20Q.net can read your mind! (expect two new anime reviews!)

20 Jul

Soon, I will be back to my anime reviews. So if you’re wondering "isn’t this supposed to be a journal about animes?" Don’t worry. It takes time to watch all of all of those animes and then write a review. And this one won’t be a review either….but expect two new reviews in the future…a lot is going on right now as my vacation comes to an end, and reality sets in (I swear I’m moving to this vacation spot someday). But for now, I’m stuck in Chicago. So this entry is a quick one, and it is about this website.


This website can practically read your mind. But if you can conquer 20Q, you can be smarter, and teach the computer some things….This is also given to me by one of my Twitter buddies who I hope will create a banner for me…*cheesy smile*…So try it and tell me what you think.

~Over and Out~


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