f(x)’s Amber Opens Up About Herself on Mnet’s 4Gaji Show, Season 2: Episode 7

26 Feb

Amber’s appearance on Mnet’s 4Gaji has been circling everywhere across the internet. Many K-poppers get the chance to get inside the mind and heart of K-pop star Amber of f(x). Amber’s album just dropped more than a week ago, and already she has received attention for her “hidden” vocal abilities, her popularity within the music video “Shake That Brass”, and her very personal and intimate feelings in the song “Beautiful”. To promote the album, Amber has been performing on Korean music programs, has become involved in fan signing, and has allowed shows like After School Club and 4Gaji to understand the meaning behind her album even more.

Ailee, Got7’s Jackson, Miss A’s Min, Crayon Pop’s Ellin and Eric Nam, some of Amber’s closest friends, also reveal hidden secrets about the artist on the 4gaji show. Amber also shows us her new Music Video for her song “Beautiful”.

Check out the episode below if you missed it February 24!


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f(x), the Korean Spice Girls + Amber Liu In the Spotlight

SBS Roommate 룸메이트 Season 2 Honors f(x)’s Amber, Super Junior-M’s Henry, and Got7’s Bam Bam As Guests

17 Feb

Amber bam bam henry

Roommate is a popular show in Korea on the SBS Network that brings together many Korean celebrities/idols to stay at one house called the “Share House”. Roommate is in it’s second season.

Current Idols:

Lee Dong-wook

Jo Se-ho

Park Min-woo

Seo Kang-joon (5urprise)

Nana (After School)

Jackson Wang (GOT7)

Bae Jong-ok

Sunny (Girls’ Generation)

Heo Young-ji (KARA)

Lee Guk-joo

Ryohei Otani

Park Joon-hyung (g.o.d)

This time, three extra idols will be paying a visit to the Share House!

f(x)’s Amber, considered by most to be the most “popular K-pop idol” will be visiting in the midst of promoting her first solo debut album Beautiful. Amber is known to be close friends with Got7’s Jackson. But she generally knows everybody.

Got7’s Bam Bam is also joining as a guest. He is also close with Amber and, of course, fellow group mate Jackson Wang. Bam Bam is one of the “cutie” maknaes of Got7.

Henry from Super Junior-M apparently also knows Jackson well. Henry is also close with Amber and has collaborated with her on music projects before. Henry is known for his remarkably talented solo projects, including “1-4-3″, “Trap”, and “Fantastic”.

All three guests are foreigners, so they show a particular connection with the foreign residents of the house, particularly the two residents Jackson Wang and Park Joon Hyung.

Producers have already said the reunion of friends showed “infectious energy”. This is certainly an episode to look forward to!

Look for it to begin airing in March!

The New Ever After High Interactive Music Video…Is…Dope…

16 Feb

I’ve just got wind of the new interactive Ever After High Music Video. It is SO DOPE. It is way ahead of it’s time, and in fact, the start of something revolutionary! Imagine all of our music videos interactive like this! On Vevo! On Youtube!

Sure, it’s a music video for a doll brand, but that’s usually where all of the most innovative ideas come from: TOYS! Technology starts with the kids, right?

So, I think you guys should check it out. It’s pretty cool.

I wish Monster High had something this cool…

Check it out!



GN’s f(x) AMBER 엠버 #Beautiful Album Review ( #ShakeThatBrass )

14 Feb

With two months of tumultuous drama, f(x) Amber’s solo debut crept up on me! Before I know it, I hear that Amber’s ALBUM has dropped! I had heard that Amber’s solo was due to come out in February, but so much had happened, I was taken off guard. Anyway, I immediately purchased the album as soon as it dropped.

I suppose it’s a good thing I was so busy. Last year, when I was anticipating f(x)’s Red Light comeback, I was so anxious and excited, I couldn’t stand waiting.

This time, it showed up at the right time, right when I needed a smile on my face.

If you don’t know who f(x) is, read my article f(x), the Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber Liu in the Spotlight

f(x)’s Amber is considered the “charming” tomboy of the f(x) group. She debuted with her group in 2009 and has garnered much attention since then.

Amber is one of the few females in K-pop who presents a “boyish”, or rather comfortable, image. Within f(x), she already stands out. But among other female K-pop idols, she is also very unique. This made her popular first. What added to this imagery, was her likable personality. Amber is known as a “social butterfly” in K-pop. Who DOESN’T know Amber? She knows everybody! She has featured in others’ music videos often, collaborated with several artists, is always asked to MC for shows, and everyone calls her “friend”. She is liked among her fellow idols, but also among those idols’ fans.

Amber has “layers” to her personality, and that makes her interesting. She’s funny, she’s always showing herself having fun, and she has the “heart of a teenage girl”, as one Korean radio station put it. In other words, she’s very youthful and high-spirited. She’s straightforward and down-to-earth, but has also shown herself to be understanding and open-minded. Although Amber has a tomboyish side (where she likes basketball, skateboarding, taekwondo, and wears baggy clothing), she has also shown more feminine sides to herself (where she enjoys cute doggies and stuffed animals, enjoys shopping, and doesn’t mind wearing heels here and there). All of these qualities make Amber interesting to people.

Amber has a “humble” air about her. She’s an idol, but acts like a fan. She’s a queen, but mingles with commoners. She’s a senior, but makes friends with rookie idols. She has many talents, but hides them quietly. K-poppers can only fall in love with her.

Thus, it was no surprise that Amber was the first f(x) member to go solo…

Well, it may have been shocking for some…

Amber is known as the “rapper” of the f(x) group. Many people only knew Amber as a rapper. Some other f(x) members, such as Luna and Krystal, were better known for their vocal and dancing abilities. To add, Amber never had the perfect female idol “look” or image. To add even more to that, Amber is from the USA. Her accent and language skills are not as fluent as some of the other members. Some people assumed Luna or Krystal would be the first to debut for these reasons.

So, there are some who don’t know what to expect from this album. I’ll bet people’s expectations are very low, which will be good. Why is this good? Because it will be fun to see the surprised look on many K-poppers’ faces when they actually hear this album.

