Avatar The Last Airbender Review!!!! (have u been waiting?) (9/10)

3 May

Okay, I am going to seriously take this time to review Avatar. Yes, Avatar ended last summer, and i remember watching that final episode I believe in July (?) and saying "noooo, this is the end??") It seems it came too fast, but then again, it didn’t. I didn’t want the end to come, then again, I knew it had to end somewhere. When first seeing this anime, people have said "What? this is being aired on Nickelodeon? It must suck." As most of the things on there do in this generation. Especially, an anime, which would be expected to be aired on Cartoon Network. Nick stole the spotlight, as more and more people got into Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is because it is one of the best American-made animes in the world! Such genius was put into this, that I had to review this. People are still talking about it’s magnificence…in part to the fact it is getting a live action movie..but we’ll save that for when it comes out. So I’ll be using my outline review on my old post (how to review something animejournal style)for this one. I’m sure you’re all wondering why i didn’t give this a 10/10. I review based on my own public opinion, even if no one sees nothing wrong with something it. If it irritates me, I will say something. Romance, Rarity, the story, writers, producer, directors, music choices, content and messages, appeal, cast and characters. Any questions? Lets begin!

RomanceI’m not particularly happy with the romance department. Throughout the story, there were different types of romance partners. Saka and the moon girl with the white hair, and them him and suki. I personally liked hime better with the white-haired girl. She was not as tough as suki, but they had a sweeter relationship to me. But that is not what irritated me most. It was Ang and Katara. Yes, who would’ve known they would end up together? Its a turn of events, a twist in the story, but not a good one. Katara was in love with Jet, but he proved to be a jerk. And then Ang fell in love with Katara, and oh! That gives them a license to look good together…no it does not. Just because Ang likes Katara does not mean they LOOKgood together. Ang looks like a kid, compared to more mature, and reserved, Katara. I was rooting for Zuko and Katara, but Zuko had to get a dry and unimportant girlfriend named Mai. She ruined his image, really. He belonged with someone who shared his firey temper. Besides, Katara and Zuko had some intimate moments that made them seem perfect. The Avatar and Katara was just foul.

RarityIt is absolutely rare. You will not find this anime made by anyone. Not only do they take the four elements, which is common in anime from a magical stand-point, they let the characters control the elements themselves with a form of martial arts. It is also something you would have never seen on Nickelodeon, and yet, it is there. This anime is pretty unique, especially in part to the fact that it is American made. Surprisingly, its good.

story-The story is explained by Katara in the beginning of the show. The four elements lived in harmony, until the fire nation attacked the other elements, the Fire lord leading them. The Avatar was the only one who could stop them, the only individual who controls all elements, but he vanished at the most crucial moment. Katara and Saka found a new Avatar, who was the reincarnation. He had been frozen for 100 years, and so he kept his form as a child. He was still a little hopeless, but Katara believed he could save the world. The story is awesome and just so unique. I really like the exciting episodes, very epic, and the climatic ending, where you hold your breath waiting for something crazy to happen. It is amazing.

writers, producers, directors-They did a fantastic job considering they are Americans. As far as I know, none of the writers have ever done an anime before, so this was a good starter. One did the character design for Family Guy and Invader Zim, but other than that, this was their first anime work. So I have to say I was curious and a little hesitant as to how it would turn out. It was well done.

music choices-The music is traditional Asian/Inuit music. Epic, adventurous, and exciting. It really captures the feeling of the anime. Impressive. It reminds me of a song on Tekken 5 and DR (the temple song if you played the game).

content and messages-There are no negative messages in it. It seems to be a play on Asian and Inuit/Native American culture. The four basic elements are so commonly associated with these cultures, it seems to be the whole idea of the story. The fact that all of the elements come from different areas of the world, it seems meant to tell the audience that these particular areas view the elements as important aspects to their culture. Fire Nation seems to be China, as they might view fire as the strongest and most important element, and they are fighters (not in a martial arts sense, in a bred-for-war sense). Water is always the basic element in Native American culture (I’m 50 percent Native American, I’ll show you the pow wow I attended later) and the other two elements seem to center around Korea or Vietnam. There are references to their cultures that are evident throughout the story. Also, there are four different styles of Martial Arts mentioned in the story. Many different fighting style are present and meant to represent an element.

appeal-I don’t know if the show was meant to appeal to the kiddies, but this show has a wide-ranged audience. Like I said before, many people questioned the way this show would go. But the turn-out was unexpected (like Kingdom Hearts). All different races, ethnic groups, genders, and age groups have said that they liked this anime. There is something there for everyone, also due to the fact that the four main characters are many different ages. Thats why Ang and Katara looked a mess. It’s like a high schooler is about 14, 15, 16 and is kissing a 12 year old (well technically he is over 100 years old, but his body and age froze, so he’s still 12). YUCKEEE!!! Ok, but this had something for everyone.

Cast and characters-The characters are well-developed. Each character represents the element they bend, and if they do not bend, they represent a normal individual. Every character has had on episode that described their background and history. You are able to fall in love with any character you like. Choose your element! So anywho, Ang-lively, youthful (childish to be mean), a little naive, and friendly, did I mention he talks too much?? Katara-Motherly, quiet, shy, emotional, sensitive, reserved, talented, spiritual, and patient (crybaby to be mean and loves to preach). Tauft-Firm, stubborn, tough (tomboy to be mean, almost manly), a good listener, and laid-back, slow to anger really. Zuko-He used to be the villain. He’s hot-tempered, head-strong, impatient, strong-willed, strong and athletic, and just an angry individual. He holds grudges, but he’s not afraid of much, and he speaks his mind. he’s also impulsive. Saka-Katara’s brother, who does not bend, but he’s a warrior. He’s funny, loves food and women, and is stupid, to be mean. The cast are spectacular. They got the perfect people to play the characters. Great voice-actors. It doesn’t seem fake, like I know that these aren’t their real voices, and someone famous is playing them…But I see Jack DeSena from All That plays Saka, and The guy from American Dragon plays Zuko! (Can you tell? I can’t!)

Well, thats my review on Avatar. If you all have any questions, comments, concerns, or requests, you can check out http://animejournal.diaryland.com OR email me at soraworldseen@hotmail.com. Saturday is SPREAD THE NEWS SATURDAY, meaning tell anyone you can about my journal.

~Over and Out~


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