UPDATES!!! Detective Conan youtube celeb vid B.Scott and Fred!!!

3 May

Okay, as I’ve talked about many things on Animejournal including anime, I’m going to give you updates on certain things that I’ve found to be really great news/vids etc…so first up, the DC update, one of my favorite animes. New info on the OVA 9 Strangers in 10 years. They finally have a preview of it! WooooHOOOO!!!! I’m excited!!!! JUNE 12, 2009 people!!!!!!!!! And some serious Shiho/Shinichi moments FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE SHOW!!!! This is going to be soooo awesome!!!!

Pretty cool! DC fans and anime fans alike you might want to see this one!



Okay, two new vids, one from B.Scott and one from Fred! Two hilarious individuals!!!! Check it out!!!!

B.Scott always keeps it real and personally I don’t like Bow Wow AT ALL!! One time we went to see Bow Wow personally and he threw his food at his cook claiming his eggs weren’t cooked right. He threw the glass plate at his cook! I can understand if you are unsatisfied with your food, and you go a little overboard to prove your displeasure by blowing up at the cook. But throwing a glass plate at someone is down-right ignorant and ungrateful. So I can see Bow wow being ignorant to anyone.

Next info is Fred..

*All Audiences*

Fred is hilarious! He is soooo funnny crazy! He’s funny in a weird sort of way. If you like people who do funny voices and say funny stuff about life with it, then this is it.

*Parental Guidance advised for children under 12*

Another youtube celebrity vid called Celebrity Overnight is made to show us, the viewers, how to be a youtube celebrity. My cousin introduced this to me (missjonas on here) and I’ve been hooked since! Its funny like the others.

Something funny and intresting for the animejournal fans. Hope you enjoy ppl!

~Over and Out~


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