times go out and do something. Gemini is the sign of the twins, and she likes men who have two sides to themselves. She also probably sees you as her twin, the soul mate she’s been looking for! Variety is the spice of life, and they love a man who can provide a variety of activities and experiences…or a variety of topics for them to engage in. Men who are willing to open their minds and try new things are impressive to her. Being hot helps, though she’s mostly interested in how you make your “hotness” work. This means you have to use your brain. She likes men who are independent. She doesn’t like men who are too clingy. She needs her freedom. She wants a man who communicates. Text her, call her, talk to her. Let her know what you’re doing. Show her that you’re interested in her, in everything she likes, does, who she hangs with, show that you want to learn more about her. Show curiosity. This woman also likes a good kisser and a hot voice, or rather how you work it. You may seem like a man with a lot of talents and skills. Be smart, fun, and adaptable, and she just might be loyal to you. Be boring, rigid, dumb, and she will easily become interested in someone else. Mercury sign must be considered. If it’s in any other signs, read the description of the sign it fits.

Celebrity: Naomi Campbell, Demi Lovato, Carmen Electra, Kylie Minogue, Diana Ross, Eva Mendes, Victoria Bekham, Vivica Fox, Sandra Bullock, Kate Winslet, Emma Bunton, Hoku, Jill Scott, Lily Allen

If she has Mars in Cancer, you must be the man of her dreams! This woman wants a man who considers her feelings. She also wants a man who isn’t afraid to say how he feels. She loves to see the sensitive side in a man, even if he has a hard outer shell! Of course, she wants a man who can protect her, both physically, financially, and emotionally. You probably make her feel secure. She wants a man who is gentle and sweet with her, but hard with the rest of the world. She wants to know that she is the only one. It’s impressive to her when she discovers that a man has domestic skills. She actually enjoys a man who cooks for her! Many want a traditional man, depending on their culture. Many end up crushing on close intimate friends of theirs because they like feeling comfortable with a man. They also want a man their families can approve of, especially their mother. On the other hand, they may want a man that provides a challenge to their families, seeing this is Mars and all. She likes an affectionate man, and she likes a man who shows her he loves her in a personal but quiet way. This is because she’s shy. She’s not into the cold-hearted, or the cool indifference in a man. She hates superficial men. She loves a man with a good memory, and remembers the birthdays of those close to her (including her birthday, of course), Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, and any other events that serve as sentimental moments. She probably sees these qualities in you! She wants a family man, and may even like a man who’s good with babies. She’s not against men with children, especially if he takes great care of them. She likes a man who cares. She wants a man who will be there when she’s down, when she’s at her worst. She needs him to listen to her when she’s feeling bad, understand her feelings, and she wants him to intuit her needs. She loves a romantic man. She also likes a man who comes HOME. No workaholics, staying out late, especially without her…come home to your wife and kids. This woman may like a man with some “soul” or someone who is really down-to-earth, kind of a “homeboy” or boy-next-door type. Someone very familiar, like a really close brother. If this woman says you’re like a brother to her, it means something good! Just give it time, and she will definitely say “yes” if you ask her out…She may be interested in someone who has a great imagination, colorful, and easily moved or touched by emotional situations. This means she might also be attracted to that creative side she saw in you, whether it’s physical arts or performing arts. Mars is falling in the sign of Cancer because Cancer is ruled by the feminine planet of the moon. This means she finds you to be a man who understands women, and you may have a way with women. Possibly you work with women. She is also attracted to men who love their mothers or motherland. She is impressed by a man who knows his roots and is proud of where he comes from. Be a good family man, intuit her needs, and protect her, and you will find a loving devoted wife. Be cold, inconsiderate, and uninterested, and you will see her mood change quickly. The Moon sign must be considered. If your moon is any of the 12 signs, read the description of the sign that fits your moon.

