What will it take for him to Marry Me? By the signs

5 Oct

Most of you probably know about “Zodiac Signs”. What you may not know is that Zodiac Signs are really just Sun signs. They represent one planet in astrology. But there are actually 9 other planetary signs (Moon, mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) in each person’s natal chart. Each of these planets have aspects (which shows each planet’s relationship with another planet, ex: Moon conjunct Venus), and each planet fits into one of the 12 houses on the big natal wheel.

To Learn More About the Zodiac Signs: The Truth About Zodiac Signs

I originally did two articles for men and women:



Last time, I focused on Venus and Mars. Venus and Mars are the two relationship planets. In the courtship stages, these two planets are important. In a woman’s chart, Mars gives clues as to the qualities that fit her “ideal” man. She may want a man who expresses these qualities, or she may admire men who express these qualities (whether she’s straight or lesbian). In a man’s chart, Venus gives clues as to the qualities that fit his “ideal” woman. In the courtship stages, most people are searching for people that they are physically attracted to. These stages of a relationship bring pleasure between two people, and allows them to love and lust one another.

I also managed to focus on the Sun.

What Will She Expect when she marries me?

But let’s be honest. Love and lust are not enough to make a relationship last…neither does it ensure security, neither does it mean the person considers you marriage material, contrary to what most might think. When going beyond the courtship stages, there comes a time when we get comfortable with one another. We start to see more sides to a person after awhile. We no longer idealize the other from a physical standpoint. We know the “real”deal, as real as we perceive the other. Eventually, dating wears thin, and both parties wonder, “Can I see myself with this person for the REST of my life?” This is where the standards rise. This is where we begin to stop looking at all the fine ideals we see at the club, and focus our attention on the girl we’ve been dating for about 6 months or a year…or several years. Now we begin to wonder if this relationship can last. Some people are only physically attracted to someone, which is where one-night stands come into play. Some people can be very attracted to someone, but still not get in a serious relationship with that person. To add, people can be with someone for purely physical reasons.

But anytime we actually do want to go beyond the physical, the two planets that matter are the Sun and the Moon. The sun and moon aren’t as glamorous as the two relationship planets. They’re too serious to consider, and many times, too personal. Sometimes, too personal to define. Many get offended when it comes to these planets.

Most people are familiar with Sun signs, commonly called Zodiac signs. But today, I’m going to be focusing on Moon signs. Tomorrow, I will focus on Sun signs. To find your moon sign, you would need a natal chart. Go to Astro.com , go to free horoscopes, press horoscope drawings, then extended chart, edit data. Especially for the moon sign, you may need your birth time, where you can get from a parent or on your birth certificate. Moon lasts one day, so the whole day you may be only one sign. If you’re not sure, put in 12 noon, though this is strongly discouraged. Perhaps you can also consider both the moon signs on your full day by checking 12:01 am to 11:59 pm. See which one seems to fit you more.

Moon is the planet of emotions, home, security, habits, family, memory, moods, feelings, reactions, the mother, and child-rearing stages. It also rules over our needs. In a man’s chart, this is his “ideal” wife. This is the woman he can see himself with for the rest of his life. This is the woman he can trust, because she will make him feel secure. This is the woman who makes him feel comfortable, like a part of the family. She makes him feel at “home” in her presence. Around her, he can express his true feelings, and she will understand them. This is a woman who is a lot like his mother, as he perceives his mother. She has the same habits and routine that he was raised with, and thus, he feels comfortable around her. If he didn’t get along with his mother, she may be like the woman he always needed in his life, the “mother” he always wanted. Moon is personal, hidden, and only people who are intimate with the individual can see this side. If he’s comfortable with revealing his personal things, that means he’s truly “fallen in love” with you. Moon is important for everyone, but women mostly see the moon as a part of the woman they are. Men usually throw this off on their ideal “wife” or on their mothers or nurturing parent. So many women may say to themselves, “He likes me, he thinks I’m attractive, and we’ve been dating for 6 months to a year. I love him. And I think he loves me. But why won’t he marry me and/or make me his girlfriend? What would it take to get him to make me an honorable woman? What is he afraid of? Is he insecure?” Moon signs can give clues that answer these questions. Of course, you must also consider house placements and aspects to this planet to get the full story.

