Utada gives the US a treat from Kingdom Hearts!!!!!

17 May

Utada Gives the US a Treat from Kingdom Hearts!!!!!
Okay, I had to interfere with another journal entry to make this announcement. Of course, if you don’t already know since I’m so late (I’m behind do to finals and traveling) then I’m going to have to announce the release of Utada’s hard copy album "This is the One." I also heard that some of her promotional schemes have been postponed (I’m not sure if that applies to the release of the CD) so if you were looking for her to arrive in your hometown, she might come a little late….okay, but aside from the bad news, there’s also good news due to the fact that some of Utada’s fans had to wait for the hard-copy to come out, while other fans already have the downloaded songs from itunes. So whats the big and grand news?

For all of you Kingdom Hearts fans and fans of her original Japanese work, she has released three new bonus tracks from the kingdom hearts series and from her best-selling albums: Simple and Clean, Sanctuary (opening) and (closing)! And this is the first time Sanctuary has been released on any album. In Japan, it was released as Passion, now it is our very own! And I know the fans will be happy because so many fans begged her to release songs from over there over here and have even bought the CD thinking that Kingdom Hearts songs will be on the album. Now they finally have their wish, it just makes the people who bought it from itunes kind of mad because we were looking for it too. But I guess that is what we get for not being patient.

So go out and buy the album people. You can buy it currently at Amazon for $5!! (Thats a deal if there ever is one). And hopefully we also get the music videos and things, and she gets a lot of support. Remember what I said about my Asian Artists?? If you don’t, take your behind to the older entries and hear my rant!!! 😉 Okay! http://www.amazon.com/This-One-Utada/dp/B0026LYM8C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1242139807&sr=8-1

~Over and Out~

Here are the tracks from Utada’s album! Hope you like them enough to purchase the album or at least part of the album.

This Is the One


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