The title of the album is Beautiful, which is the name of the first track on the album. It suits the album. I’ll explain why later…

First, like I do with every review, I want to review the debut as a whole. I usually start with the teaser images and overall packaging…Especially when it comes to f(x) and their members…

If you want to read reviews about f(x)’s other albums, click the links below:

Electric Shock Review

Pink Tape Review

Red Light Review

As you all may know (or not), f(x) is a group from “powerhouse” label SM Entertainment that pulled me into the Korean Wave officially. I’d always been interested in BoA since 2003, but I purchased more of her Japanese material than I did her Korean material (though I enjoyed both). I’d heard about f(x) on one of BoA’s fan websites. I didn’t initially take off with them…At first, I just couldn’t understand the big deal with the K-pop group craze. But then…

Amber. Yes. I was doing an article about androgynous fashion. I was super interested in that sort of look. Amber was one of the first women to pop up on google when I was looking up artists who embrace the style. My interest in her grew. Later, I found out she was from the USA, the same country I’m from. Her English made it easy for me to relate to her. Soon, I’d given many of f(x)’s songs a chance. I heard some good stuff.

f(x) is an unconventional group. In other words, you never know what to expect from them. I can honestly tell you to expect the unexpected when it comes to their solo debuts as well.

I explained more here —> Why I chose f(x)

So, yes, it seems that I might be a little bias in this article. But I just want to be honest: I will give it what I think it deserves. I may be a fan of f(x), but as most of my readers know, it doesn’t mean I thought everything f(x) came out with was perfect. You may have gathered that if you read the reviews above…

With all of that aside…


Amber Liu solo

Amber Liu solo debut

fx amber beautiful

There is only one way of putting this debut: It’s very “Amber”. If you know Amber, she is lively, bold, and colorful. She presents herself confidently, even when she is not really feeling that way. The teaser images for Amber show Amber’s unique and humorous personality. She is seen wearing her usual comfortable clothing and everything is absolutely colorful. Amber’s favorite color is red, and so we see a lot of that color in the photos. Amber reveals her striking charisma throughout the debut.

Most people have seen the “Shake That Brass” MV that accompanies the album and promotes Amber’s debut.The MV has received a lot of attention for reflecting Amber’s personality to a “T”. Amber shows all of her interests: She plays basketball in the MV and hangs out with all of her friends. There is even a reference for her affectionate nickname given by fans, Llama.

Amber has stated in her mini biography: “Creating a stage where there are no restrictions is my dream. And it doesn’t even have to be on a real stage, a street is fine. Just as long as it’s a place where everyone can join in and have fun!” In this MV, Amber seems to be living out her dreams. The song and overall style of the MV is without the normal K-pop restrictions. Everyone seems to be having genuine fun. The most genuine person is Amber herself.

Read more about the MV here: Amber #ShakeThatBrass MV

In interviews, Amber revealed the freedom she had when dealing with this album. She personally asked SM for this solo debut. She personally requested Taeyeon to feature in the song “Shake That Brass”. She also wrote several songs for the album. So, this debut is pretty much ALL AMBER.


The MV included all of her friends, and all of those friends were idols themselves. Of course, her connections made this a spectacular debut.

The album itself didn’t disappoint, but it may have been a bit shocking. Just from listening to the first song, you wouldn’t expect the album to carry such substance and depth…And if you don’t know Amber well, you really wouldn’t be expecting what’s about to come next…

This album was truly for the fans. Fans have been asking for the following things FOR YEARS from Amber:

1) For Amber to sing more (Because her die-hard fans knew she could sing all along)

2) For Amber to write more music (Because her die-hard fans knew she could write music)

Fans also love Amber for her charm, youthful spirit, humor, and all of her darn K-pop connections.

Combine all of the wants and desires of fans with her personality, and this album delivered it.

This was Amber’s goal for the album: “This album is like an introduction about myself. Every track represents my experiences in life. It’s kind of album that saying ‘Hello~ I am Amber’. I hope to get a lot of support from you” (Amber).

I will review each song.

1) Beautiful

This is the first track on the album. It is also the title of the album and it was the first song Amber promoted on Twitter. In far contrast to “Shake That Brass”, “Beautiful” is a meaningful ballad with acoustic undertones. Amber personally wrote, composed, and arranged the song herself. It sounds like her style of music, if any of you are familiar with the songs she has written before.

Amber reveals to the “less-informed” her melodious voice in this song. This song is sweet, but also carries substance. Amber revealed that she wrote this song three years ago.

It’s a song that seems to focus on Amber’s struggle with having a tomboyish image and her fears of being judged. Tomboyish Amber is not like all the other girls, and she is constantly pressured by people (including fans) to be more feminine. But Amber has learned to be proud of herself and love herself. There are plenty of fans who love Amber for her tomboyish appearance and support her (that’s how she got to where she is now). But there will always be closed-minded individuals out in the world. Amber has had to deal with this. In the lyrics, she mentions how people have said “Hurtful things” and how she had to suck it up and put on a smile. However, instead of being angry at those who criticize her, the song expresses Amber’s happiness with “being herself”. The song truly is “beautiful” and inspirational. Fans who listen to the song know exactly where it is coming from. The lyric video is moving, displaying a collage of photos from when she was a little girl, photos during her debut, and her new, more mature images for Red Light. Amber thus shows us how much she has blossomed. This song reveals a side of Amber most don’t know or understand. It reveals the first part of Amber’s personality.

This song is tasteful and refined. I love this song. It brings tears to my eyes. This is a must-listen.

Amber has a brief rap segment in the song. It almost feels as if Amber is featuring herself. lol <3 doe.

2) Shake That Brass

This is the promoted song and the second track off of the album. I can see why this song was promoted first. 1) It is the only upbeat song on the album. 2) It reflects the “Amber” personality everyone knows and loves the MOST. She gives us the “rapping” Amber that she’s known for.

The song is lively and upbeat, just like Amber herself. Within the lyrics of the song, Amber refers to her “pet name” Llama, given to her by one of her fans. The whole phrase “shake that brass” is exactly something “Llama” would say on some posts on her Twitter or Instagram. The song is exactly a reflection of Amber. The first two songs on this album reveal Amber’s two very different sides.

“Brass” is in reference to a “brass” instrument. And, of course, it also is meant to be a a cover-up for “ass”.

Amber stated in a radio interview (SBS Cultwo Show) that she made this song last summer. She also said she wanted a song that talked about herself…Which was pretty obvious.

