Two New American Girl Beforever dolls for 2015 and 2016? Beforever line Cut Down 80%? *Rumors and Leaks*

22 May


TWO NEW AMERICAN GIRLS FOR THE BEFOREVER LINE! One is confirmed to be Maryellen Larkin, an enthusiastic and imaginative girl from circa 1954!

Originally posted on Generation Next:

Rumors always spread like wildfire in the American Girl fan community. This is partially because American Girl fans often do their homework and find new leaks that start rumors. We have a lot of excited and eager fans. American Girl keeps us all on our toes. We can’t help it. We love this 18″ doll franchise with the historical dolls and contemporary lines that actually reflect real girlhood (rather than Monster High and Barbie dolls). Since the Digital Revolution, fans have been finding information about future dolls easily. Nowadays, the “surprise” American Girls are not really so surprising to most fans anymore.

Either the fans are excellent sleuths, or American Girl, LLC sucks at keeping their product ideas under their hats. If they had competition, they would really be in trouble because it is so easy to find out what they are releasing. But since they don’t have competition, I guess…

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BoA, Korea’s Princess of Pop: The Pop Conqueror

13 May


Don’t know who BoA is? YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE! BoA is K-Pop’s PIONEER Princess! But still so humble and modest! Check her out!

Originally posted on Generation Next:

I’ve been having a terrible week, so please forgive me if everything seems a little foggy…

Throughout this terrible week, only one woman has been able to ease my mind and take the stress away. After getting a whiff of her performances, I just couldn’t help but be in awe. She put a smile on this heart-broken face of mine. Her name is BoA Kwon.

BoA is known as Korea’s Princess of Pop. She debuted at the tender age of 13, way back in 2000. She is one of the biggest Korean stars in the world. She’s a veteran by now. As mentioned before, she has a long, fabulous resume, and she is only 28 years old!

BoA is a Pop Conqueror of sorts. BoA, in her lifetime, has managed to not only grab the Korean market, but has also conquered Japanese charts. She has also been one of the…

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BoA’s Japanese and Korean Comeback: BoA “Double” Challenge

13 May


BoA has finally released her Korean comeback in years! The QUEEN is BACK! But to me, she is still the BoA I’ve always known and loved. XD We were both kids when she debuted and when I was introduced to her. Now we’re both adults! In honor of BoA’s return, I decided to share the Double challenge! What is the double challenge? click to find out!

Originally posted on Generation Next:


In case you couldn’t tell, this month is BoA month in honor of BoA’s first Japanese comeback in FOUR years! So, this article is to spread the word!

Her album was released September 3, 2014 titled, Who’s Back?.

Own it, it’s awesome!

For today, I have a challenge for BoA fans and readers.

BoA has debuted in THREE countries: Korea (2000), Japan (2001), and the USA (2008). She has around 94 music videos and still counting!

Between her Korean music videos and her Japanese videos, BoA has brought over some of her Korean stuff into the Japanese nation. Many times, she has done music videos TWICE for both countries. She translated many of her Korean songs in Japanese.

She did the same thing in America (She translated Girls on Top, her Korean hit, in English).

The music videos between Korea and Japan may look like identical twins, but just…

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Got7 Greets Dallas, TX; GN Introduces “Girls Girls Girls”

10 May

Got7 7-Question Quiz!

9 May

In honor of K-pop boy band Got7’s first U.S. tour, GN has dedicated the WHOLE week to Got7!

Got7 has made their way to California and Illinois. Next, they will be hitting Texas!

Got7’s first U.S. Tour

If you don’t know who Got7 is, mosey on over to this link —->Got7, the Korean “New Kids on the Block”

For Got7 fans still anxiously waiting to see their idols in Dallas, Texas, this quiz is sure to pump you up!


So let’s begin, shall we?

The quiz should be relatively easy for Got7 fans! But for those new to the group, perhaps you’ll learn a bit about them.

Question 1: Can you name all seven members by their full REAL names and stage names?

*Bonus* How did each member get their stage names?

Question 2: How many siblings does each member have?

Question 3: True or False: Every member is from Korean.

Question 4: What K-drama series did all Got7 members star in?

*Bonus* What was the name of the boy group in the series?

Question 5: List the members from oldest to youngest.

Question 6: What was the EXACT date that Got7’s first EP dropped?

Question 7: When did each member first make their appearance as idols?

Was it hard? I think some of the questions may be challenging. But give it your best!

ANSWERS BELOW: To reveal the answers, you have to highlight the white space below! Or click the link below the white space!

