Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys (don’t watch ppgz anime!)

5 Jun

Lately, I’ve been watching all the pold Powerpuff Girls episodes. It wasn’t enough to put them on the Old Cartoon Network entry (go to ‘older entries’), which has a lot of different cartoons.

Well, I love PPG! It is one of the greatest girl superhero shows in the world! And I particularly love when the Powerpuff Girls meet the Rowdyruff Boys. The powerpuff girls are three little girls, age 5 or 6, who were born by a science experiment, meant to turn them into "normal" little girls, and instead turned them into super human little girls, with the addition of sugar, spice, and everything nice, accidentally adding a drop of Chemical X.
Blossom: She’s the commander and leader. She is the smartest, and wears pink, and a huge red bow. She has long pretty red hair and large pink eyes.
Bubbles: Cute, naive, cheerful, sweet, but don’t get on her bad side. She cries a lot and is afraid of everything. She has blond pig tails, wears blue, and has big blue eyes.
Buttercup: She’s the toughest fighter, tomboyish, and never likes to back down from a fight. She’s argumentative and tough and loud and rude. She has black hair that’s flipped. She’s wearing green and has big green eyes.

They each have something special about them, and I like them all. DON’T WATCH POWERPUFF GIRLS Z!!!!!! It sucks!

POWERPUFF GIRLS Z is an anime about the powerpuff girls, since the Japanese liked them so much, made to please the japanese audience. With that being said, just because it has the title "anime" does not make it better. In this case, the American version is WAYYYYY Better to the power of 100! The biggest and most noticeable thing is the change in the PPG and RRB relationship. They are supposed to be HUGE rivals, and also somewhat, PPG love interest…if you will. But the anime makes them waay younger than the PPG and makes them idiots, who are more like annoying kids who mess with the teenagers. It is bogus. Bubbles also has this "childhood friend." Typical in an anime, and you know how I feel about that….*Ran cough* and so it’s lame. Also the girls don’t even act the same. Blossom is a ditz who is obsessed with boys and shopping (yuck!) and Bubbles is this "mature" (Yucky!) girl who likes clothes and gets all the boys…what? Then Buttercup is pretty tough, and has a lot of fan girls (she’s not too different). It’s really lame.

So anyway…thinking positive the Rowdyruff Boys are three boys created by Mojo Jojo while he was in prison. They are just as strong, if not stronger, than the PPG. They are really hard-core and really mean and rotten. But always cool!
Brick-The leader who is mean, tough, strong, and loud. He has a strong ego, and even gets on his brothers’ nerves sometimes. He wears red, has red eyes, and a red baseball cap. He originally had short red hair with bangs, but when Him revived the boys, his hair became long and spiky.
Boomer-He’s a dim wit, and the dumbest of the boys. He also loves disgusting things. He wears dark blue and has dark blue eyes. His hair was originally blond and slicked back, but it was changed to blond and flipped into spikes on each side.
Butch-He’s hyper-aggressive, almost psychotic, and has a tendency to twitch when excited. He is usually agreeing with Brick on a lot, and both like to pick with Boomer. He wears dark green, has big green eyes, and his hair used to be short, dark, and with bangs. Later, it became "Vageta-fied" and spiked upward.
They are my favorite villains! So enjoy the episodes I’ve found and concocted, or head to the older entries page and find something you like.

~Over and Out~



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