Queen of Pop-Who is it?

18 May

I was thinking about this some time ago when me and my friends got into a debate about who is the reigning queen of pop. Many people started spitting out names (not including any overseas artists). Then we got over a debate about the most influential artist from the past, like from the 50s to the 80s. then we got into a debate about the most popular group artists. Yea, it was a pretty looong but interesting debate. Of course we’ve narrowed the top artists down to 4, the top artists from America’s past to 3, and the top pop groups from the 90s to 2. Part I, II, III.

Queen of Pop Nominees

Britney Spears

Everyone around the world knows Britney Spears, right? She was definitely one that we concluded had been titled the Queen of pop before, but we couldn’t decide if she was the ultimate queen. She has sold over a billion copies of her CDs, which have all mostly gone platinum, which is at least six CDs. Britney has had dolls, been an actress in movies, guest stared in many tv shows, has had several interviews, and has several "imitations" around the world (haven’t you noticed that any famous female that sells over a million copies is compared to Britney Spears?) and she is an idol for good and for raunchy. She is both pretty and slutty. She is who you want her to be. Britney had her breaking point about 2-3 years ago after some scandals and a bad marriage and it just seemed like the end of her career…from the outside looking in you would think it was the end of her career. But no. It didn’t matter how crazy the media made her seem, it just made her sell more! She still makes billions. And even songs that people claim AREN’T her "breakthrough" songs make billions of dollars! Her music is catchy, her dance moves are almost flawless, and she looks like every person’s dreamgirl (who didn’t want her toned body?), minus the wig.

Janet Jackson

The Jackson reign is supreme period. Janet Jackson was the first female pop/r&b artist to even have the dance moves, and let me just say she is always on point with her moves. She has not lost the precision with her moves! And she can dance to the slowest of songs. Her popularity has reached past three generations:80s, 90s, and the new century. It doesn’t matter if she has any scandals either, she’ll still be a Jackson. And the fact that she started the trend of new-age music and dancing, she continues to set trends and lead the way with hot new music. And her music has meaning! ooo! Amazing, right? She has sold millions of copies world-wide and who doesn’t know the Jackson family? I bet you people in Antarctica, towards the South Pole (if such people exist) know who Janet Jackson is. People in space know the Jackson family (if such people exist). Many today and even in the 80s and 90s imitated the dance and catchy tunes, but no one can do it like them. So if Micheal is the King of Pop, it’s only fair to dub Janet the Queen of pop, right?….


And how old is she?…You would think too old to sing. and yet almost every year, she has never disappointed her large and growing fan base. The freaky, eccentric, screaming-for-attention pop idol has been ruling her crown for definitely over 20 years. And every year, she has kept a steady rhythm on the charts. she’s never gives too much and never gives too little, and so has been able to maintain her fans. Plus, she’s a freak. everyone loves the wild and crazy no matter what generation because they can always expect wild and crazy. It’s the easiest route to go for a singer. Start off as a sex icon and by the time you get older, no one won’t look at you like an innocent little girl. Madonna doesn’t have to keep up a pretty little rep. she already has a naughty one…but wait she has to keep that one up..but who cares? she’s been around so long, she can do whatever she wants. And she’s managed to capture the hearts not just of the older generation, but of this deranged newer generation as well! If that’s not a pop icon i don’t know what is. and you know, I have faith that she will be famous and popular until she dies. Thats how much of an icon she is. I don’t think she will EVER play out like other icons have. Now, there are so many singers trying to imitate her wild style *coughs*Gwen Stefani and Lady GaGa*coughs* and so she remains a nominee.


Watch Destiny’s Child – Survivor (with Intro) in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

A true diva: she’s got the look, the voice, and the moves to be a pop and r&b icon. Beyonce is a big icon in the music industry, but she is also known as an actress, a doll, a part of Destiny’s Child, and many successful albums and awards. Obviously, she didn’t need Destiny’s Child to be a success. Really, they needed her. People only liked the group for Beyonce and didn’t miss them when they were gone. She is a big celeb, and every song she comes out is a big-selling hit. Even if the song truly sucks, it will never suck TRULY…does that make sense?? Anywho, the girl is the image of a true diva, and another reason she has a song called "Diva."

Well, that’s part I. I would like to see the vote between readers. Who is your favorite?




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