Question 1: Im Jae-bum (JB), Mark Yien Tuan (Mark), Jackson Wang (Jackson), Park Jin-young (Jr.), Choi Youngjae (Youngjae), Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Bam Bam), Kim Yugyeom

*Bonus* JB’s stage name is an abbreviation of his real name; Mark’s name is his birth name, as well as Jackson, Youngjae, and Yugyeom; Park Jin-Young has the same name as his producer, so he is thus called “Jr.” since he is the younger version; Bam Bam’s name comes from his mother who wanted him to be strong like the young baby in the cartoon “The Flintstones”.

Question 2: Mark (3), JB (0), Jackson (1), Youngjae (2), Yugyeom (1), Jr. (2), Bam Bam (3)

Question 3: False. Jackson is from British Hong Kong, China; Mark has lived in Paraguay, Brazil, San Francisco, California, USA; Bam Bam is from Thailand

Question 4: Dream Knight

*Bonus* Got

Question 5: Mark, JB, Jackson, Jr., Youngjae, Bam Bam, Yugyeom

Question 6: January 20, 2014

Question 7: Jr. and JB first made appearances on the K-drama series Dream High 2. Yugyeom, Bam Bam, Mark, and Jackson first made their appearances on the 4th episode of the YG survival reality show Who is Next: WIN.

Click me to find results too!

Hope you enjoyed the quiz! And I hope IGot7s are having a blast in the U.S. watching Got7 meet with fans AND showcase their talents!

Leave me a comment and let me know if you got all the answers right! If you did, you are true blue Got7 fan!

Got7 Greets Chicago, IL; GN Introduces “Stop Stop It”

9 May

Got7 TV!

8 May

As you probably have guessed from my background and all of the Got7 articles, it is Got7 week on GN to honor Got7’s first tour in the U.S. Yesterday, San Fran enjoyed the presence of their favorite K-pop idols, Got7! In honor of San Fran’s visit, I created a fun read about Got7 as boyfriend idols.

Got7’s first U.S. tour

Which Got7 member is Boyfriend Material?

Got7 “A” for San Fran

Today, I am preparing for Chicago’s visit!

Today’s article we will be enjoying Got7 TV! Got7 is known as a lively bunch of young men. JYP has made these qualities more pronounced through online videos called Got7 TV. It has had TWO seasons. So, today, we’re just going to enjoy our favorite K-pop idols act like lovable dorks. :P

Got7 Greets San Francisco, CA: GN Introduces “A”

5 May

Which Got7 Member Do YOU Think is Boyfriend Material or More like YOUR Style in Flirting?

5 May

Got7 blog 2

It is GOT7 week on GN. If you haven’t heard, mosey on over to this link —>Got7 WEEK

In honor of Got7’s first U.S. tour, I’ve decided to use this week to promote Got7 as much as I can. It is really amazing that Got7 decided to visit their western fans. Fans from the west really appreciate the hard work JYP and Jazzy Group U.S. did in organizing this event.

I told readers that I would be posting articles dealing with Got7 in honor of the week. This is the first one in preparation for San Fran’s event TOMORROW!

As San Franciscans prepare to be the first to enjoy an amazing performance by Got7, perhaps this article can pump you up!

So, hetero ladies and homo gents, which Got7 member is boyfriend material to YOU? If you are a hetero gent or a homo lady, which Got7 member is more YOUR style in flirting with girls?

This article is inspired from the Got7 music video “A”. For the music video “A”, Got7 released SEVEN story videos showing off their flirting styles towards one anonymous person. By watching these, you can determine which one you like best or which one suits you best.

In the video, JB is the cool leader of the Got7 group. His idea of “flirting” is showing off his amazing skills, and he has plenty of skills. To add, he tries to focus on his appearance, putting effort into looking nice for someone he is interested in. And he had quite an amazing wardrobe. I guess he couldn’t wait until he could meet her again. He is confident and direct.

As far as ideal types, JB claims that he has no particular preferences, but he prefers a someone that he can’t get out of his mind.

Mark is the oldest member, but the shyest. He is very mature, however. He is a man of few words. In the video, Mark shows off his charms in quiet ways. He may not say much, but Mark was very direct and simple when it came to asking the girl out in the video. He certainly wouldn’t let a girl sit around a man who doesn’t care about her feelings. He’d rather grab her out of that situation! You can say he’s a savior of sorts.

As far as ideal types, Mark says he likes someone that is unique-someone that makes him want to learn more about the person.

In the group and onstage, Jackson may seem pepped up with the most energy and confidence, but he’s quite mellow and shy around those he really likes. In this video, Jackson is taking a nice, intimate stroll with someone of interest. He’s laughing at this person, so the person must be funny to him. But as soon as Mark came, the antagonist of this whole story, he was determined to protect the person, even being a little bossy about it. You could tell he was very serious about protecting this person. In the end, however, he hesitated to put his arm around the person, showing his shy yet respectful side.