http://www.astro.com This is to get a natal chart. sign up for a free account! go to free horoscopes on the left hand side, press horoscope drawings, extended chart, edit data, you may need birth time which you can get from birth certificate or parent, or for now, use 12 noon though not recommended. Press blue button.
http://www.alwaysastrology.com A good place for all 10 of your signs, and rising sign
http://www.skyscript.co.uk/sunaspects.html A good place for aspects
http://astrology-numerology.com/astrology_houses.html A good place for house placements
http://www.horoscopeswithin.com/planetsinhouses.php A good place for planets in house

In a woman’s chart, this is what she thinks a man needs in a wife, and so she will try to exercise these qualities with the man she wants to marry or is married to. She may not initially think these are qualities that are “ideal” in a man. However, if she expects to have a relationship full of trust, mutual understanding, and security, she must also find a man who embodies her moon-like qualities. This is much easier for women with Sun or Mars in Cancer. But society is still not used to the concept of the “supportive” or “sensitive” man. Many women, even today, expect the man to take the lead in marriage, as women still fear being left vulnerable and unprotected, even though women cry so often about how they can protect themselves! This dominant-supportive complex is most evident in the “proposing” ritual where the man is always the one proposing to the woman for marriage. Why don’t women propose to men? It is because even women aren’t comfortable with men taking the nurturing or accepting role, and therefore, women still play this role, and allow the man to ask her to be his wife.

The Moon sign highlights the way a man expresses his need for emotional security, but let’s not forget this is about the planet Moon. Moon also has aspects to other planets that will highlight how well he will express his needs and how it will influence other things in his life. The house placement that the Moon falls in will highlight where and how he find the right outlet for his expression. For instance, a man could have Moon in Cancer, but he might have Moon square Saturn, making his emotional nature conflict with his boundaries, as defined by Saturn. He may also have his Moon in the 10th house, making him direct his emotional nature towards his career. Thus, he may ending finding a marriage partner that works with him, possibly has the same goals, or in the same line of work. Having the Moon square Saturn, he needs a woman who understands his bouts of depression. You see how the whole chart can tell us more about a person?

For the sake of this article, I will just focus on Moon signs.

If a man has Moon in Aries, he needs a woman who’s going to give him his freedom and independence. This man needs time to release anger, tension, and aggression. He wants a woman he can openly express his feelings to, no matter how angry he gets and how aggressive his language when expressing his feelings. His mother allowed him to be a boy and allowed him to be himself, and he may only marry a woman who does the same. Perhaps his mother was controlling, and he wants a woman who will allow him to express his wild energy. He likes a woman who keeps his home life exciting. He only feels comfortable around women who are also “themselves”. He can’t feel comfortable around a woman who cares too much about what others think, or women who focus too much on their social status. This man needs sex, and he may feel comfortable around a woman who has these same needs. He can’t feel comfortable around a woman who’s too needy, however. He will only trust a woman that is direct, straight-forward, and honest. He wants a woman who understands men. He also needs a woman who doesn’t mind using her energy. He only feels comfortable if he knows that she’s self-reliant and able to be mobile. He’s outgoing, and needs a woman who can move with him. But he won’t tolerate a woman who makes him feel less of a man, and a woman who won’t allow him to be in charge. He needs a woman who’s sure of herself, and sure of him too. Confidence in him makes him feel secure, and confidence in herself is important as well. He can’t stand insecure women, as they make him feel insecure. Aries is ruled by Mars, so the Mars sign must be considered. You can read the description of your sign here, even though this is for Moon signs. Your Mars signs will shade your moon sign, so you may relate to the interpretation of your Mars sign. Celebrities: Daniel Radcliffe, Enrique Iglesias, T.I., Billy Joel Armstrong

