Detective Loki Ragnorak Review 9/10

19 May

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Okay, this next anime is very intense and also interesting. It is based around a lot of interesting mythology facts. I also think the characters development is fascinating. It is really dark, mysterious, and everything in between. When I first heard the title from my sis, I didn’t know what to expect. I almost thought it was rip-off of Detective Conan. But when I saw it, I realized the title was an exaggeration of what it really was about. the Detective stories come from paranormal activity, rather than actual events that the police uncover. It is more sci-fi and philosophical than logical. Very mysterious and interesting. So I’m going to review it based on the following things: Story, characters, content/messages, detail and art, music. Any objections? Okay, lets begin!


1) Story- the story is based on Norse mythology and it is about a God named Loki who was banished from the world of the Gods and lives on Earth as a Detective to find other Gods and uncover strange happenings. He meets a girl named Mayura, who is obsessed with mysteries and the occult, though kind of childish in demeanor and freaks out when real cases do happen. She’s a ditz, but the coolest girl on there. She’s actually got tough skin and "mucksy." So he is stuck with her solving strange cases and finding Gods who are also on the earth. If you know the story of Norse mythology, you know where some of it is going, though the human intereferes strongly. He is trying to regain his spot with the Gods, but in the end of the anime, that spot is questioned as he grown fond of Mayura…



characters-The character development is strongly based on Norse mythology, though Loki was changed form his original personality in the manga. Loki is meant to be mischievous, but he’s calm and mature, though he looks like a child. Reya and Freya like him (they are the same girl, Freya just took the form of Reya) and so in Norse mythology she fell in love with him. Might I also add that a lot of girls fall in love with Loki…he even has a so-called "wife" who helped him create some creatures that he lives with. He’s just cute and really cute when in his true form, older form. But the characters aren’t a large cast, but often mysterious and interesting. I find mayura the most fascinating considering she is ditzy, but tough, and doesn’t believe in God, though she likes the occult. I feel Mayura and Loki make a good couple, though some people say Raiya because she’s a little girl form like Loki and also based on Norse mythology, Fraiya loved Loki. But you know me, I feel nothing destined should determine a good romance. Just because in the story of norse mythology it happened, doesn’t mean it should happen in a whole new anime.


Content/message-Like I said, it is strongly based on Norse mythology. If you go to the anime message boards, it’s about mythology! A story the Gods, or Viking mythology, Scandinavian mythology. Like the Vikings believed in the God of war, and carrying on. So it is based on European historical ideas on the Gods and religion. But it is very intense and deep. but I don’t think it’s meant to educate us, rather show us how the Gods can be affected by human behavior.

detail and art-It is like all modern Japanese style anime-long and lanky characters, huge eyes, and oddly shaped and colored. You can tell the old stuff from the new, can’t you/ This is a new-age anime, and it is pretty obvious. The art is eerie, and goes well with the feel of the anime. Semi-gothic.

Music-Hard-core blasting rock, or eerie music. Definitely fits the mood. I feel the music is great and want to get the soundtrack. It’s really cool.


Overall, I feel this anime is very good. It is fairly new, so things may change, and so far it is been one of the shortest animes I’ve seen. So it has the capacity to become something great in the near future, since everyone seems to be in favor of gothis or occult things…..

~Over and Out~




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