Rant on certain types of animes! (Listen at your own risk!)

5 Jun

This is my rant and irritation that I’m starting to see in animes. When I started this journal, I started to watch all sorts of animes for interesting topics and reviews or something I just felt I had to let out about how cool/stupid it was. It also gives me something to look forward to when I get home from daily life, makes me feel important, and keeps me entertained, all the time. So this time, I just thought I’d address the following types of animes that have irritating things: Magical Girl animes, Fighting men animes, and gothic animes. Lately, there seems to be only these three kinds of animes. Occasionally, the world will receive a detective story, or a cyborg, or some random male animes with lots of women involved in the plot (Tenchi Mouyo, Ranma 1/2) or occasional space pirate (like Gundam woot, woot!) And also rare, a magical boy anime.

This rant continues just to be an extra journal taking up space that I felt I needed to address. But I do have my opinions and it’s up to anyone reading if they want to listen.

First off, my irritation with magical girl animes. I have watched several magical girl animes…too many…in fact, that’s the only type of female anime you’ll get! The rarest exception is Ghost in the Shell. Female heroines in Japan aren’t considered strong unless they have magic. What about females who are Ninjas? Or maybe Women Z fighters? Noooo, they have to be magical girls to be even worth anything! Furthermore, the endless amount of TRANSFORMATIONS can irritate the butt out of you. For someone who has only seen one magical girl transformation, they would think this is cool. But try watching endless animes with magical girl transformations. You start to see the repetitive and constant and typical idea of transformations continue to suck the interest out of them. For some, that is why they watch animes. But if you are someone who looks at the story as a "whole," you’ll sigh 500 times in agony at the way writers can be so uninteresting and mediocre in their ideas. They just copy each other!! In fact, I don’t hate ALL anime girl transformations. My sister has had a great idea for transformations called Goddesses, Striker S, and of course, the original, Sailor Moon. Now even Sailor Moon gets on my nerves, but I enjoy the transformations. With all the other magical girl animes, the only exception I would make is if it doesn’t remind me of Sailor Moon. If I’m watching it and it makes me want to watch Sailor Moon, it sucks. If I’m totally in it on my own without even thinking about Sailor Moon, then it is unique. Very few fit that description. I think the biggest problem that sets Sailor Moon apart is most transforming girls are invented to show off "fashion styles" or "pretty outfits." Sailor Moon’s glory is the transformations themselves, and the elements their powers have. After the transformation is over, the glory is over. I never really cared what the scouts were wearing because they all pretty much wore similar outfits, especially the outer senshi. So it was focused on power and transformations. I feel if you’re going to have girls transforming, make it unique…but that doesn’t mean make it stupid! Having transforming girls turn into mermaids and singers is just dumb! Where can you go with that? What are you going to do? Protect the world from bad singers? Sickening! The worst one was alien girls turning into cock roaches..what the butt, man?!!! Whoever that retard was I’d like to sue him for making that idea so that we can die from the horror of that anime! Not to mention, all love interest and completely USELESS to the story, even Tuxedo Mask! I mean, what does he do? Throw a rose. wow. exciting. I personally like Seiya better. And hate when the main characters ends up with a weak, and useless "love interest." It’s my strongest pet peeve.

Another thing that irritates me is this Naruto fad. And maybe it’s because I grew up in the Dragonball Z era. And though there’s no tension between the two, it’s either you’re a DBZ fan or Naruto fan. Aside from Bleach…okay, but I’m also sick of everyone in Naruto being tough because they have had a rough past! So many people have had such a rough past that now, no one cares anymore! Just fight! Everybody has a bad past, so you’re not unique anymore! You’re just being a whiner! Just fight! See that’s why DBZ is better. Who cares about the past so much as the freaking Dragonballs? No one! Just fight and go!…though it’s not that easy in DBZ as it takes them 24 hours to power up, another day to talk smack, and then fight and power up some more…..

Then I have this irritation with gothic animes. Why is everyone creepily long and lanky? (XXXHolic, Detective Loki). This seems to be the new age anime of things, because even Tsubasa has adapted the trend…and ever since Twilight came out, which the book has nothing on Blood and Chocolate and I still don’t see whats so great besides the point that yet again, a human falls in love with a vampire and stupidly follows him into danger, even risking her parents lives. Oh she’s hard to read, big deal. She still has sexual relations with the guy (or almost) which is not unique! And it is setting the trend for new age animes like Vampire Night, though my sis swears up and down it is good. So I won’t jump to conclusions before I jump the gun.

Well, that’s my rant. Still enjoying my vacation though it seems to be going fast. Oh, and guess what I recieved? REBECCA BOOKS!!!! I know I’ve been talking about them for a while now.

~Over and Out~


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