Past Adventures..Pow Wow, Key West, Wicked

4 May

Pow WOW!

Ok, I mentioned that I would talk about the Pow Wow I attended. As I mentioned before, I am 50% Native American (Blackfeet tribe) but I have other tribes like Shoshone, Cherokee (who doesn’t in America), Pottawatomie, and Utah. I’m mostly Blackfeet. So last year, i was invited by the Ho-Chunk Sports center (the own the land in Lansing, IL) to go to a Pow Wow June 5. I have to say it was one of the most memorable events that I’ve been to. I truly felt cultured and refined. I first-off, felt special to be apart of it. And my sister even took part in the inter-tribal dance! I met some people from Wisconsin, Idaho, mostly from the west. They were wearing very colorful apparel.

I was truly impressed. It was a big party on the floor! A large gathering of many different tribes. They had food, some traditional, and some new. I saw some really good items and artifacts there as well. I saw a real buffalo horn (worth 4 million dollars!!!! might I add) and a real eagle feather-fan (1 million smackers) and fine beaded jewelry, purses, scarves, and woolen ponchos. I even saw a family shield which, in the old days was meant to show what family lived in a specific tepee, just like we have addresses today. That was really cool and interesting!

I talked to a 7ft tall man and he told me about his ancestors and how he got his wife to take part in the dances. At first she thought it was boring, because she didn’t understand the dances and she didn’t take part (the dances are like a game. There are even contests). But when she kept coming, she began to like them, and now she’s one of the main dancers. I wish I could take part! But that means i’d have to travel. Getting on an airplane is no problem for me, especially not taking the bus, as I’ve done that 5 times. But getting someone to take me to an airport, or bus station is the problem. My current car situation isn’t in favor of me right…I’m a mess with that. But I now have so much respect for my Native American background. Like I said in one of my older entries, i have an obsession I have to mention at the end of the month…

Key West..YES

Have any of you been to Key West, Florida? Yea, its an island off the coast of Florida. And yes, you have to take a bridge to go over there. Might I add that it is EXPENSIVE. But we were going there for a wedding. A wedding in key largo?

you know what that means…lets…get..DRUNK! No, because someone was going to have to drive home in a foreign place. So I had one, not many. BUT everyone else did get drunk. No offense to any Causcasians, but white people love to get DRUNK! That is when they let it all loose! I couldn’t believe it! It was fun though. It was EXPENSIVE, with food that I wouldn’t normally eat on a regular basis. Then again, who was paying again? Not I. it was a wedding. But I had to make sure the gift was equally as expensive…well, i don’t think my gift matched that price. The person got married on a dock. They took a cruise there and docked off in Key West, and then got married! Woa, talk about a beautiful wedding! Only the most important people were there, mind you. I was the only black person there. Its a shame. Black people don’t know how to go beyond their horizons and explore and save to travel. They only know how to juke…

so anyway, it was beautiful. the food was fresh sea food, if there is such a thing. It was the most ritzy wedding I’ve ever been too. And hey, i had a shisnick time!

Afterwards, the next day, we went shopping at the stores (I hate shopping) and it was hot. So we (my mother, twin sister, and I) took a boat across the ocean off Key West, and guess what we came across? A REAL PIRATE SHIP!

It was an old one, but geez! I thought they were coming to attack us, but it was to let people experience what a real pirate ship was like in the past. they explained some info about pirates and key west. but Key West is not only known for notorious pirates, who had a smuggling operation there, it is known a gay city. There were so many gays down there, that I felt out of place because I’m not. They would walk butt-naked in the street at night. So we were a little reluctant to take a cab, but we did. because we missed our shuttle to the hotel. it was a mess. so, that being said, we decided to double back to Miami to visit our friends down there (we’ve been there 3 TIMES! and Disney 5 times, because I love Disney, don’t you?). So that was a pretty hectic trip. If I say fun, I might be lying to myself…well, it wasn’t boring, just not pleasant with the mother around. I’m grown, and she just sometimes embarrasses me by treating me like a child in FRONT OF OTHERS!! I’m too old for her. She still tries to dictate what i should wear, I mean really…Even for my own graduation and my OWN FRIEND’S party! It’s annoying. It really is. I just feel like blowing UP at her one day, but I know I still live here. So as long as I do, she will rule the roost..for now…I had to choose between prom and key west…what would you have chose?? Most people would say prom. I said KEY WEST!!


Have any of you seen this? I saw it downtown (I live in Chicago) at the Oriental theater, and man was that the best play I’ve seen in my life (I saw Color purple, and..i’ll keep my comments to myself) But Wicked was fye!!! i mean I was really into it. I think it is better than Wizard of Oz. First off, the Witch of the West is my favorite character. To have the Good Witch of the North be an antagonist is so twisted and cool that I felt myself hate her in the Wizard of Oz story. But she was funny, so I gave her her props for that. she was a bimbo. After this play, i listened to the soundtrack and read all of the books. I REALLY wanted a t-shirt, but it was so darn EXPENSIVE! I’m cheap, i know. But if i can find deals, I will. But I just thought to myself "i’ll get it online…" That didn’t end up happening. So I wish I had gotten an AUTHENTIC shirt. If I had the money I do now, I would’ve, it was getting close to graduation and the money was going to that. But thats no excuse to me! My favorite part of it, not to spoil it, was


When the Wicked witch of the west levitated into the air and flew! That was awesome! I also like when one of the teachers made a tornado blow to bring Dorothy to Oz so she could kill The Witchofthewest because she didn’t believe in a facist idea that the world needed to be built higher and the cities needed to take over countries, and that the animals (even cowardly lions) needed to be put in zoos. It was pretty deep, deeper than the original story, but charming all the same. The ending was weird to me…Scarecrow and the witch of the west dating?? lol

So thats a day in the life of SOME of my adventures last year. I have plenty more this year. My mom claims I don’t do enough….hmmm…well, I went skating yesterday and saw wolverine friday, and the day before that I went to school, so…i don’t know. I consider myself a busy individual. But, hey, it’s all about perspective…

~Over and Out~


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