BoA HATERS on!!!!!!!

15 Jul

This newest entry is an angry one, but one I’ve had a day to calm down from. Lately, as you all know, I’ve been on a quest to promote BoA, and help Asians succeed in the US…mostly BoA because she seems to be trying the hardest to make it here. And she’s just awesome. Even though Utada is my favorite Asian artist, she doesn’t seem to care quite as much…..So anyone, I mosed over to and went to the article BOA WANTS TO EAT YOU UP….HERE COMES MY RANT AND RAGE!!! There are several people on there that have ignorant things to say about BoA as to why they feel they WON’T support her….several "questionable" things, that I would like to answer (heave in and out). And they are stupid, I might add. They feel she WON’T succeed in America for the following reasons. The "P" is for people and the "M" is for me.

1. P:Her english is horrible! You have to know how to speak English to make it big in America…..
M: No you DO NOT! Look at Shakira…I can’t understand her! Her english is horrifying and WORSE than BoA’s! I can understand BoA. Did anyone know what Hips Don’t Lie was about BEFORE they found the lyrics? NO! But she is VERY big here in the US. And look at Sean Kingsten….what is he? A rapper or a singer?….Anyway, you do not have to speak perfect English to make it big in the US. That’s a retarded thought. Look at Sean Paul. He’s worse than Shakira, and I even think his voice is annoying. People only like the way he looks.

2. P:I like BoA’s old songs in Korea and Japan…
M: I hear this so much. As much as you miss the old BoA, the girl can’t reverse time and go back to being a child again. People, the girl is 22. Even if she sang those old songs, she’d look retarded singing Id;Peace B at age 22. Those songs were for children. She’s not a child, so she has to sing more grown up things now. She even had to change in Korea and Japan. At least, she brought Girls on Top….

3. P: She sounds different from when she was overseas….
M: Of course she does. She’s in America and she speaks ENGLISH! Maybe now you understand her better and over there, you just liked the beat. She’s with the same company/production whatever, so she probably doesn’t sound as different as your ears are deceiving you to believe. None of her albums sound the same. Each year, they seemed to change to me. Love and Honesty sounds nothing like Valenti. Also, maybe you know the "Japanese" BoA, which is different from the "Korean" one. She’s under two different companies people. I feel her music is better and fresher, more hip-hop, with more style. (I believe most of those people who said something negative were white people *not all white people* who like fake artists like Katy Perry or Linkin Park, no offense, cuz I like Linkin Park, though I’m black).

4. P: Her style doesn’t fit the song. She seems too "boyish." Overseas, she was a girly girl, not a tomboy! She’s like Avril Lavigne…
M: First off, Avril can’t even compare to BoA in any way, Avril has no talent like BoA. BoA can dance and sings waaay better than Avril. Her style isn’t punk, it’s street, urban, which some people don’t understand…not naming any ethnicity here. It’s more like 90s TLC and Aaleigha..have you ever seen them. And yes, it’s an old style, and that style was the best style. It’s COOL to see it come back. It’s different from what horny people would expect. They want to see her half-naked, like Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears, which none of those females have any talent besides showing off their bodies. How entertaining…to gays and males.
And second of all, overseas, her ORIGINAL style for the Korean Id;Peace B, was tomboyish. Most so-called BoA fans, have only seen Listen to My Heart and Valenti first which was her girliest year, until 2004, which was even more girly. Know why? Because in 2001-2002 Japan decided to change her image when she debuted there. Japanese girls are a little more prissy than girls here and in other countries. Notice their anime girls…the ditzy naive ones, who are the main girls *Ran cough*. So she had to relate to the country she was debuting in, same here. BoA had only been debuted in Korea for a year before she decided to go to Japan, so her original style lasted for one year. In America, she’s representing her first debut, which was her first look: urban and street. She’s got a break-dancer style. I would only expect some hard-metal white people (not all white people) to compare her to Avril Lavigne, cuz they aren’t familiar with street music, rap, and hip hop. But even in concerts and tours overseas, in her oldest of old days, she never wore a skirt or heels, and always wore baggy pants and jackets. Never did until her image change in 2004, and barely then. She said she likes that style the best, and she’s glad she has more freedom to express it. Majority of Americans look like bums or sluts anyway…from what I’ve seen in school and in stores. Don’t pay attention to tv…Look, do you want the original Eat you Up MV? That has all the sex you want and it’s close to how the song sounds… SUCKS!

original MV

original style

US style


5. P: This sounds like generic pop. Like Britney Spears….. She has to be more unique…
M: Everything sounds generic nowadays. People are running out of ideas! But who cares? As long as it’s catchy! To me, it sounds unique, awesome, and makes me dance and sing. I was addicted all week. It’s fresh and urban. Britney Spears can’t even compare. First off, Britney dances "sexy" dancing, which isn’t dancing because anyone can do that. BoA is street, like Chris Brown, MJ dancing, so a lot of people said she dances boyish…but so? That’s awesome that a girl can do what a boy can do. Once again, they want to see a girl half-naked, shaking her butt, which Britney doesn’t even have one to shake, but does it anyway. Also, Britney can’t sing. BoA actually can hit a note. Thats why BoA sings live. Britney has never sang live. Thats why she’s not a singer or dancer, she’s an entertainer and performer…all she’ll be is a strip-tease. And I don’t hate Britney, but she ain’t nothing like BoA. I find her to be more like Janet Jackson, especially "I Did it for Love." And MJ is her inspiration. And American’s ideas of "unique" is "retarded" like "Ima Give you Hell" and "If you Seek Amy" Smoke pot, beat someone up, and have sex and lots of cars…a retarded mv to add a success in America. "White and Nerdy" reached the no. 1 spot, and Weird Al sings Karaoke!

