Flaws in Businesses in the media industry….

31 May

I can name some horrible moves for businesses/creators in the following industries: toy, music, movies, video games, books, fashion, and television.

Toys: There have been plenty of bad moves for toy industries. Two in particular I have been following. They are the two biggest toy industries in the world: Mattel and MGAE.
Mattel-They are the creators of Barbie, American Girl, and Hot Wheels just recently got out of a court case with MGA over ownership of the Bratz. Now one thing about them is they are good at promoting their items. But they would not do well with something like Bratz. And I don’t think they intend to. After they won the court case, they ordered that all Bratz dolls be removed from the shelves…ooo, bad move Mattel. Even though this leaves no competition, the battle has just begun. After Bratz are gone from the shelves, people will start to wonder. And people are already starting to look at Mattel differently. This could make them lose business. Also in 2004, to combat their rival foe, they created look-alikes that were obviously a lot like the Bratz. Just stop it Mattel, we know you’re used to being on the top, but you lost this time. Give it up. Another one of their biggest whoopsies was retiring American Girl dolls. Felicity was the first to go, and she represents the American Revolution…wait, isn’t that the first history of America? That was the most important era because it was the start of American history! ooo, dumb move Mattel. They got a bunch of hate and threatening mail for that and had no choice but to re-release her. Mattel recently retired Samantha, and though everyone is excited about Rebecca, Samantha was the "most sold" doll in the franchise…mmm, for once is it not about the money? What a time to get sentimental, and during a recession too! Here are some tips Mattel:
1) Don’t retire historical dolls. All history is important, trust me.
2)Don’t copy another doll’s style, it is always obvious for you. You do best with Barbie.
3)Don’t remove your rival by instant removal with the government’s help, win in fair business competition.

MGA has also made some whoopsies. In 2005 and 2006 they made the most provocative dolls you can ever think of. First being the Rock Angelz, with all the tattoos…lets encourage little girls to have tattoos everywhere…wait, the parents don’t like that? Well, the parents are the ones BUYING the toy. Dumb move number one. Oh, I know lets make a punk Bratz and a goth Bratz….ooo, wait, Parents don’t like that either? Oh, shucks! Well, lets make a Devil Bratz….you don’t like the Devil…oh but its so cute on the Bratz! Oh well…next it’s going to be gay Bratz…accept yourself…no, not well (All the lines above are true lines for the Bratz except gay Bratz, and yet it is hard to disguise my sarcasm). And to add sugar on the topping, this company just got stupider. They sued Mattel! Who sues Mattel? Top doll industry in the world? Idiots do. Even if the evidence is made up Mattel will win. And Mattel had fake evidence, and yes, did win. And so, Mattel ordered the removal of the Bratz. But MGA, you knew this would happened when you sued them IN THE FIRST PLACE! I can’t tell you enough how dumb companies can be. Tips to MGA:
1)Never sue a top doll industry thats been around longer than a 50 year old woman. Wait, Barbie is 50 years old…
2)Don’t listen to everything your fans say (some want the craziest things…)

Music: I listen to all music. I’ve seen all kinds of music industries. But one industry has been most noticeable for it’s bad qualities: Island Records. Out of all of the music industry, they are the worst. First off, if you haven’t noticed, several people have come out with a CD under them recently, and all have flopped. This is because lately they have gotten horrible at promoting anybody! Fall out Boy and Mariah Carey and keeping this business alive, while still either singer has not topped the chart longer than one week. They used to be good. What happened? I think someone new is taking over. That has to be it. There’s no way they have this many failures and have the same people who did it 5-7 years ago. It’s the lack of promotion. They don’t get their people out there, well-known, and informed! That’s why Utada is suffering. She’s better off in EMI America.

Movies: Lately my biggest pet peeve about the movie industry is the fact that is Disney comes out with something, everyone wants to imitate. And particularly with their Pixar movies in 3-D. Disney did it first and successfully. Now everyone else wants to try it. But to me all the other 3-D movies end up stupid. Like Monsters Vs Aliens. That was just dumb! It has no interesting story, and it is too funny, rather than also epic, adventurous, and informative. Like Finding Nemo. Even Madagascar was sickening compared to a classic Pixar movie. Surf’s Up and Happy Feet wtf? If Disney had done it, it would’ve been waaay better. People only went to see it because of the Harry Potter trailer, and then decided they liked the movie. Though it was garbage compared to any Pixar movie. And now it is just getting rather annoying. Now Disney is going back to 2-D. Will the world follow once again? Tips for movie industries:
1) Start your own trend, don’t follow Disney’s.
2) Stop making 3-d animal movies! they get stupider every time!
3) Cut the crude humor, it’s lame.

Another movie business that is getting on my last nerve is Fox. They are getting really horrible at making movies. This year alone, they have had 2 major flops and one movie that had semi-low reviews. Even the movies that do good had some harshly criticized reviews. For one, Fox isn’t very good at making movies from epic video games, comics, or animes. Anything that fall into the Japanese anime/comic book/crazed fans. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The Legend of Chun-li, Dragonball Evolution, and Wolverine. The first two, I was like, what the butt? They didn’t seem to put any effort at all in those two. Wolverine was supposed to be their best and still got some harsh criticism. Why? Well, for starters, Fox doesn’t make the characters anything like their original adaptations. They also throw in a bunch of unnecessary scenes that take the feeling out of the movie just to attract an audience not into anime/jap/comic books. How retarded! Fox claims that some things "aren’t necessary to put in." Let me tell you something FOX. Everything is important when the movie is based on something else. The movie should bring every detail to the fore. M. Bison should not look like a real-estate agent! Chi Chi can be less of a slut! And Wolverine can lose the girlfriend! And whats with the battle being 3 minutes long? The epic battles are cleaned too quickly. They make the villains seem weak! On every movie! That’s how you know it is Fox. The main character will just kill everyone before they even talk. And they never know the villains until the end of the show….bull. Tips to Fox
1)Don’t make any adaptations of anything
2)Creat more epic battles

Video Games: Okay, role-playing games are hard to imitate, but fighting games are commonly imitated. Mortal Combat is the ultimate original fighting game. I can deal with Street Fighter and Tekken rip-offs because all are distinctly different from the other. But Virtua Fighter? What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is that garbage? I could swear the main character is a direct rip-off of Ryu! And they even have a girl who looks like Xioux! How ridiculous! Tips on video games
1) Create new characters
2)Try a different approach to games

Books: I’m personally seeing the Harry Potter hype cool down as the last movie has been released and the final book is being released or has been. But that was the largest craze! But my personal favorite is A series of unfortunate events. What I’m tired of hearing people talk about is sex books. Some girls say "Just because I read it doesn’t mean I’ll do it." Trust me. What you let infiltrate into your mind is what can play on your mind. Who wants to read other people having sex? Thats TMI, please and thank you.


Fashion: The fashion in stores are getting more and more revealing. But thats not the problem. The problem is the cheap-looking ugly clothes cost waaay too much! And just because it has a name brand! Baby Phat is such a clothing line that has cheap-looking clothes and costs a fortune! A plain yellow t-shirt cost $50! What the butt?

Television: It is definitely not like it used to be. Television used to be pleasurable. But now, it is getting Hannah Montana-like for children. Disney is getting really "pop-ish" and every body has a CD! Also, everything is a silly sitcom. Nickelodeon is even doing that! They used to be waaay better with Rugrats and other good stuff. Now they only have five shows they even show! And what is with this Naruto generation? I’ve seen that done too many times!


So let’s just say business is probably suffering because they suck…or they’re idiots…

~over and Out~


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