Swine Flu (H1N1 Influenza A) Mayhem!!!

1 May

Ok, im sure all of you have heard about this deadly and rapidly spreading virus that’s been going around. If you haven’t heard by now, after the entry, you’ll be ducking a dodging your sick friend, wiping every single item you touch, even door handles and bookbags, and washing your hands until the Happy Birthday song is over (which was recommended by a doctor if you want to clean your hands long enough). I am now more aware than ever of sick people around me. I have realized that my twin sister just got over a cold! AHHH!!!!!! So I can’t avoid that but I’ve attempted to talk to her from a distance and get my phone ready should it worsen. But as far as I know, there are no victims in Chicago YET. But in two weeks I’ll be going to Indianapolis, and it is there. University of Notre Dame I heard was only 20 minutes away! Well, I’ll probably get it there, and then when I come back I’ll spread it to Chicago. Sounds fun, right? Sounds sick. New York is just plain sick! Thats a lot of people sick. Poor New York! They always get the problems first! Thats why New York makes a great stheme for Superhero movies. So here are sme tips that a docor told me to avoid contagion:

*Wash hands throughly, and frequently (sing the happy birthday song and it’ll be squeaky clean by the time you’re done)

*Sneeze, cough, and wheeze in a kleenex or sleeve (DON’T do it away from someone in the air, and DON’T do it in your hand, fist, knuckle, palm, period!)

*DO NOT TOUCH eyes, nose, or mouth (Don’t dig in your nose must apply to kids who have no idea of germs. There are always the first to get sick….unless you adults dig in your noses…)

*If you get any of these symptoms: sore throat, cough, can’t breathe, headache, chills, body aches, vomit, fever, and chest pains, GO SEE A DOTOR IMMEDIATELY!!!!! Don’t wait it off thinking you’ll get better. Nip it in the bud, and check for the flu.

Well, hope everyone is well, happy, and doing okay. Anyone reading, in my buddy list, friends list, or reads this, you are in my prayers.

~Over and Out~


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