Detective Conan International Survey!!!!

5 Jun

Okay Animejournal readers, today I want you all to take this survey regarding Detective Conan. If you are a DC fan, then this should be quite enjoyable! Someone on the DCTP forums wants all members to privately message him if you are apart of the forums. If not, I would like to hear your responses myself. Check out and respond by commenting. This is the thread

Just thought I might share this. Here are the questions if you don’t feel like making an account on DCTP forums. You can fill out the survey here. Keep in mind, you can only have one answer, but I had other options in mind…

Here are my answers:

1. Who is your favourite character?
Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano! Because she’s cool, sassy, smart, seductive, worked for a huge goon crime syndicate, and is just too cute as Haibara! She is also funny! She keeps things entertaining.

2. Who is your least favourite character?
Ran Mouri because she’s kind of unimportant to the story, uninteresting, and gets on my nerves. I think she is annoying, like sonoko, and at least sonoko is funny. And Ran cries too much. I hate people who cry a lot. She gets in the way of everything, including the main story.

3. Who is your favourite Black Organisation member?
(It was a toss-up between Shuu, who is also police, Vermouth, Sherry, Bourbon and Gin) I chose Gin because he is the goon of goons! He is a definite shogun, and he’s always clever as a fox! Nothing gets passed him. Plus, he carries a pistol and drives a Porsche! 😉

4. Which is your favourite pairing? (it can be a non-existing one too)
Definitely Ai/Conan, had a whole explanation in old entries! They are always entertaining, interesting, and have this bond and connection that no one else shares. It is really fascinating to watch…and they are both cute and in the same situation. I also like how their relationship developed over time. It’s so cool and sweet!

5. Which is your favourite member of police?
(Toss up between Jodie-sensei and Shuichi) I chose Shuu since I didn’t get him in the BO. I like Jodie Sensei because she’s funny and has funny english! Shuichi is just awesome! He is the only guy who can lay a scratch on Gin, and he was part of the BO as Rye! I love the BO, forgive me!

6. Which case do you prefer the most: Takagi-Sato case; Hattori Heiji-case; Detective Boys case or Kogoro case? (remember, chose only 1)
Detective Boys is always funny to me! I love entertaining cases that are still interesting, and they always remain enthusiastic when it comes to solving cases.

7. Will Haibara Ai stay as a child or return to her own body in the end?
She should turn back into Shiho! It will be interesting to see the outcome of that and how she will adapt to her new life. It will also be interesting if she takes down the BO in her true form and enrolls in Shinichi’s school. How would the world react? It would be interesting, though sad probably…but Shiho seems cool. She was a BO scientist! Sherry…my obsession with the BO.

8. Do you own/did you buy at least one DC manga?
No, unfortunately, I haven’t bought one neither do I own one, though I plan on buying Secret volume 27. I read the manga online. 😉 I cheat…but most fans do. At least I read it…

9. When will DC end?
Next year, that’s what I hope. I looovve DC to death and will be sad a little when it ends, especially if the ending isn’t satisfying. But I’m also ready to see the end! I want to know where exactly is it going and why certain things happened. There’s still so many questions. Then again, this same time next year, I’ll want to push the ending further….

10. How old are you?
I’m…gulp…19! Okay, I confess, I’m 19! I’m not old, but I’m not young either. I hate expressing my age for some reason. I’d rather people guess. People judge you by your age…

So that’s all for now. Hope you enjoy the survey. Don’t forget
post comments and responses to the survey.

~Over and Out~



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