Detective Conan-All you can Watch Buffet!!!!

15 May

Detective Conan-All you can watch Buffet!
Okay for all of you DC fans that can’t seem to find that Detective Conan episode you’ve been looking for. I finally found a TV that has most of all of your favorite episodes, and it is created by DCTP. All DC fans know who they are right? Right?? If not, then I will inform you. They are the biggest fan subbing group in the whole world and they have their own sight. Lets rephrase. They are the the biggest most ACCURATE fan subbing site in the world, and they usually sub all episodes in a timely matter. They don’t require a cost either. But they do ask for good translators. If you didn’t read any older posts, then this is their website

To continue, I’ve watched almost every episode on this thing that they call a TV. And it has all movies, OVAs, and Life Action Dramas, except the ones that just recently came out or are coming out on DVD later. But they have majority of them up to 525 or 526 I believe?? :/ But whatever. Browse and find some episodes. This post may not last long as either later or tomorrow, I’ll be posting more about animes. I’m also going out of town this weekend, so some new adventures begin. did you read my old summer adventures? you haven’t?? Well, then mosy on over to the older entries and read all about it! Now…to the good stuff!!!!


It’s like an all you can watch buffet, right?

~Over and Out~



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