Anticipation for the summer…and the college experience….

24 May

It is sunday, and im so mad that it is. Well, really im mad because i have a lot to look forward to the next couple of days. There’s so much to look forward to this summer! I have so many adventures and pleasures to look forward to! First off, I’m getting a new car (well, my own car) this summer! It is a blue dodge neon (and thats if everything works out okay).
blue neon car saturn
I should have it by August by the time I leave my vacation. But that means I won’t be depending on anyone to get me to college (i go to community)! I’m soooo happy! And that makes me jump into a another subject.

So many seniors in high school were excited to go to college. They all wanted to go away. They dreamed of going to a big campus, far away from parents, sleeping in a dorm, and partying the night away. They live in "la-la" land. Yes, the college experience is fun…for awhile. Everyone that went away came back. And ended up at the same community college im at. why? Because being in university holds the following problems for students:

1)They are there alone-It is hard to make friends to go to those "parties." And your close friends may not necessarily go to the same college. You will find yourself bored and alone. Which means you have to be driven by other means and recognize why you’re really there: to study and get a degree. if thats not why you’re there, you’ll flunk out or drop out and waste YOUR money…this is a common mistake for the young and naive high school student, as they don’t pay for themselves to do much.

2)It costs too much money-Plus, we live in a recession. Do you really think the government is going to give you a full-paid scholarship this time around? Don’t count on it. Financial Aid is cutting close to being deleted. Soon no one will be able to afford it. My friend had a supposedly full-paid scholarship, but they changed the fine print and said "full paid if you take out at least one loan." WTF?! So school costs a lot. And a loan is not always good because when you leave college, the government will come after you and take all the money they want from your paycheck if you don’t pay every cent back…..My aunt is in her fifties and is still paying them….

3)More work than they thought-My experience in college is it’s like a job. You can’t possibly have a job and go to school full-time because of the work we get. And this is community. Imagine a four-year university. They are impersonal, give you a lecture, tell you to study, and figure you know the material otherwise you wouldn’t have taken the field of study. The tests are hard, final exams are a monster, and trust me, by the end of the semester, my class was smaller than before. In one of my classes, out of 20 students, only 7 remained! Thats a BIG difference. Majority of your college life will surround studying. College students don’t really have a life beyond the campus. So don’t choose a college based on the parties, it might be the hardest school you’ve ever been to. College isn’t the parties, the parties are the rewards. But high schoolers watch a lot of tv like college hill, bring it on again, brumline, and other fantasy ideals of college. Bong! Wrong. Thats glitz and glamor.

Also, many students don’t know how to live on their own. They miss out on that great cooking they used to have. It has it’s share of responsibilities, and there’s pressure to get along with a stranger you don’t know in a dorm. An on campus apartment costs a lot, but also requires it’s share of responsibilities. And as a freshman, you can’t bring a car, so you can’t leave. So you are stuck there basically.
So I recommend community college first for several reasons:
1) You have more people that you have in common with-your friends will more than likely be there, and if not, people will be from the same community and be more familiar with you.
2)It is cheaper-Only about 740 per class for me. Thats WAAAAYYY cheaper than a University (trust me). Also, if you decide you don’t want a major or that you’re not ready to go to college, and you decide to switch or drop out, you won’t be wasting all of that money! it’ll be a waste, but not as bad as going all the way to a four year paying all that money just to come back empty-handed. What sense does that make? Most girls (this could only apply to African Americans, as im black) usually drop out because they get pregnant. Thats a shame. Everyone i know got pregnant in college. I’m like what is wrong with these horny girls? They can’t keep their legs closed? And then they want to call me to babysit! I will..but in the end, you gotta take the runt home, my dear.
3)Theres a lot of work, but teachers are more personal. Most of the time, you’d be in a classroom setting. It’s just a tad bit different from high school. Sometimes you’ll be in a lecture hall, but most times you’ll be in the class. Teachers grow a respectable bond with their students, and help you out when you need it. This is better when learning a skill at first, especially if you are unsure about your major. They also can help you with your grades….A four year is impersonal, and they don’t care whether you live or die, come or don’t, fail or pass. You are on your own. You are your own motivating force.

SO I think it’s best to start a community college. Of course if you go to a two-year like me, you’ll still have to eventually choose a four year, but to start off and to get adjusted to school, go to a two-year. I’ve been in college for one year now, and I love it! But it’s a lot of work. Be prepared, it’s worse than high school.

~Over and Out~






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