SPICE GIRLS FOREVER (nostalgic memory)!!!

20 May

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Right now, I just completely had a nostalgic moment. I recently went to Lycos.com (thats where I used to listen to music) and felt the old days come back to me. I remembered my favorite all-girl pop group: the Spice Girls! OMG, I almost shed a tear. I was OBSESSED with the Spice Girls, as much as I am with Utada now. When I was younger, I collected everything, and I still have the DVD and the CDs. I still LOVE this group! And last year, the most terrifying thing happened to me. I was graduating last year from high school (shoot, gave away my age), and so I had to miss their FINAL COMEBACK CONCERT!!!!! I was soooo upset, I felt like kicking myself over and over and over. There had been rumors that they were coming back, but I didn’t know it was true until the website changed, and I let out a LOOOUUUDD scream! But then reality sank in as I realized how much money graduating from High School cost: Prom (which in my case, Key West, Atlanta,), graduation party, and the graduation itself. LOTS of money, might I remind you. And so…sadly…*tears* I missed the concert (being dramatic, and faint). I could really kick myself. Really, really kick myself. I actually would’ve rather gone to the concert than to graduation. I hated that school so much! I was like "give me my diploma, and dooses, I’m out!" But anyway, the concert was FABULOUS! Everyone told me how great it was (show-offs) and the pincher is it actually was in CHICAGO!!! Nothing really comes here unless the person is super famous, unlike most people think. They always go to New York, Miami, or Los Angeles. The only thing we got first was the American Girl Place, then the others followed…and ours had all the cool stuff of 1998-onward! So I’m…sighs…I’m just feel disheartened by that little neglect, but I’ll be okay.

So anyway, who are the Spice Girls, you ask? If you don’t know who they are, then you may possibly be too young to read, like six or seven, or you are just entering the world as an understandable person (9, 10, 11, 12 year olds). some of you might be Freshmans in high school. But hopefully older siblings or parents exposed you to such wonderful pop music. The 90s was the era! But I have to admit, I remembered them when I was 7 or 8, but i liked them when I was 9 and 10. I grew up in the 90s, yes, a great era it was. The Spice Girls are a multi-ethnic group, the first all female multi-ethnic group in the world, and the biggest female group in the world. Everyone around the world knows them too, andmake rip-offs. Even us, as they are not American, but from Great Britain (which in my opinion always has the best music). Our rip-off is Pussycat Dolls, though they are nowhere near as great. They also had their own style, signature personalities, and a large fanbase individually.

Baby Spice-Emma Bunton-blond chick and the youngest. she’s known for her great smile. She’s good a karate, and loves lollipops. Aquarius.

Sporty Spice-Mel C-tomboyish woman, doesn’t like skirts, has tatoos, nose ring, and possibly a gold tooth (?). She loves football (assuming it’s soccor) and doesn’t feel confident about her singing (ironic that she’s a singer…) Capricorn.

Scary Spice-Mel B-Black girl (I know, pretty obvious) with the wild hair, wild personality, and has a zest for life. She’s always doing something spontaneous. Gemini. (They all love attention and entertaining).

Posh Spice-(Everyone knows her) Victoria Beckham-married to a famous soccor player, prissy, loves to lok good, never smiles (as she doesn’t like her dimples). she’s vain, and has a great sense of style. She’s known for her short hair cuts. Aries.

Ginger Spice-Geri-Left the Spice Girls for awhile, but came back during the reunion (which i missed!). The red-haired, fiery, independent one who invented the phrase "girl power." Now everyone’s saying it! Loves to read, and is smart. Leo.

Yes, this group is like no other. Many people try to imitate, but they never succeed. And many dolls (Bratz, Divastars, Myscene) imitate the style and the idea of the Spices. The other groups will never be any competition. There are several reasons why, and it’s something the Spices have that they don’t:

1)Unity-This is the number one thing they have. There is no lead singer! Everyone sings and contributes. One is not better than the other because they have their own style. Some sing better, but shoot, some of their songs don’t require a marvelous voice! And the ones who sing good don’t always get more verses.

2)Diversity-This is what made them popular. they are all from different ethnic backgrounds, races, and speak many languages. And not just that. They have different styles, opinions, ways of doing things, and still get along. Not all are sluts, but all aren’t conservative either. They celebrate being individual, and love it! They are unique in their own way, and it shows in their music.

3)They’re fun-They aren’t serious, and it shows in their music. They’re positive, fun, youthful, no matter their age. Their lyrics are funny, but clever. They make you have a good time and enjoy life, which is the effect music should have. Not "oh, he broke my heart" or "i’m dead" or "lossen up my buttons" or "me" or "gangsta’ none of that garbage that has been repeated in the media over and over again. And they actually write their music…

The Spice Girls had so much chemistry, and even today, people can’t see one today without wanting to see them all. I know you’re wondering, "if they have so much unity, why did it end?" Well, other obligations, my friends, responsibilities of growing up, even for the spices. But it didn’t stop them too long! they came back, and ended with a bang, and I missed the glory!!! 😥 There will never be a pop group like the Spice Girls ever again. They truly were amazing and I hope they come back again soon! They were such an inspiration and entertaining for the whole family!

~Over and Out~




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