This song seems to, again, fulfill Amber’s dream of a “free stage”. It’s a song anyone can dance to. It’s not over the top. It conveys Amber’s cool and yet dorky charm. But the song is just so darn catchy. It doesn’t have the same depth and substance that the other songs have, but it certainly livens the mood a bit.

For some, the song seems a bit out of place on the album. But I thought it fit well with an album that is meant to reveal more about the artist.

Amber sort of reminds me of Will Smith in her rapping style and with how fun she is. Songs like “Switch” and “Getting Jiggy With It” come to mind immediately.

This song is featuring Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Taeyeon. I personally enjoyed hearing her voice in the song. I thought it added some sparkle. But there are a lot of people who hoped that Amber would do all the singing and rapping by herself, which is understandable. Many people are hoping that Amber herself would shine for her title song, rather than letting the vocals of an SNSD member shine. Some people felt Taeyeon was a random debut because most people do not understand Taeyeon’s relationship to Amber or the song. Personally, I felt her vocals made the song great.

Amber personally asked Taeyeon to be in her song. She was thinking over who she wanted, and thought Taeyeon would be perfect. This works for live performances. Amber is not used to performing alone, and said she needed someone around to critique her. I think having a feature in the title makes Amber feel more secure about the performance. She’s used to working in a team. I think Taeyeon is the perfect teammate. Taeyeon is her senior and has experience with music.

3) Love Run

This song is one of my favorites. Amber’s English shines in this song. It’s a moving, soft pop number, revealing Amber’s soft vocal abilities yet again. I absolutely love this song. It reminds me of some of Utada’s songs, like the “Flavor of Life”. And y’all know how much I love me some Utada.

Amber’s vocals also shine in this song, and it’s surprisingly catchy for a soft tune.

Believe it or not, this song was said to be based on a drama about a dog. XD All of Amber’s fans know how much Amber loves dogs. This song has thus become an addition to the album as a reflection of Amber’s personality. Amber seriously has a soft spot for those little dogsies.

I’ve really enjoyed how deeply personal and expressive the album is…

4) Heights

This song also reveals Amber’s vocals, but it is more of a synth-pop number. The song is really catchy. It is one of my personal favorites. The song seems to be about Amber’s time as an idol. One line mentions how tired she gets sometimes, but then it seems in the bridge she mentions how others remind her to keep pushing forward. She even mentions that sometimes she gets scared. This song seems to be about her long, hard journey through K-pop, and thus another puzzle piece to Amber’s whole picture is revealed.

The song is encouraging in a wistful way. It both makes the listener reflect on days gone, but also encourages the listener to keep moving forward. Man, so many songs take me to another world. Amber’s voice is addictive as well.

5) I Just Wanna

The final track of the album (Yea, I know just five songs, right?) is “I Just Wanna”. Does this song sound familiar to you? That’s because there was a song called “Good-bye Summer” from f(x)’s Pink Tape album with the same sound.

What most people didn’t know is that Amber wrote this song originally in English. It was called “I Just Wanna” before it ever became “Good-bye Summer”, re-written and translated for a Korean audience. Plenty of f(x) and Amber fans got wind of this and were upset that Amber did not get a chance to sing it. In “Good-bye Summer”, it was sort of hijacked by Krystal, Luna, and EXO’s D.O. Everyone felt it was sad that Amber wrote a song and didn’t even sing her own song. Fans begged and pleaded for the full English version.

So, this caters to the English-speaking fans, and makes this album multilingual.

Well, surprise, surprise! Amber put the song on her debut album! This is “fanservice”. That, in itself, shows that Amber is very connected with her fans and their interests.

The song itself feels a little different from “Good-bye Summer”. It adds Amber’s personality in there. “Good-bye Summer” focused on friends who love each other but can’t seem to tell each other. “I Just Wanna” was also about friends who love each other, but it’s not as evident that the feelings can’t be expressed. One line says, “I wish I could say these things to you”, so the two lovers can’t quite get their feelings across in the English version either.

Eric Nam featured on this track. Eric Nam and Amber did a phenomenal job with their duet. I always knew Eric Nam was an amazing vocalist, but he and Amber harmonize their voices well. They are best friends after all, so it’s only natural that they would sing so well together and convey the feelings of the song like it was meant to sound.

Well, that’s it. I know. That is all. This is an EP, so it was not meant to be too long. But honestly, everything was so good, I really wanted more.

Overall, the album had some amazing surprises. The concept and overall feeling of the debut was very true to Amber. It was genuine. The concept was not at all surprising or different from what most fans expected, but Amber was definitely being herself. The most surprising sides to the album were the number of ballads and soft pop numbers introduced on the album. And not one song is horrible. Most of the songs are beautiful and meaningful, hence why I think “Beautiful” was the perfect album title. To add, I think this album showed Amber’s natural beauty and the things that make her attractive as an artist. She’s a rapper, singer, song-writer, and composer. She also speaks both Korean and English throughout the album, appealing to a wide-ranged audience. All of these talents and skills are valuable in K-pop, and even somewhat rare to find, especially among female K-pop artists. Thus, the album itself is valuable.

The only disappointment was that there were only five songs. This lead to other disappointments. Because there were only five songs, it was lacking in variety. Only one song was upbeat. The other songs were softer. If there are people out there who hate ballads and soft songs, they may be disappointed to find only ONE upbeat song. But that doesn’t necessarily take away from the album. The songs are high quality and really good. This is a strong debut album and shows Amber’s professionalism. She has music experience, and this album shows it.

I give this album a 9/10. It is a very professional album. The songs are amazing, surprising, and shows the best of Amber’s talents. Amber’s inner beauty shines, making the title, “Beautiful”, perfect. The only issue is the lack of variety and the fact that this is not a full album, which are not major issues, just my preference. The overall album is a must-listen. I recommend this album to all K-poppers. It’s the perfect debut from a solo female artist, and possibly my favorite.

You can purchase this album on MeLoN or order a hard copy at Yesasia, Kpop Town, and KTown4U.

You can purchase “Shake That Brass” merch here: Shake That Brass @RedBubble

So far, most people have had mostly positive things to say about this album. f(x) fighting! Amber fighting!