6. P: Why is BoA’s voice covered with electronics?
M: First off, so is the whole freakin world! Don’t you know the world is run by computers! Music studios are covered in them. Even overseas BoA was converting. But they didn’t stop Kingsten guy, T-Pain. Rhianna. Hilary Duff! Everyone! She said this is a dance album, something you’d hear at a club. You’re not going to hear a BALLAD at a CLUB! BoA still has some songs that show off her voice, who cares if all of them don’t. The MVs don’t have to cuz she’s dancin anyway!

7. P: She doesn’t have any ballads on the album….
M: And put me to sleep? Don’t think so! What American is going to listen to a ballad all day? Everyone can’t be Alicia Keys and get away with it, and even she has to pump up the volume sometimes to get people’s attention.

8. P: I don’t understand the lyrics..they are suggestive…they don’t make sense…and they don’t represent her style. Overseas she was cleaner…
M: Are you deaf, retarded, or stupid? Listen to American music! All the lyrics are suggestive in America! Obviously, these people must be from a different country! I understood the lyrics perfectly! They made perfect sense. She wants to eat someone up because she thinks they are hot. But it’s all how you take it. I took it as she’s using the dance floor in a sarcastic/exaggerated way by calling it a "boy" and really means she’s going to Eat up the Dance floor. I Did it For Love is not suggestive, and neither is Energetic, her next single and mv. Energetic is her best. Also, she’s had some suggestive songs overseas, they just aren’t music videos like I don’t Give a D*** and Freak in Me. I even had to listen to Valenti a few times to convince myself it was okay….I feel her style is perfectly represented in the song. Why should she have to dress like a slut to represent that song? If Chris Brown or TLC sang that song in baggy pants no one would say anything. And who listens to lyrics anymore?

9. P: You have to be sexy to make it big in America….
M: Who says? Miley Cyrus ain’t!…then again…who knows. Okay, Demi ain’t…hmmm…I’ll give it a few years. Look, if you have to be a slut to make it big in the US, something is wrong with the US! Not BoA! You need to retrain your mind from "SLUTS ARE COOL" to "BRING BACK STREET AND URBAN" unless your a metal white person (not all white people), or want to hear some girl say she kissed another girl and liked it, then you won’t be listening to it anyway. Lady Gaga had to change her image when she came over here…and no one was complaining! And how come many Americans complained about BoA’s pathetic "sexy" version? Cuz it’s crap!

10. P: Ewww, her head is so big! She’s Asian…I hate Asian accents…I’m Korean and I don’t think the US is ready for an Asian artist…Her voice is squeaky…she’s short and looks like a little kid….
M: This is what ticks me off the most! WHAT THE BUTT?! All of these racist and prejudiced amateurs (takes the place of what I really want to say) who are trying to get someone’s attention, are making me ANGRY right now when I think about it. To me, this is a touchy remark because I am little and petite and many people say I look like a child, even though I am grown! Okay, BoA looks young…but she ain’t! And maybe this song will make you realize she is NOT! She’s 22 years old! do you have to look like an old lady with plastic surgery to be famous? No! Do you have to look like an over-sized marshmallow to be famous in the US? NO, you don’t! Bow Wow was a midget, but he was famous. Miley Cyrus IS a child and she’s famous! So what point am I making? Who cares! The girl’s got talent! As far as the Korean people saying the US isn’t ready for an Asian artist, I almost agree. Americans are ignorant and will bring you up to tear you down…but only online, to get attention. Really, they buy anything that is catchy regardless of who sang what and whether or not it’s different. Just grab their attention. If BoA ignores the comments and doesn’t give up like Se7en and Utada apparently did, then she will make it far. But she has to want this more than anything, just like anyone who wanted EQUAL RIGHTS in America. As far as her voice is concerned, thats why she’s hiding behind electronics. The same people crying for a ballad are hating her squeaky voice. I’ve heard worse. Raspy like a smoker’s voice, too loud, and too soft. I like her voice, I think it’s cute.

11. P: Her fans are pretending to be new fans to make her seem more popular on message boards!
M: What does that have to do with how good BoA is? That is a lie, I don’t have to pretend I’m someone else to admit this album is good!

I end this by saying, don’t listen to what others think, especially a bunch of 12 and 14 year old children who probably can’t afford to buy the CD anyway! Listen to her for yourself, her whole album! And then come to me! I am fed up with the so-called BoA fans, who really don’t know much about her music anyway! And I can’t stand Americans who want to see a slut run all over the place! I really can’t stand the racist buttholes who haven’t even given Asians a chance! And I can’t stand the heavy metal white people (not all white people) who want to hear a retarded song, and only know one other girl who dresses like BoA (and oh, this singer is WHITE too), Avril freakin Lavigne!

BoA, your target audience should be Asian, Mexicans, Black people (somewhat, cuz they have a problem with any race they say is "so-called" trying to "imitate" us black people), and Native Americans. Not too many white people like Urban and hip-hop. They like metal, a retarded song, smking pot, and a sex icon. Black people like bling, cars, sex, money, and "Soulja Boy" song…Hey, Black Eyed Peas didn’t get noticed till they started singing dumber songs and got the hot female….

Thats my rant!!!!!

~Over and Out~



BTW: congrats to the B-day friend! Hope you have fun! (Even though I don’t celebrate b-days)!


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