Mad TV funnies!!!! lol

4 May

Okay, this is dedicated to Mad TV! Yes! My friend introduced me to some characters on Mad TV that are out of this world. I’ve watched many different episodes, but my favorite ones are Miss Swan, Bon Qui Qui, and Can I get yo numba? These are the most hilarious vids I’ve ever seen. If you know about Mad TV, you know it is funny without much profanity like Saturday Night Live or anything else. It is pure laughter. I love live studio audience performances like All That. Yall know from my last entry. So check out some vids that i found to be hilarious.

Bon Qui Qui

Welcome to King Burger, you can have it your way, but don’t get crazy! Black people are so ignorant, but it’s funnnnyyy!!!!! Because that is how they act on the job for real. For all of you white people, Asian people, Indian, everybody who ain’t black, this is us. Isn’t that a shame? You go to any other neighborhood, you get the service you deserve. Black hood? Never right. Trust me, I live in one (I live in the black hood of Chicago).


Miss Swan!!! Babababy!

Miss Swan is hilarious! I love her!!! How many people can pull that off! This is funny! She has many more episodes that you can watch!


Can I get yo numba?

Ladies, ever have this problem? Well, I’m sure not to this extent. This guy is beyond annoying! Check it out!


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