Vote for Amber on:


Show Champion

Just How Talented is F(x)’s Amber Liu?

13 Feb


With f(x) Amber’s Solo album on it’s way, many are beginning to discover just how talented Amber Liu really is! For those of you who want to discover more about Amber’s talents, I created a “portfolio” of sorts so others can learn about her other work. Check it out!

Originally posted on Generation Next:

By now, if you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’ve been f(x) crazy for the last two months, and my obsession doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. It won’t slow down until my big “promotional move” I have planned this summer. But that will be kept under my hat until then…

Just remember to #bfx2us and put your town behind it to show where your love for f(x) is coming from, if of course, you’ve fallen in love with this group as much as I have.

Well, this article is a part of that promotion. My goal is to push for an f(x) tour for, at least, next year.

To learn more about K-pop group f(x):

f(x) the Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber Liu in the Spotlight

f(x) Pink Tape Review

f(x) Red Light Review

Just how Talented is f(x) Sulli?

Just how Talented is…

View original 1,212 more words

f(x) Amber’s MV #ShakeThatBrass Stands Out Among Female Solo Artists in K-pop

12 Feb

Amber Liu solo

f(x)’s Amber has finally released her first solo music video and, so far, it caught the attention of fans from many different K-pop fandoms from many different labels.

If you don’t know who f(x) is, mosy on over to this link —> f(x), the Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber Liu in the Spotlight

If you don’t know much about f(x)’s Amber, mosy on over to this link —> Just How Talented Is f(x)’s Amber Liu?

And if you want to know more about Amber’s solo debut —> Amber’s Solo Debut Album Drops…

And if you want to hear my review of Amber’s solo album —> Amber’s Album “Beautiful” Review

Many Youtubers have stated how “unique” Amber’s video is in comparison to other K-pop MVs released by other female K-pop stars, especially in comparison to other female “group” idols who have gone solo.

The song and music video has generally received positive reception from both fans and newcomers.

There are SIX reasons why many people considered this mv unique and why it stood out:

1) Amber herself made the MV unique. She was not dressed in skimpy, overly sexual attire. She did not dance overtly sexy nor overtly cute, which is usually the case in K-pop, especially solo debuts. She was her genuine self, and nothing seemed forced. Amber is known as the “tomboy” of the f(x) group, but that is all the more reason the feeling of the MV was so different. She was seen wearing baggy, colorful clothing. Therefore, emphasis was put on the story-telling, the talents, and the overall happy feeling of the song. Her personality shined more than anything.

Amber Liu solo debut

2) Amber plays basketball in the MV. This may not seem like much, but how many K-pop females play sports in their music videos? Really, tell me, who ever did it before Amber? None of the other females. In K-pop, it’s very rare to find women who are sporty or tomboyish.

3) All of those cameo appearances, doe! There have been cameo appearances in other MVs (like from Sistar’s Touch My Body). But this MV is just packed full of K-pop idols! It will certainly draw in a crowd from many different fandoms. Amber seems to be living the dream she always wanted to live since her debut: “Creating a stage where there are no restrictions is my dream. And it doesn’t even have to be on a real stage, a street is fine. Just as long as it’s a place where everyone can join in and have fun!”

4) All of those cameo appearances, doe (again)! And from different labels, too! Has SM EVER allowed artists from different labels to feature in their videos? This is like giving promotion to their rivals, right? Either Amber has so much creative freedom, she can decide who and what she wants in her MV, or she’s just good at charming the pants off of the people at SM. This makes this MV stand out ten times more! I honestly saw some artists from JYP, B2M Entertainment, and plenty others. Amber brought K-pop together in a unique way. The atmosphere was friendly, and that’s appealing to fans.

5) The song is upbeat, fun, and fabulous for all ages, genders, and backgrounds. The song is absolutely catchy. There are also quite a few famous dances, such as the “Nae Nae”.

6) For those who weren’t prepared, YA FOUND OUT Amber speaks perfect English. Why? Because she’s from the USA, that’s why. So, she’s also one of the first female foreign artists from a group to go solo as well. This also makes the song stand out, especially for those who weren’t prepared for such perfect English…


1) Amber herself (of course)

2) Taeyeon (who featured and supplied her amazing voice and gorgeous looks)

3) g.o.d.’s Joon Park, who starts the song off playing his instrument wonky. Amber had to straighten him out.

4) Got7’s Jackson Wang…Dat face doe! XD Priceless! I mean, he is “Wild and Sexy”, after all…


Hyoyeon (SNSD)

Min and Jia (Miss A)

Brad (Busker Busker)

Woori (Rainbow)

Aron (NU’EST)

Rome (C-Clown)

Ellin (Crayon Pop)

Irene Kim (Model with pastel hair)

Ahn Young Mi (Comedian)

In Amber’s performances, the following ladies made an appearance:

Red Velvet’s Wendy (Woot! She finally gets a chance to showcase her own individual talents! Get it gurl!)

f(x)’s Luna ( ;) I guess they heard the fans’ cries, since so many people asked for Amber to perform with one of her fellow members. Such a surprise!)

I feel that Amber’s solo is turning out to be exactly what fans were hoping for. Some fans have said they were hoping for more, but most people were pretty satisfied.

Check out how K-pop fans reacted to Amber’s “Shake That Brass”!

Amber’s other song, “Beautiful”, is also amazing, and many people should check it out.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you all think about Amber’s new solo debut!

Violence and Shootings: Save Our Young Men

12 Feb


Men are the leading causes of the most violence in the world. Why are our men so violent and angry? What can we do to encourage peaceful approaches to handling a situation, so that more lives are not lost? More than likely, this will not be addressed because the stubborn and rigid will remain that way.

Originally posted on Generation Next:

Last December, 20 year old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children and six adult staff members at an Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

A 12 year old boy steals his parents’ gun, shoots two students, wounding them, and kills a math teacher (and retired marine), before taking his own life in Navada.

14 year old Philip Chism stabs a math teacher with a box cutter, stuffs her body in a garbage can, rolls it out, and dumps it in the woods at the back of his school building in Danvers, Massachusetts.

What do all of these recent, severe cases have in common? All of the crimes were committed by young men, and they all had schools involved.

Why is this so important for all people to consider?

First we will consider why we should observe the young men involved.

