Dragon Ball Z Review 9/10

8 May

Yes…you know it…Dragonball Z, commonly known as dbz http://www.dbz-zone.org/dragonballz.php. I grew up with the Dragonball series and even had a club…but thats a long story. I was obsessed with this anime (and thats why it so unfortunate the outcome of the movie because it doesn’t give db a good name). But the anime is pure classic and just awesome. This time, I’m only reviewing one part. This is my favorite part. If I rate the other versions, I’ll choke. Also, this has many seasons in itself. i liked Dragonball, but I felt Z had a stronger storyline, and just all of the coolest fighters you could ever find. I feel this Naruto thing reminds me of Dragonball. The popularity, the fighting, and the over dramatic brawls. ya know, "That power…that IMMENSE POWER!" sort of thing. It was my first game for the PS2 when it first came out, and I swear I wouldn’t miss an episode. I even miss the Indianapolis State Fair to watch this everyday. If I went out, I had to be back in time to see this. My mother began to complain that I was obsessed. All I talked about was this anime. Kingdom Hearts took me out of that faze, but it is still a close anime dear to my own heart. So I’m going to review this based on saga, since each saga offered something special to me. There are three Dragonballs: the original, Dragonball Z, and GT (which I felt sucked horribly, and disappointed me greatly). So Z is my choice which had about 16 sagas/seasons if you will, but some are considered combined depending on the story. So I break it down into four. I have four main sagas.

Saiyan Saga-The first saga to the Dragonball Z series was about Vegeta’s entrance (one of my favorite characters) and the arrival of Raditz. Vegeta was a heartless Saiyan Prince and Raditz was a soldier. Apparently, Goku (Kakarate, as Vegeta calls him) was supposed to destroy planet Earth. But those plans foiled a while ago in Dragon ball when Goku hit his head and forgot his mission and the fact that he was evil…so, that being said, the Saiyans were back and bent on destroying the planet. In this saga you can find the ape the Saiyans love to turn into, some serious Saiyan history, and Vegeta’s grand entrance. Its a good beginning for Z. I love the proud Saiyan race. They remind me of animals…so that being said, I liked this saga a lot. Do you all remember when Goku first met King Kai? That was some of my favorite parts when he was trying to return to earth but he had to go through all of this training. But there was one good thing he got out of it: Spirit Bomb Attack! I don’t feel this saga is as epic as the others, but it’s still just as enjoyable for the ride. So it gets a 9/10 from me.

Ginyu and Frieza Saga-What I love about these two sagas is the battle. I feel the battles had so much varity in this saga and just the fact that the fighters were on a different planet besides Earth makes it all the more enjoyable. Namek is an interesting planet, home of the dragon balls btw, and just a breeding ground for obstacles. It seems like almost every villain gathered there to get those gosh darn dragon balls. I always look at them as one whole Frieza saga, but really they are two different sagas, they just take place on the same planet. I extremely love the Frieza saga for super saiyan. Who doesn’t? That was just the battle of the century for Goku. Anyone who watches Dragon ball z knows that Goku gets a new upgrade every saga, but this one took the cake and ate it back in the day. The Ginyu force was funny to me. Some seemed very strange…well all were strange, but I mean fruity strange…sugary..do you get my driff? So that gang was wiped down quick. (Doesn’t it seem like it takes forever for Goku to arrive to fight? And after everyone is bruised and killed too. Then it takes a whole episode to power up, another 10 minutes to talk smack, and then the battle. Its really epic and dramatic. But definitely unique. This saga was one of my favorites and goes in the memorabilia. 9/10

Trunks, Androids, and Cell- These are my ultimate FAVORITE sagas! I love these sagas! So many cool things happened. So many twisted plotline stories. And finally a new kind of hero besides Goku. This was step into the next generation and a step into the future. This was the first time we met Trunks, yours truly’s son (lol) and had a glimpse into Bulma’s future. More importantly, more super saiyans. And Androids (shivers). Powerful Androids! Finally a strong z fighter that is a woman, and not a complainer! Android 18! Cell, one of the strongest villains in the universe, was cut-throat, not allowing anybody to stand in his way, even innocent people. He would wipe out whole towns. I also liked Dr. Gero and his sidekick. Just many, many different things that made this such a wild adventure, and a fun and on-the-edge time! This was the season that made me LOVE dragonball z to its fullest. this is when I became a true-blue fan. This was just awesome. After watching just these vids you have to admit that this was just an amazing addition to the dbz universe. 10/10

Majin Buu, Fusion, and Kid Buu-These four sagas are pretty good. My only complaint, which I’m sure many agree, was Gohan. I feel they made him lame in this last version. He was a beater in the cell saga, but this one? Saiyaman? Nah! And I don’t like Hercule or Videl so that hurt the show. I felt that this did not meet up to my expectations and didn’t meet up to the standards of the original sagas. It was lacking somewhere, and I can’t pinpoint it. But there were some good moments. Fusion was weird, but totally cool and unique. I was doing it with my friends in school, ya know the poses. But we didn’t fuse…and hey Buu was the only villain to destroy Earth, so that gives him goon points. He’s not my favorite villain, but he’s pretty decent as a villain. He holds his own. Also there are cooler Vegeta moments, you can take that the way you want it…Vegeta is one of my favorite characters. That episode when Goku and Vegeta went insides that body and…long story, but if u saw it, u know what I mean. Then Pan enters as the first female saiyan, so thats pretty cool. Everyone was popping out babies by this season, a new generation of fighters. Oh well, this saga beats GT by about a million grams of gold. And Vegeta trying to crack a joke is priceless…lol 8/10

So thats my review on Dragon Ball Z. I really liked the first few sagas/seasons/versons of dbz. I felt the last few got weaker. Maybe because of the new generation, or maybe because Gohan became lame, and went to school to be a doctor rather than fight. But all-in-all DBZ was still one of the greatest parts to the DB series and it was one of the greatest animes shown on television. Now it seems like all the animes imitate the intense fighting, epic battles, and dramatic power-ups and upgrades, though, no one can imitate the character development and the adventure quite the same way. it would just be another DB anime. The legacy lives on online, so check this one out, definitely.

~Over and Out~


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