Celebrity: Penellope Cruz, Halle Berry, Audrey Hepburn, Miley Cyrus, Reese Witherspoon, Jewel, Julian Moore, Ashley Tisdale, Pink, Namie Amuro

If she has Mars in Leo, you must be the best man walking! In order for this proud woman to give you attention, you must be! This woman only wants the best. She’s attracted to men that are famous! She loves movie stars! Or men who are just extremely popular, well-liked, or respected by all. He has to have some “star” qualities, and you might exude this. A man in a leadership position is a turn-on (head of the office or captain of the football team). She likes a man with money as well. She likes an independent, take-charge man. She doesn’t like cowards or losers. Confidence is important. A man with a ring of accomplishments are impressive. She wants the man all the other women want. She wants a man she can be proud of, and a man that can make all the other girls envious. She might see you as this man! What a lucky guy you are! She really likes attractive, well-dressed men. She’s not interested in weak-willed men. She wants a man who will be loyal to her. Flatter her, and she’s yours! She loves a generous man, someone who is willing to shower her with gifts. She wants to be treated like a queen and give her attention. Acknowledge her everyday. She wants a man who is affectionate, and equally proud of her. Show her off, don’t ever act like you don’t know her. Charisma and influence is impressive to this woman. She wants a man with a warm smile, happy, and radiates sunshine, no one negative. She might even like an adventurous man. She loves romance, and the man who takes her out somewhere nice and fun will win her heart. She wants a man who loves to have a good time. She’s not interested in loners (unless the sun sign disagrees). Presentation is important to her, and the first impression must be your best. Be open with your love. She wants a man who is husband material. She may even want a man who’s a lot like her father. At the same time, she may like a man who is youthful! She may be attracted to men who are younger than her! Be generous with your affection and displays of love, be proud of her, or take the lead, and she will honor you as her king. Treat her like she’s invisible, be stingy, and flirt with others and the bright light will grow cold. You must consider your sun sign. Read the description here that fits your sun sign as well, even if it isn’t your Mars sign, it influences it.

Celebrity: Beyonce, Cher, Monica Bellucci, Demi Moore, Mila Kunis, Nicole Richie, Keyshia Cole, Jennifer Hudson, Brittany Murphy

If she has Mars in Virgo, you must be darn near perfect! She wants a man who is real, pure, and clean. This may not mean he’s a virgin, or literally neat and clean. But something in his life must be in order. This means he must have some standards. She wants a man who provides stability, who works hard, and who carries himself with a bit of humility. She likes a man who is well-groomed, well-mannered, and intelligent. On the other hand, she may be attracted to a man who is a mess…just so she can fix him! She wants a man who appreciates the little things she does for him. She likes a man who notices the details. She’s not into the phony. BE REAL. She wants a man who is responsible and dependable. Being adaptable helps. She has her own particular interests, so it’s very hard to generalize her interests in one category. She also has a long list of pet peeves. A man who exercises and keeps himself healthy and in shape is impressive to her. She may be fascinated with men who are vegans or vegetarians. She wants a man who is practical. She needs to know he can be realistic. A man who is a bit naive, or youthful could be a turn-on. She loves a bit of innocence. She wants a man who can organize his thoughts. She likes a man who is down to earth. Be a man who is willing to work hard, be real, and fit her list and she will be devoted to you. Show a lack of appreciation, meet her list of pet peeves, and show irresponsibility and she will criticize you and move on. Mercury is ruled by Virgo, so consider the sign there. Read the description that fits that of your Mercury sign as well as this.

Celebrity: Britney Spears, Nicole Scherzinger, Alicia Keys, Hilary Duff, Ciara, Amy Lee, Brook Shields, Hayden Panettiere, Hilary Swank, Zooey Deschanel, Natasha Bedingfield, Princess Diana

If she has Mars in Libra, you must be the ideal man in order for her to say yes. This woman is actually probably the pickiest of them all! She wants a man who is chivalrous, good-looking, attractive, well-mannered, soft-spoken, and considerate. She’s usually turned off by men who use vulgar or cruel language, men who are rude, and men who are too aggressive. She likes charming men. She wants a kind man. She especially loves a man who includes her in his life. She likes to do things in pairs. It’s really a turn-on to her when a guy allows her to share her opinions, and value them. She wants a man who’s willing to work as a team, and a man who sees her as his equal…not beneath him. On the other hand, she doesn’t want a man who’s not on her level financially or socially. She may be attracted to popular guys, and those with a favorable social status. She wants a guy who’s intelligent. She wants a guy who has standards and respects himself. She doesn’t like promiscuous guys. Mars is uncomfortable in the sign of Libra because Libra tries to refine Mars. It makes Mars think about it’s choices before making them. These women want men who aren’t so stubborn and headstrong that it’s impossible to reason with them. They like easy-going men who make time to have fun and socialize. A man who is interested in the arts, including performing arts, may make her take notice. She likes men who have something in common with her. She needs a man who has balance and order in his life. She wants a man who’s fair and just. She wants a man who thinks carefully about everything he does. Chaos and drama are turn-offs. She likes flirty guys, but she expects fidelity. If she chose you, she may see some of these qualities in you! As Libra is ruled by Venus, the Venus sign must be considered.