Male Youth, Violence and Crime

Anyone is capable of committing a…

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Oh, SNAP CRACKLE POP! f(x) Amber’s Solo Mini Album “Beautiful” Drops February 16, 2015!

10 Feb

amber liu solo

Excuzie, Attention ERRbody! f(x)’s Amber Liu is the first f(x) member to debut solo. Her album will drop February 13, 2015 online and February 16, 2015 for hard copies! SNAP, CRACKLE, AND POP! The anticipated debut is really happening, and fans are eagerly counting down before her debut.

On February 12, 2015, before her official debut, she will begin radio programs to promote “Beautiful” and will also have a “Mention Party” for fans on Twitter only. Amber will then start promoting “Shake That Brass” on KBS’s Music Bank, SBS’s Inkigayo, and MBC’s Show Champion.

She will be the first female from a SM Entertainment group to debut solo. This is for some, who were expecting other more “Korean” members to debut first (or more well-known members to debut first), surprising news, but for most fans, it was one of the most anticipated solo debuts in K-pop! Many fans were wishing Amber would have a solo debut for years now.

If you don’t know who f(x) is, mosy on over to f(x), The Korean “Spice Girls” + Amber Liu in the Spotlight.

Most people know Amber Liu as the charming and immensely popular tomboy of the f(x) group.

Amber Liu solo

From watching music videos, people might only know her as the “rapper” of f(x). But, as most of my readers know, I have done some research on the woman and have gathered a “portfolio” of sorts revealing all of her talents, both recognized and “hidden”.

Click this link for that portfolio —>Just How Talented is f(x)’s Amber Liu?

This album features Girls’ Generation (SNSD) member Taeyeon and Eric Nam, one of Amber’s best friends.

Amber is promoting the songs “Beautiful” and “Shake That Brass”.

“Beautiful”, also the title of the mini album, is a song Amber said she has “held on to for three years”. The song was written, composed, and arranged by her. Amber has always received praise for her lyrical abilities. She wrote the song “Good-bye Summer” for f(x)’s Pink Tape album and “Summer Lover” for f(x)’s Red Light album.

On Amber’s Twitter, she gave a hint as to what “Beautiful” means.

Amber beautiful

This song is a soft ballad with a rap, just like “Good-bye Summer”. It’s different from the upbeat pop songs f(x) usually promotes. Amber’s “angelic” voice shines through. She released a lyric video for the song.

The second song, “Shake That Brass” will be featuring Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation (SNSD). This is the song that will come with a music video. The first teaser for the mv shows Amber’s unique humor and youthful spirit. The second teaser shows a more “cool” side to Amber. The third teaser shows Amber’s charm and popularity. She seriously knows everybody in K-pop and is well-liked. The song is more upbeat and quirky than “Beautiful”. She also had a hand in the song-writing for “Shake That Brass”. The overall mv combines these elements, creating the perfect introduction for Amber as a solo artist.

So far, I really like that two different songs will be promoted. In this debut, Amber is revealing two different sides to her already: one that is meaningful and personal, and the other that is fun and humorous. It really gives me high expectations for the album. I assume we will be hearing a variety of different genres and we will be exploring the many layers of f(x)’s Amber. This is really her time to shine.

The one thing that’s very “f(x)” about the debut are the colorful outfits. Amber brings out her lively personality in vibrant colors and tomboyish couture. She sports some “red, white, and blue” which pays homage to the nation she was born and raised in. To add, Amber is back to her blonde hair. Of all the hair colors that Amber sports, blonde is the most common hair color she has had. It fits with her sunny nature, being a Cali girl and all…

Amber Liu solo debut

Amber blonde 1

Amber blonde 2

Amber blonde 3

With blonde highlights…

amber blonde 4

amber blonde 5

Amber wears glasses, so she makes use of them in the first teaser.

So far, the reception has been overall positive. Very few people have negative things to say. That is a plus. Who can really hate Amber, doe?

My only anxiety about group artists going solo is the threat it has on the security of the group. I hope f(x) will promote and make music together, despite solo debuts.

Other than that one anxiety, I love me some Amber! <3 In fact, I love the whole Liu fam! Follow Jackie Liu’s Youtube Channel, Jackie X Soy as well!


I look forward to this album and am making plans to purchase the mini album ASAP!

To Order Your Own Copy, click ME!

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Are You Getting A “Page Not Found” or “Sorry, No Posts Match Your Criteria” Message?

24 Jan

I regrettably have some bad news for those people who were hoping to read certain articles only to find that some articles are not working. I accidentally deleted a whole slew of interesting articles. And yes, I am sick! All of that hard work, gone down the drain.

I will try to make up for some of the articles, such as the

GOT7 Ideal Types

Which I had just promised two Got7 fans, fadebubble and pearlgem

f(x) Ideal Types and Charms

Unfortunately, I may not be able to write it exactly like I once did. :( But I will try my best to make an article that is similar to the ones that I lost.

The others are not replaceable as they were written so long ago, I no longer even have the draft for them.

Yes, this makes maneuvering difficult. I apologize for the let down and I will try to restore whatever I can.

There are still plenty of other articles that may appease your interests. If not, I’m weally, weally, sowy. :(

-From the Writer, GenerationNext

Got7, The Korean “New Kids On the Block” + Jackson Wang in the Spotlight

16 Jan

got7 3

Last year, f(x) pulled me into the “Hallyu Wave”, the Korean “wave” of interest from countries all over the world. The “wave” introduced many nations to Korean dramas, music, and culture. It’s literally a modern trend. Last year, I found a new obsession with Korean culture.

I was seriously obsessed with that K-pop group, f(x), in the year 2014. I had an f(x) month, an f(x) summer, and too many f(x) articles to count.

Click to find out more about it here: f(x), the Korean “Spice Girls” +Amber Liu in the Spotlight

This year, my latest fascination is with the all-boy band, Got7.