If a man has Moon in Taurus, he needs a woman who reacts calmly to most every situation. He needs security and loyalty. He needs a woman that is attractive to him, one that provides physical pleasure to him, and he wants a woman that’s attracted to him as well. He needs his pleasures met on a daily basis. Hint: When he comes home from work, a woman who rubs his back, oils him down, and gets him comfortable with his robe or pajamas ready will help. He prefers a woman who cooks, who cleans, and who maintains a stable home. He feels comfortable and secure around a woman who makes him feel that way. He needs money, so it’s important for the financial situation to be balanced. It helps if the woman he’s with has money of her own, or possibly family with money. He needs a woman who is practical, down-to-earth, and sensible. He wants her to have inner strength. He wants a woman who can endure or suffer through anything. He’s easily jealous, so in order to make him feel secure, he needs you to focus mostly on him. He feels insecure if a woman compliments another man, or if a woman has too many male friends. He needs a woman to be patient with him. No pushing him around, it will bring out the Bull in him. He doesn’t need any drama in his life, so don’t bring any to him. He wants a woman who keeps the peace.  He needs a woman who surrounds him with beauty, such as with flowers, wallpaper, and soft comforters. He needs a woman who’s secure. He won’t marry a woman who’s insecure. Moon is exalted in Taurus. This man is patient with women, he will give you a chance, and he expects the woman he marries to do the same. His mother was more than likely a gracious, and lovely house wife, or someone who managed her home in a calm, patient way. His mother is laid-back, not hyper, or he would’ve wanted his mother to be this way. He would really want a woman who cooks similarly to his mother, or cooks better. Allow him time to relax. He needs quiet time to himself. A routine makes him feel secure. He feels out of sorts if his routine is interrupted. He needs a woman who has some traditional values, according to his culture. He needs a woman who shares some common interests. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so the Venus sign must be considered. You can read the description of your sign here. Even though it is moon signs, the planetary ruler shades the sign, and so you can read it here to get a better understanding of your moon sign. For instance, if you have Moon in Taurus, Venus in Aries, you might relate to the above Moon in Aries interpretation. Celebrities: Taylor Lautner, Chris Brown, Robert Downey Jr., Hugh Grant

If the man has Moon in Gemini, he needs a woman that communicates with him. He needs a woman he can easily talk to. He only feels secure around a woman that takes it easy and that is open-minded. He needs some variety and constant mental stimulation in his life. He needs a woman that will change things up from time to time. He needs some fun and excitement, so he will only marry a woman that fulfills these needs. He might rather marry a younger woman, or he might want to marry someone who acts young. Allow him freedom to think as he likes. He wants to have intellectual conversations, and may need to gossip or talk about someone from time to time, so he needs a woman who can be fully engaged in his conversations. He wants someone who can add to the conversation. He needs a woman who’s interested in him. He needs an adaptable partner. He needs freedom and independence to try anything he wants. He needs a woman who can be logical. Hint: If this guy says a celebrity is hot, it would help to logically think about it, versus let your emotions overwhelm you. If she’s hot, admit it, if she’s not, say she’s not to you. He needs a woman with a variety of skills and talents, and a quick learner. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so the Mercury sign must be considered. Celebrities: Jim Carrey, Hugh Jackman, 50 Cent, Jackie Chan

If the man has Moon in Cancer, he needs a woman who supports him. He needs a woman that will understand him, and he needs a woman that will give him what he needs. He wants a woman that will care for him, someone who’s truly there for him, not in a superficial sense. He needs a woman that will protect him and provide shelter from the harsh world. His mother was protective, or he wanted her to be, and he expects his wife to do the same. He needs a woman that gives him special attention, someone who hovers over him, possibly smothers him. He feels secure around women who are concerned with his well-being. He needs to feel secure around a woman. Spend time with him, remember important events in his life, be there for him when he’s down. This is what he needs. Don’t make him feel bad for being dependent or vulnerable, if he ever is. He needs a wife who spends some time at home. He needs a woman who is family-oriented. It’s imperative for him to have someone who is similar to his mother, or for her to be better than the mother he had. He needs her to have habits that are similar to his, or his habits have to be acceptable to her. He prefers a woman who doesn’t mind having children. He may need a woman who can perform traditional skills, according to his culture and the way he was raised. Hint: When he’s sick, it will help to take a day off of work just to care for him until he gets better. This man feels better with a woman who shares something personal with him, something the two of you only share. He’s very private, so keep his bad days hidden from the outside world. Moon is most comfortable in Cancer because Cancer is a sign that is all about needs, emotions, home, family, and the mother. You must consider aspects and house placements. Celebrities: Robert Pattinson, Keanu Reeves, Bow Wow, Adam Sandler

