Bratz V.S. Barbie: the winner is…Barbie…(booo!)

21 May

Well, I’m not sure if anyone has heard this yet, but this news has been very disheartening for me since it was announced last December. Basically, the Bratz are forced to retire. They are supposed to be removed from the shelves of stores by next year. It was really supposed to happen right after the court case, but MGA filed for an appeal, at least until the 2009 Holiday season. I got into Bratz in 2001, the year they became dolls. All they had at first was the cartoons up on the site, and it had some urban music, so i was into them. I didn’t even guess that they would become dolls. I thought it would become a tv show. Apparently, it should’ve been one, so Mattel wouldn’t bully them around.

Well, actually the story goes a little something like this (you know I have to explain). Bratz dolls were released in 2001, breaking into the Tween market where Barbie or any other doll failed to reach. Barbie was suffering that year due to music, and tween channels that kids preferred to purchase (they said CDs made more money than dolls in the children department). Bratz brought tweens back into dolls with their urban look of street fashions, big lips, and dramatic eyes. They were also diverse, and had their own style. There have been many attempts at this, but Bratz looked COOL. they wore modern outfits, and they didn’t look cheesy, pink-ish, or preppy, like their rival, Barbie. They were also teenagers, unlike the over 50 year old Barbie. So Mattel realized this idea and gave Barbie a new make-over. Tey came out with My Scene, which was obviously a Bratz look-alike. They looked similar, though not a like. My Scene still kept the Barbie shape, just the lips, eyes, and outfits became urbanized. But the outfits still did not get the original eclectic style of the Bratz, but more of what normal teens wear.



Still, Bratz gained half of Barbie’s toy market. It became clear to everyone that Mattel was imitating. It seemed like every line that Bratz came out with, My Scene came out with. Apparently, MGA noticed to. And they did the stupidest thing ever. They actually started this mess. They filed a lawsuit on Mattel for making the My Scene. Of coursee, you know who they were challenging right? The biggest busines since the 50s? Mattel-home of Barbie and Disney princesses! So you know Mattel has a darn good lawyer. No to mention evidence (even made up evidence) to prove their case. And waht hatched from the nest? They filed a lawsuit back claiming that Carter Bryant, the artist of the original outline, was working for Mattel under contract when he made the sketches. They even claimed he was doodling in their offices! (The idiot, if you’re going to cheat, don’t do it in the offices!). They said his contract wasn’t up until October 2001, but they claimed he made the sketches before then. I have to admit, I saw the design before October. And unfortunately with their evidence, they won this case. the condition? MGA has to pay the 40 million smackers, remove all dolls associated with the original Bratz designs, and give all rights to Mattel. (Those cackling villains!)

My opinion is this: What would Mattel have done if Carter Bryant had given it to them back in 2001? From what I heard, he offered the idea, and they didn’t like it. Also, there are so many dolls that look like those sketches. SOOO many! Zodiac Girls, Lisa Frank, man, many! And the sketches I saw didn’t look anything like the Bratz! Besides, Mattel would’ve done a crappy job with the Bratz (look at them, Barbie-girl Bratz? ugh!). (I heard Bratz is getting a new name now, it sucks too) But besides that fact, why is Mattel waiting now to sue him? they waited until 2004 to make a move, when Bratz was out in 2001! I bet if the Bratz weren’t making money, they would’ve disowned them, and burned all evidence that it was there’s. But no. They waited to see it’s popularity, and then made claims. It’s because they are sneaky and sly! They are doll bullies. Dolls are supposed to be for girls, and have friendly competition. How can they express any morals through Barbie products with the way their acting? I bet they paid the judge to win. That was unjust. And that’s America…Poor Isaac Larian, it wasn’t like this in Iran. Maybe you should’ve released the dolls there….




Maybe you all are happy. You’re saying Good riddens! But shoot, Barbie was no pep in a shake! She was just as bad! If not worse!

But you know this is MGA’s fault. If they had just let them copy, and fairly beat them in healthy competition, without suing them, they would still have the Bratz, and there would be more variety. But no.

I’m hoping that people will take a stand and stand by the Bratz and not buy a single Barbie doll. But thats asking for too much. Children don’t know the difference between companies. They only know whats pretty and whats popular out now. Parents don’t care to know and just want to get their kid what they want for Christmas, so I’m afraid Mattel won, AGAIN, and they get their way AGAIN. I just know I don’t respect that company anymore since all of this happened. They could’ve just taken the money and gone somewhere, but they had to buttholes and get rid of the whole line to keep their "world domination."


Then again, if MGA had been less open and more humble, they wouldn’t have this problem. But their arogance became their downfall. Mattel has already been there, and had more experience in the doll industry. They’re not someone you want to mess with. Barbie will not tolerate it, not now, not ever!


~Over and Out~



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