Usually, I dislike boy bands, with a passion. Check my archives-You won’t find me talking too much about boy bands. Don’t we have enough of them in the world? I guess, I don’t hate the boy bands themselves so much as the concept or “idea” behind boy bands. Even though I’m a female, and I like attractive and talented men, I just have a hard time being drawn to the phony “glitz and glam” of boy bands. I just couldn’t believe that men in boy bands hardly had any creative freedom, so I disliked the fact that many were made to be something they weren’t. Those expectations are hard to live up to for imperfect humans. It just always felt like I was being deceived, and it felt that the men were being drained by the constant…well, objectification. And I just didn’t want to be one of those girls who liked boy bands just because of their looks. In my heart, I WANT to see a man for who he is and his abilities. Though, honestly, I’m just always trying too hard to be different. :P I would appreciate them more if fan girls didn’t act like maniacs over them. Screaming over them and supporting them is one thing, but death threats when their “idols/favorite celebrities” are dating someone else? Ridiculous.

EXO fans stop supporting member after he dates

I also dislike the fact that boy bands in Korea get so much more attention than girl bands. I want to promote more female acts in Korea, especially the unique female groups.

It’s also hard to find unique boy bands, too. Again, there are too many around the world.

But Got7…I honestly couldn’t ignore them for too long. Got7 celebrated the anniversary of their debut on January 17, 2015 KST, so I thought this would be the perfect time to create an article about this group. So, here goes!

Got7 is a seven-member, multinational group, brought together by the label JYP Entertainment. JYP is known to be one of the more well-known labels. Got7 got much attention for their amazing flips and cartwheels onstage, as well as their handsome individuality, diversity, and strong charisma. As a group, they each work well in a team effort and support one another, giving dynamic impressions on any audience.

Their CEO, Park Jin-Young, also known as J.Y. Park, was the first Asian producer to cross over into America successfully. He did music for Cassie, Will Smith, and even Mase. He was the first Asian song-writer to hit the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. His resume gives the label a good reputation. He is also known to be the more “ethical” boss among all the CEOs in charge of the other Korean labels, as he is often seen showing more concern for his artists. Part of the reason he’s so kind to his artists, and so personal, is because he was once a back-up dancer and in an idol group himself. Park met rough spots during his time as an idol, so he understands his idols in ways other K-pop label CEOs would not.

Just like with f(x), the title of this article was meant to compare Got7 to a popular 1990’s group that was similar called New Kids on the Block. I will tell you, just as I told readers last year when it came to f(x), this comparison is in no way meant to be offensive. New Kids on the Block were one of the few boy groups of the 1990s that I actually liked. Got7 reminds me of them in many ways. I love the fact that they do. The same things I loved about NKOTB are the same things I love about Got7.

New Kids on the Block was an R&B, Pop, and Hip-hop group with an urban style. They were the first Caucasian American boys to be recognized with this image and style, and they were the first to gain fame from it. They were the first Caucasian males designed to have the appeal of “boyfriends” and designed to show their “visual appeal”. Like New Kids on the Block, Got7 exudes that same urban, “boyfriend” charm. New Kids on the Block had a boyishness about them that made them appealing to youth. They were meant to be the “white” version of New Edition. Got7 is also similar to New Edition as well. Got7 presents themselves as “normal city boys”.

It’s also a bit clever to call them the “New Kids on the Block”, don’t you think? ;) Many of you probably thought this is what I meant when I put it in the title…Got7 just debuted in January 2014, so they are still a “rookie” group. They are sort of the “new kids on the block” in Korea…Honestly, though, they are so talented and natural, they hardly seem like rookies.

Got7 is a group that was designed to convey an urban style. They are known for their Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop genres, just like New Kids on the Block. Their name reflects their members and the “appeal” they want to have with women. Many of their sayings reveal this image. For instance, “instead of having one handsome guy for a boyfriend, she’s ‘got 7′.” Their fan club name is IGOT7.

got7 2

Though the group reminds me of NKOTB, Got7 has quite a few differences that make this group individual and helps them stand out. Some of these differences create challenges that New Kids on the Block never had to deal with.

Got7 has to deal with huge cultural differences. In fact, Got7 has to deal with the cultural boundaries that most groups around the world would never have to deal with…Not even K-pop groups EXO-M and Super Junior-M (because their Chinese groups are distinctly separated from their Korean groups, so they speak the same language among their own peers). f(x) is probably one of the only groups that go through the same thing.

Out of the seven members in Got7, three of the members are from different countries. Between these members, there is an exchange of, at least, SEVEN languages! Two of the seven members can speak a different dialect. Many Asian languages have several dialects that sometimes reflect the unique region they come from within their own country. It’s the same language, just a different style of speaking it. Usually, the words are spoken with a different term, wording, or sound than what is commonly heard in the language.

The seven members in the group are: JB, the leader, from Seoul, South Korea. He is known for his vocals. He and Jr. were originally a part of the JJ Project, a pop duo. Both ended up in Got7. Jr. is also from Seoul, South Korea. He speaks a different Korean dialect. Yugyeom, the “maknae” or youngest member in the group, though he doesn’t look it, is also from Seoul, Korea. He is of high school age. Youngjae, the fun-loving member, is from South Korea and also speaks a different dialect of Korean. He was the last member to join, and only trained for seven months before debut! Mark, Jackson, and Bam Bam are from different countries. Mark is the oldest (though he doesn’t look it) and one of the most handsome members. He was born in Los Angeles, California, USA. He lived in Brazil for two years. He speaks English, Chinese, and Korean. Jackson is one of the oldest, and is considered the “vitamin” of the group. He is from British Hong Kong. He attended an international school, which is why his English is impeccable. He also speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, and French! Bam Bam, the cutie who looks like the “maknae”, is from Thailand and speaks Chinese, Thai, some English, and Korean! There really are many languages flowing through this group. This is why they reach a diverse group of fans. Their communicative abilities make them a gem in K-pop.



Bam Bam




Of course, all of these languages make it hard to be understood. Misunderstandings may have come up all the time. The group has a hard time relating to a Korean audience, as a result. Cultural mannerisms probably clash. Many of the international members suffer from loneliness, as some are far away from their friends and family. Their personalities are different, too, even among members from the same nation.

Still, despite the challenges, Got7 has received significant popularity in less than a year! Last year, they were considered the biggest rookie group to debut according to many polls online. They are probably one of the most successful multinational boy groups in the world. I mean, multinational groups are hard to find, but they are even harder to find among males….



