Setting Aside differences: An elephant and a Dog (new Twitter)

6 Jul

Hello, everyone! I’ve finally finished all 10 of the American Girls, which is a total of 60 books in all, and took a month or more to read because I have a life…so I’m back on the journal, and I’ve had a recent request (if you can call it that) to talk about two best friends: an elephant and a dog…

If they can do it, what IS our excuse? There is no excuses for why two people who are different can’t get along. Except the fact that animals have better instincts than humans do hearts. To look past the differences and still be close friends is a lesson many around the world, no matter how wise and intelligent, still have not learned or cultivated into their lives. Recently I watched MJ’s DVD, and that man, though different and a bit eccentric, really did have a good heart. Many people today do not cultivate the art of love, and therefore, do not understand when someone is OVERLY generous and OVERLY loving or helpful. They can’t understand why anyone would go to great lengths to be a better person. Well why not? Wickedness has taken over. It is alright to be hateful and distrustful to someone who your culture is not familiar with, and it is alright to listen to others’ opinions, even if they don’t make sense. And it is alright to continue doing something you’ve always done because it is a tradition. Let me tell you something, none of the above things are alright. CHANGE makes a person a better person. ACCEPTANCE causes peace, less hunger, and more self-control. NEVER giving up or letting anyone bring your goals or ambitions down, or making you stray your focus, creates success. Those are the three CAN’s that makes the world a better place. Say it with me now:

I CHANGE when I need to
I ACCEPT others
I NEVER let go of ambitions


That’s me preaching for today.

BTW: I am now on Twitter! So check out my page:

~Over and Out~


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