Ranma 1/2 Review 10/10

19 May

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Okay I really love the anime Ranma 1/2 for several reasons. It is funny! It is cool! and it isn’t too intense and serious. My twin sis got me into this. When she first heard about Ranma, she got the manga from the library, and got into it. Then she found out there was an anime, and she was so thrilled! So, she told me to watch it as a mandatory requirement, and I gave her some suggestions for animes. So I watched it, and I loved it immediately fell in love with this anime. I’m going to do this review based on the animejournal style of reviewing (if you haven’t read that entry, head over there and check it out some time). So here it goes. Ready? Lets’ begin!

Romance-Obviously, this is the center of many problems in Ranma 1/2. But this is not just any romantic issue, it is a crazy and wacky issue. First off Ranma is the betrothed fiance of Akane, who has many kooky lovers, including a guy who is the best fighter in school, "pii-chan" who is Rioga and the rival of Ranma, and the Ranma has three girls chasing him: his childhood friend, Shampoo, and the Black Rose. And some blind guy who is in love with Shampoo. then a doctor who is in love with Akane’s sister, but Akane had a crush on him all this time. All of the ones in love with Akane and Ranma are wacko. But in the end, a surprising twist comes with the romance. The fiances, who dislike each other strongly, never get along, and constantly bicker and fight, end up being the cutest, strongest, and most awesome couple in the anime! They fight throughout the episode, but in the end, they grow some new respect for each other and grow fond of each other daily. Whats so funny is the fact that they’re already fiances, so the story is interesting, and they are in a battle to stay together…not to mention the fact that Ranma turns into a girl because he fell in an ancient spring water pool in China. So you know that makes for quite an interesting relationship. It’s cool and funny!

Rarity-Is the story rare? yes, it is! Not many stories have the character development. It is strongly centered around character development. Of course, the characters aren’t meant to be rare, but meant to be common, which it makes it rare! You will never see a repeat of something like this, and of someone decides to make a guy turn into a girl, it is largely associated with Ranma 1/2. Even Adult Swim knows that…

Story-Okay the story is about Ranma is betrothed by his father to Akane Tendo, just after he fell in a spring and turned into a girl, and his father fell with him and turned into a panda. He isn’t quite fond of his fiance because she is very tough, tomboyish, and argues with Ranma all the time. But eventually, they learn to be more of a couple. Of course, many interferences arrive to break them a part. But through the study of Martial Arts, this pair is able to understand one another (?) and prove their love for one another. The slogan is "In Martial Arts, anything goes." The story also centers around anything martial arts, including tennis martial arts, ice skating, etc (?). It’s a comedy and meant to make fun of anime stories about martial arts and any Japanese story. The anime is set up like an average anime to make fun of an average anime, therefore creating a rare and unique, and funny anime that is worth seeing.

writers, producers, directors-Not to mention that a woman made this story (geez, I must be biased. I only gave a 10/10 to animes made by women!) I just found this out today, but so be it. This is a really good work of hers. She has some other good works, but this is her greatest work and her biggest as well. All worked well to make this a success, that’s why I don’t understand why Adult Swim refuses to air it! But it’s their preference.

Content/messages-The message behind it, I feel, is to make fun of animes. It is an anime to tease how most animes are like, and the reason I made the journal entry before this one. I was watching this and thinking about what is common in anime. After seeing this, I fell out in laughter because it is so true. The underlying message is just that you can have so many crazy things in an anime that seem completel crazy, and never know how it ruins the anime or helps it become successful, if that makes any sense.

Characters-As I said before, the character development is a strong department for this anime/manga. Everyone is wacko in some way. Ranma is the fiance from China who doesn’t get a long with his fiance, and can turn into a girl, and has lovers chasing him down, and can fight martial arts well which is to make fun of main character boys in anime. Akane is the tomboy girl, who rivals with the boy, who bickers with her fiance, gets her hair cut, and is just angry and jealous all the time. She of course feels bad about herself. Then there’s Ranma’s childhood friend who is in love with Ranma and is pretty, making fun of that. Then there’s Shampoo who speaks broken Japanese because she’s from China, and she has a guy chasing her who is blind. Then Ranma’s rival Rioga, who has a bad sense of direction, and also fell into the spring and turns into a cute little pig who Akane loves, and now he rivals for her love. the the black Rose who is sister to the main guy in love with Akane, and their a weird family. It’s just a total mad house if I keep going. Not to mention, Ranma is a long anime (not as long as Detective Conan, but…) and so there are many characters over the span of time that add to the zing of the anime.

So that’s my review and my throw-down on the anime. It’s a must-see anime and I think it is very well made, funny, and entertaining. It’s something that I feel anyone can watch, though there are some over-rated moments, but whatever. It’s still cool.

~Over and Out~


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