Asian Music Artists in America NEED stronger songs for MVs!!!!

8 Jun

This is my post on Utada’s website to comment on her news bulletin. Who will be the next Asian popstars? And who is winning…The Wondergirls? WTF? What the butt? They suck! I haven’t even heard of them until this poll! So anyway, I feel, after hearing the albums and looking at the music videos, that I can no longer just completely blame the consumers for the unsuccessful Asian popstars. Reall, some of it falls on their shoulders, mostly due to their unfamiliarity with the American market and failure to communicate with fans and failed promotional scams. NO MTV IGGY BOA! Head for something that is ON THE RADIO. Utada HEAD FOR DISNEY.

I said:
I think the problem with Asian artists is they don’t come out with stronger songs for their music videos or their first single. They don’t listen to their fans. Really for all the artists mentioned, I’ve heard better songs on their albums, and yet the music videos are the weakest of all the songs! So what’s the impression? That must be the best on the album. But when hearing Boa’s album I saw that Eat you Up was not her strongest start, but that she should’ve released a song like Did Ya or Touched or even Scream would’ve made for an effective music video. A good song doesn’t make for an effective start, but an interesting and strong song and music video do. Se7en should not have come out with Girls, which sounds too similar to another American’s song. He needs a stronger song where he can dance more in his music video. I know another song that he could do well with. Utada….come on…Utada should listen to her fans more, not that any song isn’t strong, but she has some stronger ones, and one that everyone raves over FYI MERRY CHRISTMAS MR. LAWRENCE!!!!!!She would even do well with On and On, Crying like a Child (this one), and Dirty Desire over Come Back to Me. And then an interesting unique music video. Wonder Girls….I don’t know much about them. But what I do know is that they haven’t even released an album yet. If they are this popular without one, they might be able to become the next superstars with one out. But the funny thing is you’d think there’d be more Japanese artists than Korean trying to break considering most people associate Asians with Japanese anime. I know that’s when I got my first taste of Asian music. Utada would be better off coming with an album when Kingdom Hearts comes out. But still, It’s either FYI, On and On, dirty desire, or this one for Utada first, or a weak response.

BTW Heard the Wonder Girls and they suck….

~Over and Out~



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