1) Got7 has a diverse mix of abilities and talents

Got7 has many members who can sing and dance well. JB has amazing vocal abilities, and never misses a chance to use them, on or off stage.  Youngjae plays piano and writes his own songs. In fact, many members have said they like to write their own music. Jackson has expressed interest in producing music. Some of the members also have some awesome rapping abilities. Mark, Jackson, and Bam Bam are known for their rapping abilities.

New Kids on the Block was like this. They were probably the first pop group to have a “rapper”. Each member had a role. Got7 is very similar.

Their most distinct talent is their martial arts contribution. In their performances, Mark and Jackson are in charge of providing the martial arts, but lately JB and Bam Bam have jumped in with the music video “Around the World”. They do cartwheels and back-flips on stage and in MVs flawlessly. This obviously enthuses the crowd and draws new interest in the group. There are no other K-pop boy bands that do this.

2) Got7 can speak so many languages

Again, Got7, as a group, speak over 7 languages. This helps them bring their charm to many fans all over the world. As an English-speaker myself, this is also why I’ve shown interest in the group. They can seriously bring their music to more than one nation, which could expand their popularity. Multilingual abilities are seriously an asset to any business venture.

Kpopstarz Korean news outlet and blogging website made this interesting statement about the group:

“Global fans are able to engage with the group in unique ways because of this.”


“This” was in regards to the fact that they speak so many languages.

3) Got7 has many experiences, backgrounds, and personality traits

Got7 is very diverse in background as a result of being a multinational group. Many of them have resumes that are inspiring, such as Jackson’s fencing abilities. Because of their individual backgrounds, you can imagine that they have some of the most colorful personalities. Even the Korean members are very diverse in personality and characteristics.

4) Got7 is physically attractive

Let’s face it. Got7 is attractive. The moment I laid my eyes on Mark and Jackson, I recognized that this boy band had some eye-candy that would please the hearts of many fan girls. As much as I hate to objectify anyone, I have eyes, too. After watching Real Got7, I’ve gotten to know the members really well. They definitely know how to entertain a crowd, and this makes them attractive as well.

5) The group has SWAG

There are a lot of K-pop groups that try to exude “swag” or a hip-hop image. But Got7 is one of the few that successfully translates that energy in a charming way on stage. B.A.P. and Big Bang are two other groups that have successfully exuded a significant “swag” factor. However, those other two groups are missing the nice combination of “swag” and “charm”, which helps Got7 relate to those who like both a tough energy and a soft energy.

There really should be a 6th reason. The 6th reason you should love this group is because of member, Jackson Wang. That’s right. I’m about to put Jackson on BLAST.

Jackson Wang IN the SPOTLIGHT

Jackson muscle shirt

All About Jackson

Jackson is the “vitamin” of the Got7 group. He is called the “vitamin” of the group because of his high-spirited energy and “wild and sexy” presentation. He literally brings “health” or “life” to the group. When he’s not around, something seems very strange. In fact, when he’s not around the group, it feels too quiet. Jackson adds the “fun” aspect to the group. Jackson is not afraid to be himself. Jackson shows an “alpha” personality at times, but there are other times he shows a charming, cute, and sweet side to him.

Many have noticed that Jackson shows the most interest in his fellow members. In Season 2 of Real Got7, Jackson won the challenge of showing “secret care” for one of his fellow members frequently during their promotion of the song “A”. Jackson never expected to win, but Jackson was always there when one of his members needed him.

Jackson has a high-pitched laugh that reaches the ends of the room he is laughing in. His laugh is distinct, and his fellow members didn’t hold back from imitating him in Real Got7.


Jackson’s boss, J.Y.Park, described Jackson as someone who “tries too hard”, but is “affectionate” and easily “attaches himself to people”. Out of all of his members, Jackson gets the most frustrated when he can’t get something right the first time. Jackson has the hardest time practicing for long hours. J.Y.Park is very hard on Jackson because of it.

all about Jackson

As you can tell, he enjoys dancing, rapping, and beatboxing. Basically, he loves music. He’s also quite athletic, and has an Olympic and Martial Arts fencing background. His mother was a gold medalist at the 1982 World Gymnastics Championships. His father was a former coach in a Hong Kong fencing team. He also once won the Asian games in 1978. So, he comes from a pretty accomplished family.

Jackson has an older brother, who is also athletic. He and his brother won the men’s pair category at the Acrobatic Gymnastics Championship. Jackson was only 9 years old! It’s no wonder he’s such an excellent acrobat.

Jackson mentions that his specialty is “fencing”, and most know him from his Junior Fencing team, though he is also a good gymnast as well.

Jackson was born in British Hong Kong. He attended American International School, which is why he speaks English so well. While in fencing matches, he often had French partners, so he learned some French as well. He’s a pretty “international” guy.

Jackson loves his family and worries about them often since he’s so far away in Korea.

At first his parents did not want Jackson to start training to be an idol. His father cut him a deal. He told Jackson he would only let Jackson go to Korea if he became the best fencer in Asia. Jackson eventually won 1st place at the Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship.

Jackson likes to skateboard and also plays basketball.

He also likes animals.

got7 jackson and dog

Got7 is still new, so we may learn more about Jackson in the future.

 Jackson, A K-pop Star

Jackson is a normal guy usually, but he is a K-pop star, too. As a K-pop star, as was mentioned before, Jackson presents himself as “Wild and Sexy”.

Jackson wild and sexy

Jackson lives up to this presentation. He is known as the loud, competitive one. He has an extroverted personality, and brings a lot of boyish charm to Got7. And it’s pretty evident he has most of the “swag”.

Jackson presents himself as an “alpha male” type, but he has a sensitive side that makes him appealing.

The guy is absolute scrumptiousness. You can’t deny it. I’m about to Jacksify you:

Jackson bites lip

Jackson flexing

portrait of Jackson

Someone is talented!

Jackson in redJackson in marine hoodieJackson kisses the cameraJackson cute peace signJackson posingFans-and-netizens-are-amazed-at-GOT7-Jacksons-WangJackson with glassessophisticated jacksonstage performance

Scrumptious, doe. It’s hard to deny this man’s sex appeal. He surely lives up to his label.

But just how “wild and sexy” is Jackson?

Looking at many videos with Jackson, he seems to love attention. This gives him the “wild” streak we know and love. Jackson is not afraid to “strut his stuff”, so that makes him sexy as well.