If the man has Moon in Leo, he needs a woman who gives him a lot of attention. He needs a woman who’s together, who takes charge of her family, and provides the best care for her family. He prefers a generous woman, someone who is willing to offer anything she owns and give up some of her energy. He needs a cheerleader, someone who gives him the utmost support, in a loud, proud way. A woman who admires him, treats him like a king, and boosts his ego makes him feel secure. His mother made him feel like a little king, or he wanted her to, and he expects that of his wife. He feels insecure around a woman with too many male friends or if she’s flirting with other males on a regular basis. He needs a loyal woman. He needs a woman who will make him feel special. He needs a woman that can meet all of his demands. He may also need a woman who has standards of her own. He wants a woman to recognize him as her leader, but he needs her to have leadership qualities of her own. He’s a social man, and prefers a woman who doesn’t mind socializing or getting out and having fun from time to time. He needs freedom to express himself, and he wants a woman who will allow him this freedom. Don’t bad mouth him to others. Make him look good, talk about his positive points when with others, don’t criticize him to your friends or his friends. This is embarrassing to him, offensive, and makes him feel insecure. He definitely doesn’t want a woman who constantly criticizes him. He needs a positive woman in his life, who appreciates all he does for her. He prefers a woman who remains young at heart, even as she grows old. He needs a woman with a strong will, women who know themselves well. Hint: It would help to buy him expensive gifts just to show your appreciation for him, or to take him out once in a while. He feels insecure with a woman who doesn’t show him any affection. Remember that Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun sign must be considered. You can read that interpretation here. Celebrities: Tom Cruise, Shia Labeouf, Jesse McCartney, Liam Hemsworth

If the man has Moon in Virgo, he needs a woman who keeps her life organized. He only feels secure when he knows a woman will be responsible, work hard, and provide a stable life for him and the family, should they have children. He needs a woman who’s pure in some way. She needs to have some standards. He feels insecure if she has too many “baby daddies” running around, or if she’s a little too messy. He needs a woman who is clean, well-groomed, and makes sure her kids are well-groomed and clean too. His mother more than likely never let her kids come out raggedy, or if she did, he wants the opposite. He’s looking for a devoted wife, someone who tends to the little details that will help run an efficient home. He needs a woman who doesn’t mind running a few errands to make sure their home is in order. He feels secure around a woman who communicates clearly with him about things. He needs an intelligent woman for a wife. His ideal wife will notice his little habits and pet peeves and know how to take care of these tidbits. Hint: Complimenting a specific tie or object he wears shows that you pay attention to him carefully. He needs a woman he can depend on during a crisis, a woman who will be helpful, and someone who will be a good problem solver. They want someone who can adapt to varying circumstances. He needs a woman who’s practical. He needs a woman who is useful. This man is very particular. He needs a woman who can stay busy. He prefers a humble woman, someone who doesn’t require an excessive amount of attention. This man almost needs a secretary, who waits on him, someone who organizes his life. He needs a woman that appreciates the little things that he does for her. Virgo is still ruled by Mercury, so the Mercury sign must be considered. Celebrities: Zac Efron, James Franco, John Travolta, John Stamos

If the man has Moon in Libra, he needs a full-time partner. This man feels insecure when he’s alone. He needs someone to take trips with him to the store or the mall or anywhere. He needs a woman who is accommodating, takes life easy, listens to his opinions and considers them. He needs a woman who’s fair. An aggressive woman makes him feel insecure. Really, he is sensitive to any form of aggression or irritation, even in the slightest. This man prefers a woman he’s actually attracted to. He needs a woman who keeps her life balanced and in order. He wants his wife to surround their home with beauty, and make it comfortable for him to live. He’s a social guy, so he needs a woman who is social, sweet, and friendly. When he spends too much time away from a woman, he feels insecure. He will be wondering if you’re truly into him or if you’re truly faithful. He needs a woman that makes him feel attractive. He needs a woman that is graceful and charming. His mother might have been pleasant and charming, or perhaps he wished his mother was more pleasant and charming. Hint: Before going through with anything, always ask his opinion on it. He needs a woman to clearly and logically think about things before making any decisions. He prefers to make decisions as a team. Teamwork is very important to this man. He needs a woman who cares what others think and feel. He prefers a woman who has a good social status and standards. He can deal with a woman who carries herself with a measure of class. They need a lot of love and affection. He needs a woman who keeps the peace. Libra is ruled by Venus, so the Venus sign must be considered. Celebrities: Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, Jay-Z

