(Please don’t ask again) Animejournal answers the Gay response!

21 Jul

I recently got caught into this discussion…and I hate to talk about this subject because many people get offended (on both ends) when it comes to this topic. They tend to become UNREASONABLE. The idea is on Gays and Gay Marriage….Now don’t get all worked up. Please be reasonable. One person wanted Animejournal’s opinion on this issue. If I give my opinion I know some people will leave my twitter and probably stop reading this. But I would hope that people will look at both sides here. How can you want someone to listen to your cause, if you don’t listen to others?

Now, my opinion on Gays and Gay marriage. Be prepared for what I’m going to say….ahem…

I DO NOT encourage being gay BUT I AM NOT AGAINST the idea of them having their rights. When I say I don’t encourage it, meaning I am not gay and I don’t think it is a good idea of how to live my life. I AM NOT against the rights the gays should have for themselves that the US promises. I even think people should be able to marry animals and children if they like….though some people would find that strange.


Seeing the gay’s point of view:
I understand that when people have a feeling it is HARD to ignore that feeling. People are encouraged to listen to their feelings and listen to their hearts in this society. Also, the US promises people their rights as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. I don’t see any rights of gays harming anyone in this generation or lifetime. There are things that the US government does that harm our country worse than anything could. I feel that gay people should be treated equally on the job or in stores and should be allowed to teach children and anything else. No one can help what their desire is and many people WHO ARE NOT GAY pursue their desires without anyone stopping them: smoking, fornication, and many other things that over the years and centuries of American history have allowed without punishment. Fornication and Adultery wasn’t allowed on this land, and anyone committing the act was punished. Eventually, that was allowed. But I feel one’s sexuality is a private choice that people have and gay people should have the rights to marry if they choose to.

Looking at the opposite view: I will never be gay. I do not encourage being gay because I feel, in a future lifetime, it could be the end of civilization and be a barrier to the reproduction stage of the human body. It is ABNORMAL because our bodies were not designed to be with anyone of the same sex. You can reproduce in a dangerous way or scientific means, but our natural bodies are more to be trusted than scientists. Many people say they are born that way, but from scientific knowledge we are not born with ANY sexuality. Sexuality period is developed at an early age, but not at birth. Sexuality is a DESIRE. Being GAY is a DESIRE.

Having GAY THOUGHTS is different. That is not a choice. It is a psychological thinking that has been instilled in someone’s mind based on back ground, culture, and anything else that effects our psyche. It is a deficiency. It is an idea and a thought. ACTING on that DESIRE is a choice. It’s just like wanting to get high. Getting high and wanting to get high are two different things. But it is not a normal instinct. Really, I’m a woman. Me desiring a man is a DESIRE. But the reason it is a normal desire is because our bodies and the idea of sexual intercourse is for REPRODUCTION, which only a man and woman can naturally do. Adding more to that is a choice.

Some people say Gay Rights is the same as Black Rights or Women’s Rights….but it is not the same. Being gay is a LIFESTYLE choice. It is not a natural born thing. I am black, and I can’t change the color of my skin. Being black is not a desire. It’s just THERE. But tending to act like the average stereotypical black person IS a lifestyle choice.

Dressing like a female, to me, does not determine if someone is gay. There are many different types of dress and styles in the world, and many people have different tastes. But it is obvious that clothes are made to fit the person they represent. It’s just like if you’re a big woman, you SHOULD buy the clothes in your size. Some women don’t, that’s a choice. If you’re skinny, then buy the clothes in your size. If you don’t, that’s a choice. But you risk your clothes either suffocating you, or falling off. Men don’t have the body to wear women’s clothing.

It is a preference, which means it is a choice, or the choice you prefer.
Religion has nothing to do with this. Love aint got nothing to do with this. Love does not involve reproduction. If it is good for our bodies, it’s what we SHOULD do. But we don’t always do what we should in this world, do we? Some argue you can’t change how you feel, but people can change how they feel, and they do it all the time.

PROBLEMS WITH THE ANTI GAY PEOPLE: Many people who are anti-gay tend to throw morals and religion in a gay person’s face, and at the same time smoke, tattoo their bodies, get drunk, et etc…If you are going to criticize someone who is gay, check yourself first. I think everyone has a desire that they hold back or decide to relish. Do you follow by the Bible step by step? If you do not, don’t pick out ONE passage, and not find one for yourself first. Many have never even tried to talk to someone who is gay and get their side or view on things. And many treat them like they have a disease or Leprosy. I don’t believe they are going to Hell, and I don’t believe in Hell at all. I understand them because I’m different. I have a different religion from most people. It is not a reason to act like that person is going to harm you or want to have sex with you in particular. Most gays love other gays, not people who are straight. Bi-sexuals might, but that is your choice or preference whether you want to pursue someone like that.

PROBLEMS WITH GAY PEOPLE: They tend to get angry if you don’t agree with them. They lash out at you that you are prejudice, and completely take it out of proportion. They defend their cause without reasoning and even trying to understand the other person. First, understand why you want to be gay. Next, have proof. And be calm about it. Really know how you feel, and understand that thought or feeling. Really think about it. It’s just like when someone confuses a crush with love…there is a difference. You may find you have a different feeling toward that feeling. Or maybe none at all. Before you grab someone’s neck, understand where the other is coming from and realize the consequences of your actions, not today, but IN THE FUTURE. You think for yourself why you hate women or men, and prefer someone else. And ask yourself why two different genders were put on this earth.

That is my thought on this issue. Do I think homosexuality is right? Not for my lifestyle, and not for the benefit of the human race. But because many things that many people do in today’s world don’t benefit the human race, it really doesn’t matter anymore what is right or wrong, as each consequence will be weighed differently. Me loving women will only satisfy a desire, which is selfish, and will be called a selfish desire. Me loving a man will allow me to make room for natural production, designed for the human body, and produce children and make more humans, and still allow me to satisfy my desires. That’s better for me.

For Gay marriage

Against gay marriage

For gay marriage (logically)

Against Gay marriage (logically)



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Just some food for thought…..

~Over and Out~


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