Animals-A HUGE MOTH and my new dog! (Kawaii!)

21 May

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This is just something I had to share. When coming from the kingdom hall in Indiana (as you know I’m on vacation). And when leaving we saw the biggest moth in the world!!! yes, it is a moth. It literally looked like a bird!!!! Or a bat! It was huge, I’ve never seen anything like it! So my friend’s mom lived in farm country and knows a lot about animals and she told us some facts about moths. Moths live for only 48 hours (thats a day and a half) and genuinely like to dance and show off their wings, then they die (sounds like people who take ecstasy, they party, dance the night away, and often times, die). And so, I felt that that was unfortunate considering this species was rare, or this type, and might even be extinct. It seemed like it was the last of it’s kind, especially cuz I’ve ever seen any moth or butterfly that big. It was bigger than my hand! Maybe, it was a lab butterfly that got away…

I love animals. Thats why I hate the zoo and pet stores. Most people who claim to be animal lovers love the pet store and the zoo. But what animal lover would take joy in seeing an animal in a cage? I mean I don’t know all of the little facts about animals, but I can tell that animals hate to be in those cages. They weren’t put on this earth to be in cages. It used to be a time they roamed this land freely. What gives us the right to cage them, when they were here first? (Just like the Native Americans were in America first, and had to assimilate to someone else’s ways). So anybody who tells me that they are an animal lover, and want to work at the zoo, I’m going to shut them down! Every time I go to a zoo or pet store, I just want to open the cages and late those babies free….ok, I sound radical, but I don’t care. I can’t stand to look at them like that. I’m weak to animal suffering. I’m a sucker for animals, and would let out a skunk if it bothered me to see it looking sad.

One time, I went to the zoo, and this magnificent lion let out a loud roar. The whole zoo gathered to hear it. It was the first time i heard a lion roar, though I’ve been to the zoo a dozen times. But usually the lions were hiding, sleeping, or quiet. But this lion proudly roared, stood up, and scared the living crap out of me, I almost crapped in my pants. We had to refrain from taken photos, because clearly the lion was tired of us all. And who could blame him? His roar sounded like a desperate cry for help and for all these faces to be staring at him all day, I can’t blame him for wanting privacy. For this magnificent, loud, and scary lion to be caged by weak humans seems impossible. It seems that a lion with so much ferocity would not subject to humans, and yet HE was the one in a cage. That disturbed me.

Another thing that disturbed me was I saw a male ostrich or bird humping a female one! lol I mean they were literally having "intercourse" in front of the tourists! The tour guide had to announce that over the intercom, and all you could hear were the kids asking "What is sexual intercourse?" Thats how two ppl make babies you brats! So anyway, just wanted to share that thought to the world.

Do I have an animal? I’ve really gotten close to animals through my new dog Penelloppe Snow, though I’ve always loved animals. She is a mixed breed of a Bichon and a Shih Tzu. She is soooo cute! She’s really my mom’s, but she is just like a part of the family. She’s like a little person, she has feelings and lets you know when she wants something, likes to be in your company, and will try to make you feel better when you’re down. She’s also playful and curious. She is so furry! My mom gave her that ridiculously long name, but I’ve ended up calling her boo boo or pepe or penny (she pees and boo boos all over the place! TMI I know). But overall she’s a sweet doggie!



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