Detective Conan OVA9 Stranger in 10 Years (short review and opinion)

6 Jun

Okay, everyone! I know you have been waiting for this, and you were probably thinking you would have to wait about three more weeks for this! But the RAW version HAS BEEN LEAKED! Yes, it is OVA9 Stranger in 10 years!!! I’ve been waiting for forever for this! And I was anxious, not expecting it to come out yesterday….it almost made me faint! So now I will post the vids and give my review/opinion on this.

It is obviously about Conan using Aptx and having a "dream" about him going 10 years in the future as Conan. All the Detective Boys are older, Haibara is older, Ran, Sonoko, Kogoro, Heiji, and Kazhya is older! It’s a upside down world for Shinichi!

Okay, let me know what you think. What do I think….Well, now I see what people mean by they hate the OVAs worse than the other episodes and manga, because they are non-canon. I don’t hate this OVA, I think it is clever and fun to watch. It is also interesting to see everyone older. I thought it was funny. But…I wanted to see more of Shiho!!!! Though there was a cute scene between Coai, and went back to Ran! I hate her! And she was crying…AGAIN! I would have rather seen an episode OVA with barely the other characters and a Detective Boys episode with a mystery and case. I wanted to see more Shiho!! I think I felt it was too short…but it is an OVA, and that’s why I now see the problem. Shinichi needs to meet Shiho older in a movie or 3-part episodes! That would "WOW" me! Further more, I wanted to see a mystery! So, it was good, but it didn’t meet my expectations….Well, I’ll be on the lookout for more Shiho episodes, but I still feel the manga is more fulfilling…..

~Over and Out~



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