Celebrity: Nicole Kidman, Mylene Farmer, Kelly Clarkson, Lorie, Jessica Simpson, Kirsten Dunst, Nia Long, Whitney Houston, Kate Middleton

If she has Mars in Scorpio, you must be one sexy man! She likes sexy, seductive, magnetic, animal attraction from a man. A strong, silent man, a bit mysterious, and a hint of a rebel. She likes a man with layers and depth. Bringing a little excitement in her life helps. Most of all, she wants a man who’s honest and open with his feelings once he actually does open up. She hates phony men, or men who try to be something they aren’t. She easily reads through the intentions of men, so she wants a man who is sincere about his motives and intentions. Mars is at home in the passionate sign of Scorpio, and these women want a passionate man, especially sexually. They want a man who is deep, and willing to sacrifice their souls for the woman they want. On the other hand, these women like strong-willed men, and may like a bit of resistance from a man. They may like men that provide some sort of challenge to them, or men who seem to bring tension to their lives. She wants a man who merges with her on a deep, complex level. A man who shares everything he has is appealing. She sees a lot more to you than what you look like, so this makes you a lucky man! She isn’t superficial and she hates shallow men. She may also be attracted to men with a sensitive side, even if they have a hard time showing it. She may be attracted to men who seem to have a strong influence on others, and men who have power. Be honest, sexy, and intriguing, and she will have her eyes set on you. Be shallow, superficial, and fake, and you’ll make her sick. Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto, so the Pluto sign must be considered.

Celebrity: Jennifer Aniston, Grace Kelly, Alyssa Milano, Taylor Swift, Mandy Moore, Duffy, Mary J. Blige, Michelle Williams, America Ferrerra, Ayumi Hamasaki, Kirsten Storms

If she has Mars in Sagittarius, you must be the most fun and outgoing guy ever, because this lady only likes men who can have some fun! She likes men who are adventurous, maybe even a bit rugged. She may be interested in men who are exotic, possibly a man who speaks a foreign language. She doesn’t care what nationality or country you are from! She likes men who are open-minded and tolerant. On the other hand, she may be interested in men with strong beliefs and high moral standards. She is attracted to men who are positive, happy-go-lucky, and humorous. She likes a man who gives her the freedom she desires, and isn’t into the clingy types. She likes men who are direct, honest, and straight-forward. She may be attracted to sporty men. She loves men who can offer her grand experiences. Bigger is better for her! A man who takes her to the biggest hotel, in the grandest restaurant, with the best food will win her heart. She likes a man who is openly generous and a man who honors her. She likes a man who’s positive. Judgmental men annoy her. This girl wants someone she can hang with. She wants a pal. She may also be attracted to well-educated men or highly experienced men. She loves to talk, so she wants someone who enthusiastically can engage in many different topics with her. If you showed that you respected her beliefs, that’s probably why she fell for you! Be exciting, humorous, and good to talk to, and this girl will be your gal pal wherever you go. Disrespect her beliefs, try to tame her, or dampen her mood, and she will definitely run away. Sagittarius is still ruled by Jupiter, so Jupiter must be considered.

Celebrity: Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavigne, Nelly Furtado, Judy Garland, Ashlee Simpson, Ashanti, Billie Piper, Meg Ryan, Julie Andrews, Eve

