Books…Old and New Favorites!!!!!

25 May

Well, I’m still waiting for my Rebecca books to arrive from Barnes and Noble. I called and they said she will not be released until Jne 1. But what perplexes me is that some people received their books from Barnes and Noble already, and she hasn’t even "come out" yet! So my Barnes and Noble must be playing by the rules (stiffs). What I am glad is I pre-ordered my books. The books were 5% off and FREE shipping, can I continue to show how happy I am about that? Paying for college and for a car add to my discomfort in money! But I do hope it comes this Thursday, whether it’s supposed to come June 1 or not! I wondered if I missed some deal where you get books before the release date??….Well, I can’t wait for them. I’ve also recently been thinking about some of my favorite books. I’m also a book-a-holic, and I can read any type of book from mysterious and the occult to outright preppy. and I can stomach it! I’ll give you a list of some of my favorite book series:

1.Babysitters Club
*Don’t think all of the books will be like this.* I know you’re like "wtf?" But I am a 90s baby and all of you who grew up in the 90s remembers this group of babysitters who organized their own babysitting business. I always thought it was cool how they did it. It wasn’t in a fantasy Nickelodeon "True Jackson" way where they buy a building. No. The business takes place in the Vice President’s room Claudia Kishi because she is the only one with a phone in her room with her own number (that was the thing back in the 90s). It was unique, well thought out, and enjoyable to read. I like Ann M. Martin. I like her story Letter Latter Later. That was a cool book
babysitters club

2. Report to the Principle’s office
This book is hilariously funny. It is about middle school kids who move to the new school built in the neighborhood dividing the neighborhood kids. Sunny hates this and so is determined to act mean, be disgusting, and become a bully until she is kicked out. Eddie is a wimp and hopes to survive middle school period. Salem is a writer who makes her whole life an "occasion." In other words, she’s a weirdo who picks every moment to observe a situation and find inspiration to write (she will even appear in the boys’ bathroom for inspiration) and Pickles is…pickles. He loves pickles. Every thing he wears is the color of pickles. He’s a cool guy who does a lot of attention-drawing things, like skateboard in the cafeteria. It’s an enjoyable read.

3. Behind the Bedroom wall
This is a very interesting story for history buffs like me. Corrine is a 12 year old girl living in Nazi Germany during World War II. While there are plenty of books about Americans during the war, there aren’t enough about Germans, especially about children, unless they were Jews. This book opened my eyes to how life was for the Germans and how some things are similar to what goes on even in the US. Strange….
behind the bedroom wall

4. Chronicles of Narnia
If you watched the movie, you almost know the shpill. But it is better. And it has many different adventures in Narnia with many different people. I don’t know why they chose to do it on the kids. but…
chronicles of narmia

5. Circle of Magic
This should be a movie. It is about Turkish magic with their basic elements. they have a different idea of elements and how it should be performed. So unique from Japan and western ideas. But it is good. There are four main characters: Sandry, the rich girl who is the initiator and ran away to join the magical school. Briar, a young street rat boy trying to stay out of trouble with the law. And two others Trista and forgot the other who’s families don’t get along, the Merchants and the Traders. Its a goooooddd series!
Circle of Magic

6. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
My little cousin got me into this. Its good and relates well to kids of this generation. It’s a good read and has become one of my favorites.
diry of a wimpy kid

7.Generation Girl
These books are based on the dolls Generation Girl Barbie before Mattel became buttholes. They are really good too. About being in high school in the late 90s.
generation girl

8. The Jewel Kingdom
This series is about four sisters who are given a kingdom to rule within the Jewel Kingdom. When they were crowned princesses they were held responsibility of the Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond kingdoms. The Darklings are their main villains.
Jewel Princesses Ruby

9.Magic Attic Club
Another one of those girl club books but one that I grew up on about some girls who find a magic mirror hiding in an old woman’s attic and every time they look in it, they get whisked off on some crazy adventure, but usually it helps the girl learn a new lesson.
Trapped Beyond the Magic Attic

10.Nancy Drew Mysteries
I love mysteries and besides Sherlock Holmes and Quicksolve, this is my favorite little detective.
Nancy Drew Without a Trace

11. Peter Pan (the original story by JM Barrie)
It is darker, way more mysterious, than Disney’s version and gruesome….very cool.
Peter Pan by JM Barrie

12. American Girl
I love these books the most because they are the most historically accurate fiction books I’ve ever read. They teach valuable lessons. They are also the only 18" dolls left from the 90s. All of the other retired. I’m still waiting for Rebecca books to stop at my doorstep!

13. A series of Unfortunate Events
If you watched the movie, than you know the basis of the story. But you can’t fathom how gruesome and horrible the book is. It’ll make your head hurt. The countless murders and mysteries will make your head spin. These children truly live unfortunate lives. This is my favorite series btw. I like it better than Harry Potter.
A series of unfortunate Events

14. Girls of Many Lands
Made by the American Girl company but different. These books are for an older crowd and has a deeper and more mature feeling to it. And these stories are about girls around the world in history who go through the same things we do. Feelings haven’t changed. But these books are really accurate. There are no sugar-coated truths and nothing is glamorized, like the story of Versailles is not about Marie Antoinette, but the actual court! It is fabulous. Also my favorite. It makes me want to travel the world and see those famous sites. They even show REAL harem life…and an African princess in the family as King Solomon from the Bible.

Isabel Taking Wing London, England 1592
Cecile Gates of Gold Versailles, France 1711
Leyla The Black Tulip Topkapi Harem, Turkey 1720
Saba Under the Hyena’s Foot Gondar, Ethiopia 1846
Spring Pearl The Last Flower Canton,China 1857
Minuk Ashes in the Pathway Yupik Alaska 1890
Kathleen The Celtic Knot Dublin, Ireland 1937
Neela Victory Song Bengal, India 1939
Girls of Many Lands Spring Pearl

15. Sweet Valley Twins
I’m a twin so I could relate and I let this book shape my life…in a negative and positive way….
sweet valley twins

Well, so far that’s my list of books of old and new favorites. Check them out especially circle of magic, a series of unfortunate events, and Girls of Many Lands. american girl is already on my list of things to read for this week.

~over and out~




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