The day I was born…..May 9…….

9 May

Okay, today is my birth day, the day I was born, considering I don’t celebrate my birthday. But I am a day older. I was born, and guess my age, May, 9, 1990…won’t tell you my age, but if you guess right, you get to dare me to watch anything or do anything, and I’ll post it up. Anywho, there’s this site that tells you your birthday profile, ruling planets, sign, and personality. I don’t believe in sign, but I do believe the day you’re born and the season can have an affect on how you act.
My personality is this for all those born on May 9, this applies to you:
Your personal ruling planets are Venus and Mars.

Strength of mind and will are your key powers. You are governed by the bold and energetic Mars which brings to the fore your active, passionate and impulsive nature. You do not like laziness of any sort so work and physical activity are a favourite with you!!

Sometimes you appear to be rather blunt in your responses and opinions. It is absolutely essential for you to listen more to others’ views to improve your relationships. You are a born fighter and never given in but you may take that fighting spirit into your relationships and find yourself in a constant state of upheaval.

Be more generous with your money and try releasing your aggression with sport and psychical activity.

Your sympathetic nature is often not recognised but nevertheless there.

Your lucky colours are red, maroon and scarlet and autumn tones.

Your lucky gems are red coral and garnet.

Your lucky days of the week are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 9, 18, 27, 36. 45, 54, 63, 72.

Famous people born on your birthday include James Barrie, Mike Wallace, Albert Finney, Candice Bergen, Billy Joel and Hudson Leick.

Blunt in opinions? That must be the reason I have a journal…I need to express my opinions without outwardly offending someone….My money is mine…yep, I’m selfish. I need to give. Actually, I’m more cheap… So this is me today, but I have a b-day special for myself on my favorite thing in the world, so it’s coming…..

Did i mention I was an identical twin? So I share this day with someone else….

~Over and Out~

I was looking decent! YaY!


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