Summer Adventures II-Indy 500 and more

23 May

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Okay, this is not intentional, but I just HAPPENED to come on vacation in Indiana for the summer the same week that the biggest event in Indiana takes place: the Indy 500. If you don’t know what that is you’re not the following things:

1)From Indianapolis
2)A boy
3)Not into race cars
4) not familiar with the spelling
5)can’t read

Other than those four, any and everyone knows about the Indy 500. It was even on Youtube, and so I know it’s going to be a big event. i didn’t know it was going on until I went to the kingdom hall the other day, and they had to change the meeting to Saturday because the streets were going to be blocked off Sunday! I was shocked because a meeting date is never changed for anything! That meant this was going to be a big event! So I’m even excited for this event. I really want to ride pass the race track and check it out! I don’t have tickets, but I’m hoping I can get a peak. Another thing I look forward to is the State Fair and the Black Expo. There’s a lot more to Indianapolis than people may know. It also has a huge new Colts stadium being built. And I have to tell ya, it’s huge! I saw it when it was first being built. They really gave Indianapolis it’s great reputation.

I also like Conner Prairie, which is like a living history museum, with some Amish people living it /running the museum. Like i told you, I love history and that is my major in college. So, it’s natural for me to be interested in living life as people did in the past.

I also go horseback riding every summer through the many trees of Indiana. so different from Chicago. It’s about an hour away from where i’m staying, but worth it.

I also go to Holcomb Gardens, a part of the Butler University campus. It’s a beautiful gardens, full of Gods and Goddesses everywhere, and lakes,and a long stretch of land with beautiful flowers. The coolest part is the fountain in between. It’s peaceful. they also recently built the gazebo. But the thing we go for is to climb the many steps to get to the large bell. It rings the hour. Every year since my and my sister were 8 years old, we climbed that bell and read the writings there about historical people. It’s very old. I’m not sure it even rings anymore. I’m thinking about transferring to that college…

I also visit the children’s Museum every year, no matter how old I am. It has gotten smaller and smaller with the exhibits, but I did see a new additon last year about Titanic. I wonder about this year…well, I know I will always enjoy the store and the library there. I always find something to buy (and usually it’s American Girl-related…).

So trust me, I have plenty to do down here. I’m even going down in the country Monday. Heck, I’ve even walked the canal, which was fun.

~Over and Out~



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