Wolverine Movie Review 9/10

3 May

Okay, Friday night at 10:05 pm, opening night, with all of the dressed up fans, I went to see Wolverine, that new X-men movie. I’m sure as an anime fan, I can’t miss up talking about good-old American super hero movies and cartoons that derived from our American comics. My love for any manga or anime started with comics. Lets say that this movie was for the fans. Yes, it was definitely for the fans. This movie had all of the characters that surround the X-men universe. wolf man with the claws, his strong brother, laser-eyed boy, hypnotizing woman, man with the knives, electricity guy, guy who teleports, and you get the picture. This review is going to be about how great this is compared to all of the other stories from comics. What makes this movie unique from the others? It IS dedicated to the fans. I’m sorry, but lately I have been displeased with the way the hero and epic movies for Fox have gone. They truly sucked. But, it was half-way because they were too busy working on this movie. This movie was great. All of the characters that were needed were present. Although it wasn’t all of the xmen, it still didn’t need them either (unlike chun-li). The only whack part was the romance, and this isn’t coming from my point of view as I really didn’t mind it this time. I thought it was cool she had powers, but she did kind of make him lose his tough image. My mother, who knows a little about x-men, didn’t like it. And she loves romance. So strike one for the movie, but other than that a fun time!!!!! It was exciting and thrilling in most parts. It isn’t anything you wouldn’t expect from any normal super hero movie: action, suspense, etc. However, this truly stuck out when it came to casting. Everyone looked like everyone. People clapped at the end! Fans were excited during the movie at who showed up. I do feel that some characters had little screen-time to show their skills. (Like teleportation dude had just decided to follo with Wolverine and then he suddenly died like in the next scene practically. Not many of the characters joined in the final battle. What I liked about it (and you’ll find out more about this obsession of mine at the end of the month) was the many war battles in history in the credits. Its shown in the trailer, but trust me, that is not the movie. The movie will further explain what it is. I haven’t heard anyone say this movie is far from the actual comics/series, then again, who cared after seeing Wolverine playing his role well? Too bad the movie came out at a time the Bulls were playing their life and death game on Saturday (for Chicago fans). There might have been more viewers for the movie if the Bulls hadn’t actually beat the celts and made it this far…..surprise, surprise….

~Over and Out~


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