If the man has Moon in Scorpio, this man is already highly distrustful. It’s not easy for him to want to get into a full-time relationship. First, you must pass his “test”. Moon falls in the sign of Scorpio. This man needs a woman who’s willing to commit with her whole soul, and a woman who’s not going to back out or change her mind. He needs a woman to understand him on a deeper level, and can put up with his “ugly” side. This man may suffer from many emotional ups and downs internally, and he needs a woman that can deal with his emotional extremities. He needs a strong-willed woman who never gives up on him. He wants a woman he can trust, though he may never truly trust a woman. He needs a woman that is willing to consume her time with him, that will always be with him, sometimes almost joined at the hip. He needs all of you, or none of you. He needs sexual intimacy and passion from you. He needs an honest and sincere woman, and trust me, he can tell when a woman isn’t being honest or sincere. Superficial women make him feel insecure. He feels insecure with a woman who tells too many lies. He’s used to secrets. His mother might have had many skeletons in her closet. Perhaps she was extremely protective of her son. He needs a woman that will defend him and protect him as well. He prefers a woman who’s quiet with outsiders, and private, but he needs a woman to pour all of her secrets out to him, which shows him she trusts him. This will help him pour out his soul to her in return. Never blab his personal business to anyone. This makes him furious and insecure. His life at home may have been full of drama, or perhaps it didn’t have enough action and drama. In any case, that’s what he’s used to, and he expects a woman to keep his life interesting, though he may not admit this. Hint: When upset, pour out your soul to him. Scorpio is ruled by planet Mars and planet Pluto. The signs these planets are in must be considered. Celebrities: Orlando Bloom, Will Smith, Adam Levine, Eddie Murphy

If the man has Moon in Sagittarius, this man needs a woman who gives him plenty of space. It’s not unusual for a Moon in Sagittarius to go off on his own, especially when he’s having a bad day. Allow him time to roam as he pleases. He needs a woman who isn’t sensitive because he likes to joke around, and he can be a bit blunt at times. He needs a positive woman, who knows how to laugh at herself. He usually puts his wife on a pedestal, so he expects her to live up to his expectations. He also needs for her to put him on a pedestal. He doesn’t want to be disappointed. He prefers a woman who is generous, and gives in a large, grand way. He needs an open-minded woman. He prefers a woman of a different culture or background, or one who is interested in expanding her mind. He needs a tolerant woman, one who can put up with him. He needs a woman who will support his visions, ideals, and his goals. He prefers a woman who has similar beliefs to him, or understands his beliefs. This man likes to talk, especially about things he loves or believes in, so he needs a woman who will listen to him, and will be fully engaged or involved. He feels secure when a woman is excited to see him, or is down for anything he does. He likes to get out and do things, and he needs a woman who’s alright with that, or perhaps is the same way. They need freedom, and the ability to change their minds if they choose, being a mutable sign and all.  Their mothers probably gave them a lot of freedom and space, and so they expect the woman they marry to be the same way. They prefer a woman with some moral standards, ones who help the weak or someone who won’t stand for injustice. They need a woman who’s also a friend, not just a wife or lover. They don’t want to be bored, so they won’t marry a woman who overwhelms them with the practical and mundane aspects of marriage. They don’t have many demands, and so they don’t want the woman they marry to put on too many demands either. Don’t force them to do anything, and no one too serious. Hint: Laugh at the jokes you think are funny, or shake your head if it’s not, but never cry, yell, or act dramatic. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Celebrities: Justin Timberlake, R. Kelly, Lenny Kravitz, Vin Diesel

If the man has Moon in Capricorn, he needs a woman who’s going to take marriage seriously. If you expect him to marry you, you’d better mean it! He doesn’t want a woman who is fickle. He needs a responsible woman. He needs his wife to be sensible, practical, and logical. He needs a woman who has her life together, and is ready to manage a home both financially and emotionally. He needs a woman who reacts practically to situations, without blowing things out of proportion. He needs a woman who can discipline herself, and her children. His mother was more than likely a strict disciplinarian, or he wanted her to be, and more than likely he’ll expect that of you. He needs a mature woman in his life, one who has experience with child-rearing and managing a home. He may marry a woman who’s older than him. Trying to get him to marry you is like going for a job interview! Moon isn’t comfortable in the sign of Capricorn because of Capricorn’s cold, and detached approach to handling situations. Capricorn makes sure to stay strong during trials and hardships, and he expects his wife to do this, even if she’s feeling bad on the inside. His reputation is important to him, and he needs a woman who will give him a positive reputation. He prefers a woman who also works and brings home money. He prefers a woman who makes herself useful.  He needs to know if she can take care of herself, even when he’s not around. He doesn’t want a dependent woman for a wife. He needs his wife to have a measure of caution about her when doing things, not someone who’s impulsive or flighty. He will only marry a woman he respects. He needs structure in his home, and a woman who has that in her life, he assumes, will more than likely bring that to his home if they were to marry. He needs a patient woman, one who takes her time jumping the broom. He takes his time opening his heart to anyone, and so it takes a lot to get this man to marry a woman. He wants to marry a woman who has goals, and is geared for success. He wants a woman who supports his goals, and helps him achieve them. This man is about timing, and he plans a specific time to be with his family. He wants a woman who is alright with that. Hint: If he says something offensive to you, remain calm and cool. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so the Saturn sign must be considered. Celebrities: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, David Beckham, Matt Damon