If she has Mars in Capricorn, you must be one excellent man. Mars is exalted in Capricorn. This is because Mars moves from an immature boy, to a grown, mature man in this sign. This woman wants a mature man. She may even be interested in men who are older than her. She wants a man who is established. She wants a man with accomplishments and a certain measure of success. She wants to know that he’s serious and that he has goals. She may be attracted to a man’s status, and likes men with money and a job. If he’s of school age, she may be attracted to a boy with a significant amount of trophies, ribbons, rewards, or maybe even straight A’s on his report card. She can’t stand a childish man. She might be interested in men who have a way with the elderly. She wants a man who is cool, detached, and logical in rowdy situations. She wants a man who is cautious and responsible, as well as dependable. She doesn’t like over-reactant men. She wants a hard-working man. She wants a man who is practical and not a spend-thrift. She doesn’t like cheap men, just someone who is economical. She might be attracted to men who own their own businesses. She might be attracted to men on her job. She wants a man who is wise, and a good provider. She wants a man who knows how to exercise self-control, and not too aggressive. She definitely likes that you’re not too personal. This woman likes someone who’s realistic and humble. She’s not into men who take chances, especially when her life is involved. She likes a man she can come to for advice. If you take your time and you’re patient with her, she will definitely give you a play. She falls for a man she can respect. Be mature, hard-working, and serious about her, and she will take you seriously. Act like a spoiled, whiny brat, and she will ignore you like the plague. Capricorn is still ruled by Saturn, so the Saturn sign has to be considered.

Celebrity: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Lana Del Ray, Drew Barrymore, Anne Hathaway, Megan Fox, Christina Aguilera, Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaliyah, Shakira, Lindsay Lohan, Cassie, Jessie J, Mia Farrow, Keri Hilson, Koda Kumi, Selena

If she has Mars in Aquarius, you are definitely one-of-a-kind in her eyes! She loves men who are unique. Something about this guy has to stand out. She likes an independent man, a man with his own mind, and a man who does his own thing. She’s not into men who want to “fit” in. On the other hand, she may like men who are popular, social, and socially aware of the world. She might be fascinated by men who are intelligent, genius even! She likes quirky guys, eccentricities, no matter how weird. She realizes we all have a weird side. She is attracted to men who are cool and aloof. She’s not into men who act desperate or clingy. Men who are spontaneous and full of surprises turn her on. She likes a man who is a good conversationalist. A man with nothing in his head is a turn-off. She likes men who have their own projects, and she is really fascinated by men who try to make a difference or make changes within their communities or for some larger purpose than the “norm”.  She wants a man who cares about other things besides himself. One thing is certain, if she said “yes” to you, you definitely don’t seem all about you and your own life. She doesn’t care as much about looks as the others. Be spontaneous, good to talk to, respect her independence, and she will be yours forever. Be clingy, arrogant, self-centered, and she will never give you the time of day. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus.

Celebrity: Scarlet Johansson, Emma Watson, Eva Longoria, Wynona Ryder, Fergie, Adele, Jada Pinkett Smith, Farrah Fawcett, Sheryl Crowe, Kate Bonsworth, Kristin Kreuk, BoA, Dakota Fanning

If she has Mars in Pisces, you are a lucky man! This woman really can accept a man as he is. This isn’t to say she doesn’t have preferences. She wants a man with true humility. She’s attracted to men who understand sacrifice. She is attracted to compassionate, kind, accepting, and giving men. She wants a man to accept her, flaws and all, no matter what. She likes the quiet, shy, gentle men. In fact, she really isn’t into the extremely masculine types at all! In this way, she likes men who break the stereotypical mold placed on them. She’s easily afraid of men who are too outgoing or aggressive. Men who are selfish, self-centered, or arrogant turn her clear off. She wants a man who doesn’t mind spending some “alone time” with her. A spiritual man fascinates her, or a man who has faith in something greater than himself. She wants a man who readily forgives, and a man who gives others the benefit of the doubt. She wants a man who can see the good in others before he criticizes and sees the negative. She doesn’t like mean men or extremely straight-forward. She might even like sensitive men. She is attracted to considerate men. She doesn’t care about the money or the order you may have in your life. In fact, she’s attracted to the underdog, the starving artist, and often, the man in need. She may want to find a man she can help, or maybe she wants a man that will help her escape her own life; a man that will save her! She may be attracted to men who are artistic or creative in some way. She wants a man who takes life easy. This woman wants a man to fit her ideal. Be humble, quiet, accepting, and she will love you no matter what. Be pushy, abrupt, selfish or cold-hearted, and she will find a way to to escape.

Celebrity: Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Tina Turner, Cindy Crawford, Paris Hilton, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kelly Rowland, Heidi Klum, Tamia, Ellie Goulding

Mars is the God of War

Mars is the God of War

So gentlemen, I did what I promised. You all can enjoy the article. Tell me your experiences with women in your life. Do you thing they saw these qualities in you? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  6. Mars Signs and Love Stories: Mars at his Best and Mars at his Worst | Generation Next - 2014/08/02

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