XXXHolic Review 10/10 (rare from me, yes)

19 May

Oh, this is a review of one of my most favorite animes eva!!!! XXXHolic is one of the most intense animes and mind-boggling animes I’ve seen. Not many people can handle this anime, as you need to be smart to watch something this intense (and most people are idiots and just want to watch an anime that doesn’t require using your brain, if there is such a thing ;)) and so this anime is one of my ultimate favorites and is really good. But that is not why I give it the rating I give it (Detective Conan is one of my favorites but it did not get a 10/10 from me). It’s because there is no way no one can’t feel satisfied watching this anime to the very end. Also, anyone can watch this and should. Any age, gender, race, ethnicity, it’s just enjoyable…well, if you can understand it.So I’m going to go over the following things: story, characters, writers, music, content/message, and appeal. Ready to roll? Lets do it!

Story-The story begins with Watanuki (an Eriole replica) who has spirits chasing him.. He happens to stumble upon a shop, that turns out to be no ordinary shop, but a shop where anyone’s desires can be granted. Yuko, the mistress of the shop grants the wishes of those who have strong desires or obsessions. So Watanuki was drawn into the shop, granted his wish in exchange for something of "equal value" and was forced to work for Yuko. But him working for Yuko gave him the biggest education of all of the world of "-holics." Now he encounters many paranormal experiences. And through Yuko he realizes how crazy the world really is. The story varies from episode to episode. There’s a new story or circumstance in each episode. It is always interesting, fascinating, or very strange and paranormal. The stories are well-developed, and teaches a intense lesson in the end. It really makes you think. Oh, and no fairy tale ending. It’s too dark and mysterious for that. Romance is unreachable for the main character because of paranormal circumstances, so this anime is really intense….And you never know whats going to happen next..though I’ve seen worse…Well, XXXHolic is not too serious, it also has it’s comedic moments. It was on TBS for crying out loud, where Family Guy and House of Payne air.

Characters-The main characters are few, as there doesn’t need to be many. And it seems to be the point because everyone else is white…yes the color white. You can’t see their faces when they walk down the street. The everyday people are like shadows unless they’re important to the episode and require a wish or desire from Yuko. The main characters are well-developed, but all have a strangeness about them. They are all connected to the occult in some way: possibly sees spirits, has strange dreams, is unlucky, and grants the wishes of anyone with something of equal value…So the characters are interesting, well-developed, and few, so there is no confusion. All of the characters are cool, none annoying, well, except Watanuki, but he’s a funny kind of annoying. LOL funny. So it’s great in this department. I really like Yuko the best. She is awesome, funny, cool, dresses cool, and knows her stuff. No one can make her nervous. She always stays calm, like Doumeki.

Writers-CLAMP again,ah yes. Clamp is an all-female mangaka group, as mentioned before, and they’ve written some really awesome and popular mangas. I love them all. Many would get high ratings from me, though not all 10/10s. But I feel that they are extremely good at making a good story, romance, and character development. They know what they are doing. And they are not too girly or too manly. They are versatile with their audience. They truly rule the female manga universe! I recommend you read their work. They also have a tendency to make a "CLAMP universe" of their characters and are known to recycle characters from their other works and put them in new works. Not only is this an easy way to make characters for stories, but it’s interesting, and it works! It’s always cool to see the characters in other works and see how they all connect. Very talented, I have to give it to them.

Music-It sounds American with Japanese words. I like the music. It’s pretty cool and not over-the-top dramatic like CLAMP’s other work. I think it fits the mysterious mood without being too weird. The music is also catchy, but I noticed that I barely heard any music throughout the episodes…it was eerily quiet, not giving off a hint to what would happen next. Weird.

Content/message-The content is usually weird, paranormal experiences, maybe through spirits who have passed on or spirits that have possessed people. But the real message and underlying issue is the "holics." If you are wondering why it is called that, don’t be ashamed. what is a holic? I did at one point as well, until I realized something while watching the anime. And it’s really simple once i explain it. You ever heard of an "alcoholic?" That ending word "holic" means obsessed or someone who desires something strongly. That word means "people who desire or are obsessed with alcohol." So, what is Holic about? Yes, desires, wishes, and what people crave. But at what cost do they crave what they most desire? That is the message and lesson of XXXHolic, and one that can teach the world in unexpected ways…it’s really deep and cool. But not everyone can handle it. It’s in fact a bit too "real" for some people, especially those who live in a fantasy and spoiled world, oh, and did I forget idiots? The message is strong. So strong, that you might need to watch it to understand just exactly what I’m saying.

Appeal-It can appeal to a wide audience. Any gender, ethnicity, or age. As long as you can understand where it is coming from. You don’t have to be a genius to understand it, but you have to know how to think, use common sense, and keep up with whats going on. If you are truly stupid, don’t like intense animes, or want to see some lovey-dovey moments, you are asking for the wrong anime. But if you are looking for laughs, oh, you will find it. But keep in mind, it is often nightmarish at times. If you can’t handle it, then don’t watch it. But from a person who can stomach anything, I highly recommend this. Maybe it is not good for children under 13. There is some strong language, not too strong, frightening events, but nothing gory, just some blood here and there. But I think it is pretty good for everyone.

So that is my spin on XXXHolic. So far, my sister has mad some good recommendations. I liked this one a lot. I really feel I can watch this over and over again, and never get tired of watching it. Also it isn’t unbelievably long or involved, but it can be intense and mind-boggling. The characters are awesome. No mushy stuff. If it goes there, there will be interruptions. Very cool, dark, often times gothic, and mysterious….Watch it!

~Over and Out~


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