As far ideal types go, Jackson has said he likes healthy, athletic, sporty types.

Jr.’s video is a play on his name. In this video, he acts as a younger man who is interested in someone older (he called her “Nuna” which is how younger males address older females in Korea). Throughout the video, he is trying to hold back his laughter, possibly because of the fact that she is drunk, but he still takes care of her making sure she rests and sobers up. It can be dangerous for someone to be drunk and roaming the streets at night! Apparently, he picked her up as she was stumbling and led her to a bench. At the end, he is seen playing his video games and surrounded by youthful items (like the big kid Jr. is). But as soon as his phone rings, and I’m assuming that was the girl calling, he drops everything in a rush, putting on two different shoes! What a dork! But so lovable, right?

He said his ideal type is someone who smiles really big, as he believes you can see the real side of the person. He also likes somebody who loves their work because he believes you would see how a person loves with the way they love their work.

In Youngjae’s story, he plays the sweet, thoughtful boy-next-door. He takes a girl on a nice, quiet, small date to an ice cream shop. He thoughtfully remembers her favorite ice cream and gets it for her. Unfortunately, he eats more than she does. She didn’t seem to stay long enough to finish hers. :/ Too bad. Afterwards, he seems to get the chills from consuming too much ice cream while left alone in the shop! Poor Youngjae! He’s so sweet. I’m sure there are plenty of girls out in the world who appreciate his generosity and thoughtfulness.

He says his ideal type is anyone who has a certain charm he likes.

In Bam Bam’s story, he takes a nice, quiet stroll with a girl in the park. He is very attentive, immediately noticing when the girl’s shoes are not tied. But he’s not just attentive. He takes the initiative, bends down, and ties her shoes for her! What a gentlemen! Of course, Bam Bam doesn’t hold back from teasing her about her clumsiness. Even when her shoe came undone once again, he noticed right away. He was probably paying very close attention anyway.

As far as ideal types, he says he likes a pretty smile.

Yugyeom, the handsome maknae, has also landed a date with a woman who is older than he is (just like Jr. XD). In his video, he managed to take her out to a restaurant/sweet shop (?) for cake and drinks. They seem to be sharing food and drinks. He drank his drink and hers. But he fed her some of his cake, which shows he is not selfish or stingy. Eventually, he shyly asked her what her feelings were for him. In the end, it is revealed that he rehearsed that moment over and over again. He must have been nervous about asking her about her feelings. Though he came across direct and confident, he also revealed a shy, cute side as well.

His ideal type is someone who seems off in her own world, possibly carries a bit of an enigma about her, but someone who has layers. He wants someone who has something hidden within, someone intriguing.

I hope you enjoyed the videos for Got7 week! Check back throughout the week for more Got7!

If you want to watch more charm from the “Boyfriend Idols”, check out their their promotional movie Dream Knight.

Got7 Week on GN: Got7 Makes Their First U.S. Tour First Week of May 2015!

4 May

Such exciting news!

One of my FAVORITE K-pop groups, Got7, will finally make their tour in the U.S.A.! Woohoo! This is good news for Western fans who hardly get to enjoy their favorite artists in their own backyards.

If you don’t know who Got7 is, mosey on over to my article: Got7, the Korean “New Kids on the Block” + Jackson Wang in the Spotlight

Got7 will be touring San Francisco, CA first on Wednesday, May 6th 2015 at the Warfield, will fly eastward to Chicago, IL on Friday, May 8 and will meet with fans at the Riviera Theatre, then will fly back southwest to the Verizon Theatre in Dallas, Texas on Sunday, May 10, 2015!

VIP tickets were sold out within minutes for all three venues. Never underestimate the power of K-pop fans!

In honor of Got’s first U.S. tour, I’ve decided to dedicate this whole week to Got7 and its seven members!

Poll time!

Whichever Got7 member wins for each city, I will post their picture as my background the day of that city’s showcase! San Francisco, you have until midnight May 5, 2015, Chicago has until midnight May 7, 2015, and Dallas has until May, 9, 2015 CST!

Monday-Introduction to Got7

Tuesday-Which Got7 member do YOU think is boyfriend material? Inspired by “A”

WednesdayMidnight San Francisco favorite member tally, Got7 video specials

Thursday-Got7 TV

FridayMidnight Chicago favorite member tally, Got7 video specials

Saturday-Got7 7-Question Quiz

SundayMidnight Dallas favorite member tally, Got7 video specials

Look out for random pictures and articles about Got7!

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