What ISN’T rare in anime….

19 May

There are top six things that are NOT rare in an anime. You ever watched an anime and saw a parallel from another anime? Trust me, it’s probably the norm, and you’ll see it in all other animes too. They may not be in all animes, but you’ll find it in most, even the most hard-core of animes. These are the top six things you can find in almost ANY anime:

6. Furry animals/little monster-Someone always has a furry animal or cute little weird monster with them, someone who follows around with the main character, and is sooo cute! Right? Well, it is common in every anime. There are the most unnoticeable compared to the humans, but their usually funny (like the Mokona in Holic or Tsubasa).

5. Shrines/spiritual places-The use of shrines is so common in anime! Or any spiritual place, even in something about mysteries like Detective Conan, or even in Naruto. Even in Dragon Ball Z! It is because it is a part of Japanese culture, ancient culture, to remember the spirits and the ancestry of the ones who’ve passed on. It’s like a spiritual place, like churches in the US or mosques in other lands. It is ONLY right to add it in something Japanese, especially if it’s being sent to the US. They need to represent! Also, it makes for a very eerie and interesting story! Doesn’t it? It’s always so weird….

4. Dramatic expressions-This is basically how you know it is an anime. Dramatic expressions are the main dish! Falling out, blushing red, yelling with a wide mouth, and dramatic runs is the main course of the anime meal! Really, it is just how you decipher the anime from a regular cartoon. Dramatic words fit with it. Even when a guy looks nder a girl’s skirt, peeks in on someone, or drools over another girl and a girl comes out with a huge hammer, it is all a part of the show.

3. Traditional Japanese clothing-At least in one episode or more, someone is wearing traditional Japanese clothing. Someone is going to some festival, or is trying to act in a movie, or going to some shrine (the other common one). You will see the kimonos and the robes and just the whole look is common. Why? Because it is also a part of Japanese culture and represents! So….ya, you’ll see this often.

2. Rivalry/Competition-You will always see rivalry or competition between SOMEONE. Someone has been rival for years, meets up and hates the other OR hates that that person gets all of the attention, and no one else does Or…just something that stirs up competition or rivalry. You will always find this common. And even if there isn’t rivalry, there is always some sort of competition in ANY anime (not just fighting or battling, but sometimes singing or beauty contests!).

1. The number one thing you can find in an anime is childhood friends. It has been a part of Japanese Fairy Tales for countless of generations, and continues in animes. Not just for romances, but for rivalries, regular friendships, it’s just there! It’s the most common relationship or pair in an anime! Very common! Try watching every anime, and see if you DON’T see it. You will.

So those are the top six things you can find in anime. If you have any other ones that you thought of, email me at soraworldseen@hotmail.com OR comment on my other journal animejournal2.livejournal.com OR send me a note about my journal from the diaryland members page.

~Over and Out~

NOTE: Check out http://www.tvtropes.org and type in your favorite anything to see the obvious and repetitive things you’d find in any anime. It’s a pretty cool website and mentions more.


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