BoA Beats the Floor at Gay Pride Fest in San Francisco!!!!!! GO BOA!!

7 Jul

I know this is a little late, but it is convenient of the time because better versions of it are around. BoA performed at the Gay Pride Festival in San Francisco, and did a bang-up job! Of course. Nothing less from BoA! She can seriously dance. And the good part is she’s NOT lip-synching! So she did pretty good. This was also the first time she performed her newest single Energetic in the States! I was so happy! And the crowd kept wanting more, so hopefully this puts BoA on the map, like it did Lady Gaga. But the only problem was the MJ thing. That was the same weekend he died, so most people tuned into MJ and the BET awards….shucks…it seems misfortune follows Asian Artists! Geez! Lets hope she can find another stage to set herself known in the world. She’s going to be in Vegas next according to her myspace and twitter….

But here are the performances:

Eat You Up



I Did it For Love






And a little treat of BoA and her empowering dance moves!

~Over and Out~



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