If the man has Moon in Aquarius, he needs a friend before a lover. He needs a woman that gives him his independence. He needs to be an individual, and he needs her to respect that. He likes plenty of space to get involved in other projects. He needs a woman to support his endeavors no matter what he’s doing. He needs a woman he can communicate with, and someone who knows how to separate her emotions from situations. They need a woman who can take a joke. He can’t be with someone long term if she is too emotional, demanding, or clingy. He needs a woman to accept his quirks, and don’t judge him. In fact, he doesn’t ever want to marry a judgmental woman. This is why he prefers a woman who has her own share of quirks. This man is also not extremely affectionate, unless aspects or ruling planets say otherwise. They may need a woman who is easy-going, and someone who accepts their friends and associates. They don’t want to marry a woman who’s easily jealous, possessive, or fearful. They need a fearless woman, someone who’s secure, and don’t mind distance. They need a woman who can deal with change. They definitely like to shake things up. They don’t like to be around negative people. So they need a positive woman. They like to be the different one in the family, so they need a woman who is always prepared for surprises. Don’t try to change him, accept him. When he’s feeling down, he needs his alone time to think and sort through his feelings. Hint: Do your own thing. Find your own hobbies and keep yourself busy. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, so the Saturn and Uranus sign must be considered. Celebrities: Eminem, Tobey Maguire, Ashton Kutcher, Lil Wayne

If the man has Moon in Pisces, he needs a woman that will accept him as he is. He is by no means perfect, and will never marry a woman who expects him to be perfect. He will marry a woman who has faith in something greater than herself, a woman who remains humble and submissive, and a woman who shows kindness and compassion for her fellow man, especially towards her husband. A willingness to forgive is definitely enough for him to want to marry a woman. He needs a woman who can “go with the flow”, even when life isn’t going her way. He likes women who are easy-going and will deal with anything. He’s very sensitive, so he doesn’t need women pressuring him or putting on too many demands. He needs a woman to see the good in a situation. He needs a woman who relies on him, who depends on him, as he likes to feel needed. He needs a woman that will be there for him when he’s down, nurse him back to health when he’s sick, and remain calm during situations that are hard. He prefers a quiet and unassuming woman. He doesn’t want a woman who’s so mature, realistic, or logical that she can’t let go and have a good time. He needs a woman who trusts him and understands him. He needs a woman to overlook his flaws. Hint: If he ever loses his job, try to make him feel better and perk up his spirits. Make him feel like it’s alright. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Celebrities: Michael Jackson, Prince, Usher, Kanye West

So that’s all folks! Next time, I’ll focus on women and the sun!

7 Responses to “What will it take for him to Marry Me? By the signs”

  1. Isha 2014/12/04 at 21:19 #

    Awesme description i just loved it…..but is it really true??? I mean really?????


    • generationnext 2014/12/05 at 18:19 #

      It is one of the significant things to consider, just like any psychology or personality profiling. It’s one thing to consider.

      Of course, when you learn more about astrology, you also have to observe aspects to his Moon and the house that his moon is resting in, which I added to this article just recently.

      You decide for yourself if it is true. It has to be true to the person with the placement. To find out if it’s true for you, why don’t you simply ask a person what they are looking for in a marriage mate, without telling them anything about astrology or giving hints that it has anything to do with their signs. Just see where their mind is at. Once you gather their preferences, compare it to their signs and see if it matches up.

      Keep in mind that aspects and house placements make a world of a difference in how someone expresses love and how that person sees relationships and intimacy.

      Thanks for your insightful comment. :)


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