BoA-NEW Energetic MV is OUT!!!!

22 Jul

EXCITED I AM to give this news! BoA’s OFFICIAL Energetic MV has been released! Just yesterday, I asked BoA about it on youtube, not expecting a response….went to check my messages on youtube anyway, and what do I find? BoA MV has been revealed! PLEASE LET THIS BE HER BREAK! I love this song the best of the three, though I like Touched the best on the album, and so does everyone, but this is good too! Everyone won’t be satisfied really…but it seems many people like it though because of the ratings….so give it a chance.

Energetic MV

I Did it For Love MV

Eat You Up MV

Eat you Up (New Version) MV

Keep in mind, this is only her US MVs, but she has many more MVs in Japan and Korea where she is considered the POP GODDESS! So enjoy, comment on it, give opinions, and I’ll probably post more MVs later….

Today is the end of my vacation…so I’m really not feeling well. Bare with me…I’m not excited about going home…to reality. But you gotta face it sometime right?

~Over and Out~


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