Watching Jackson, you probably wouldn’t be able to see him as anything but confident. But fans know better. Fans who have been following Jackson’s work can see right through his actions.

Actually, Jackson is also known by fans as sensitive and a bit shy, especially when he’s around a girl he likes and respects. Jackson has stated that he likes “healthy, athletic girls, with a tan and charm”. When Jackson was around Ga Yeon in the Korean reality show Roomate, a girl who fit his ideal, he revealed another side to himself. He was very nervous, shy, and extremely polite.

Then, there are those other times when he gets competitive around a girl that he likes. He has mentioned that one of the girls he is most close to is Amber Liu from f(x). He showed an intensified competitive spirit on We Got Married Global when Amber was posed with a question that made her choose between him and fellow members Bam Bam and Mark. And even when Amber rejected him, he continued to fight to win!

We Got Married Global: Bam Bam or Jackson?

Jackson also shows himself to be very protective and nurturing.

Jackson is generally known to be competitive. I would say he likes to challenge himself. He is always “involved” and tries to put his heart into everything he does. He is enthusiastic and colorful.

But Jackson isn’t the bravest member, though many would be shocked to know it. Aside from Jackson being completely terrified around his favorite female idol, he also showed slight fear of an amusement park ride in Real Got7 Season 2.

Jackson really has many layers to him, which is why he grabs so much interest from K-poppers. He’s really not afraid to be himself, and is often being bluntly honest to a fault. But there are many things in him that he probably doesn’t notice. If one looks hard enough, they could find those hidden gems in Jackson.

Jackson’s Talents

It’s time to get to the main deal. After all, he is an artist. Jackson has many talents, both well-known and hidden, even from himself.

Jackson is the rapper of the group. He likes the rap group G-Unit and Dr. Dre. Rap is one of his favorite genres, and it’s the genre he is most comfortable with.

But Jackson is also a pretty good singer, even if he doesn’t feel as confident with singing as he does rapping. He once sang a lullaby to JB, and it was really nice. According to his boss, J.Y.Park, Jackson is very good at breathing even though he has not trained his voice to sing just yet. Perhaps, in the future, he will get more moments to sing.

Jackson is also good at beatboxing. He did say it was one of his hobbies, so I’m sure he practices all the time. He’s really good at it.

And it’s pretty obvious Jackson is an excellent dancer. Jackson adds martial arts to his dancing abilities, making his dance routines even more powerful. Jackson also gives facial expressions when he dances, adding character to every performance. He is a very charismatic performer, both in a group and solo.

Jackson may not be aware of this talent, but Jackson is a good television personality and excellent with comic timing. This is probably why he is a favorite among fans and why he won the Newcomer of the Year award.

Jackson’s Personal Challenges

Jackson may seem all smiles and confidence, but as an international star, there will always be challenges in a foreign nation. Jackson is far away from family and friends. His mannerisms are different, and often times it clashes with the more reserve mannerisms of Korea. Jackson just doesn’t fit that small box.

Jackson Misses His Family

Jackson has been away from his family ever since he began training. Even though he and his group debuted in 2014, he’d been training with JYP years before his debut. Jackson left everything he knew and loved in order to become a K-pop star. He sacrificed a lot, even if he didn’t initially realize the sacrifices he would have to make at the time he decided to train.

I know. Many people will say, “But he chose to be an idol. He’s sad but he made the choice”. Many people get jobs that are not in their own countries, especially when the opportunities are lower in your area. Sometimes, people have to travel for work. It doesn’t mean he won’t miss his family.

Jackson showed how much he missed his family on an episode of Roommate. J.Y.Park, his boss, surprised Jackson with the best Christmas present ever: Jackson’s parents. He arranged for Jackson’s parents to fly all the way from Hong Kong, just so they could spend Christmas with their son. (Talk about a kind boss!) The scene was quite emotional.

Jackson is often worried about his mom. His father often works overseas which leaves his mother at home alone and lonely. This is Jackson’s sensitive spot and one of his greatest challenges.

I think he is pretty strong to leave his old life to start a whole new one in Korea. Could I have done it? Probably not…Unless I could bring my loved ones with me. He has to be strong in order to deal with a different culture and language.


Yep, a bold and flamboyant man like him won’t always come across easy to deal with to people. It’s never easy to be a foreigner, but it’s even harder when your personality is so strong and dominant.

“Jackson is so rude. He gets on my nerves.”

I hear this comment at least once on almost every Youtube video that deals with Jackson (excluding the episode with his parents).

True, Jackson likes a LOT of attention. True, Jackson often interrupts people when they talk. True, Jackson is competitive when someone else gets more attention than himself. True, he appears to think too much about himself. And sure, Jackson is blunt.

But aren’t these what make him stand out among, not just his fellow members, but ALL OF THE OTHER boys in other groups? Korea likes to put a lot of emphasis on “aeygo”, or “cuteness” in the public media. It’s a “selling tool”. Korea also designs it’s boy bands to have some of the most chivalrous personalities. Korea encourages a reserve disposition.

Jackson is one of the rare gems that doesn’t fit that perfect “Korean” mold people like to place on idols.

I’m sure these comments must offend and hurt him. In We Got Married Global, Jackson gave kudos to one fan who actually described Jackson as sensitive and caring, qualities he feels people don’t often recognize in him.

Koreans can be very detached, or are expected to be. Jackson is easily attached, as was mentioned before, very friendly, and assertive. It’s not hard for him to hold out his hand in friendship. To some people, especially Koreans, Jackson comes on a little strong.

Yet, despite what anyone says about Jackson, he makes the whole group stand out in his own special way. He gives the right spice. His presence makes him feel like a leader, even though he is not the leader of the group. People will always have their perceptions of other people, but as they always say, “It doesn’t matter what they say, as long as they know my name”. Jackson brings a lot of promotion to the group. His distinct mannerisms are what make Got7 likable to nations who are not so reserved, or to more extroverted personalities. I’m sure there are some Koreans who are not so stereo-typically reserved.

Well, it doesn’t matter who hates Jackson. Jackson is making his mark as a K-pop star, even winning the Newcomer Award this year.

Well, that’s my spin on Got7 and the amazing Jackson Wang!

Check out their latest albums on Youtube!

You can also watch Got7’s Jackson on Roommate Season 2!

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