BoA’s WHOLE self-entitled ALBUM!!!! Review

27 Jul

Have u heard BoA’s album yet? If not, here it is, and also a little treat from BoA’s Made in Twenty album!

Everything Needs Love-Made in Twenty!

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BoA US Album!!!


My favorite songs are Scream, Touched, Energetic, Hypnotic Dancefloor…

My sister likes Touched and Did ya….

Touched should be the next MV, what do you all think? Please feel free to give feedback if you like!

I will review this album right now!

1.I Did it For Love-A cool song, not a song you’d expect to start off an album, but average. There is nothing too special about this song. It’s not as strong as others, and yet it is catchy and has a mature charm to it…maybe because the chorus keeps repeating….I’m not really fond of the Sean Garrett songs as much as BoA alone, but it isn’ the worst. The song is about someone who hurt themselves trying to love someone else who wasn’t good for them. And despite what friends were saying, that person didn’t listen. Song: 8/10

2. Energetic-Definitely upbeat! Gets me dancing, even if it is repetitive, but thats the point. It’s about a club. I also like how the words are put together here…it’s interesting…I think it’s definitely something to bump in your car or pop to at a club, of course the new version is better, but it was fine with me either way. It’s about dancing especially in a club, of course, one of BoA’s favorite pastimes…as some of you already know.It definitely gave the crowd some energy at Gay Pride. song: 9/10

3. Did Ya-my sister’s favorite, and many others. If you don’t recognize the tune, it’s from music&lyrics, from the song Buddha’s Delight. It is better to me with BoA’s powerful vocals emphasized in this song more than any other on the album really. It is impressively catchy, charming, and keeps the BoA spirit. It is about someone trying to show her man that she has moved on without him, and that now he wants her, but it’s too late. But she’s got everything she needs. 10/10

4. Look Who’s Talking-written by Britney Spears…can you tell? It sounds like it…it’s an okay song, with a lot of energy. BoA was always known to have this kind of energy, and so it fits her. The chorus is catchy, though nothing else is really special. It’s fun and flirty. It’s about everyone is looking at her, but she feels she’s doing okay if it’s about her. She can figure her own life

5. Eat you Up-I like this song. For some reason, I liked it when I first heard it. It’s a bit rugged, a bit urban, and she seems to be singing better. And the words are clear, and it’s just a catchy and sassy song. It is about her seeing a boy and wanting to eat him up with love. I take it as eatin up the dancefloor, and using the word"boy" as an analogy….I guess after seeing the vid, I have a different opinion….if you hear this enough it will get stuck in your head…Song:9/10

6. Obsessed-A lot of people like this song too. It is Rihanna-ish to me. A little teeny-bopper-ish. But it is really flirty and bouncy. It really is a good song. The vocals are better here, and would’ve gone well with an MV, I think. It’s about her being obsessed over someone, of course. 9/10

7. Touched-The best song on the whole album! It is funky, catchy, makes you want to dance! It is urban, rugged, a little sassy and sexy! I also think the lyrics are interesting. The song is about her standing on the other side of the room and starin at this boy and waiting for him to make the first move in the dark club. I love this song. It also has the BoA flavor, especially the third verse. It reminds me of the album Girls on Top or My Name. The beat is off-the-chain! It’s a great song!10/10

8. Scream-I love this song…it is so mysterious! It was originally written by Monrose, a Swedish girl group, but I think BoA sings it better. It sounds scary, interesting, and fun at the same time. It is epic and memorable. I find the chorus stuck in my head often. The eerie mystery makes it just magnificent. It’s about her being vampiress-like in her desires for this guy, and him having the same mysterious desires….9/10

9. Girls on Top-Finally, a song from overseas has made it over here! This was on the Korean album Girls on Top, but this is in English. I have to admit, it sounds weird to hear it in English. But I like the way the chorus goes. It’s better than the Korean version. Not the whole song, just the chorus. To me they sound the same, but i guess I can understand it. It’s supposed to represent girl power, how a girl can be whoever she wants to be and can be just as good as the boys, even if she looks good. One distinct different is the replacement of dbsk with sean garrett…..8/10

10. Dress Off-My least favorite song on the album. It is not the worst I’ve heard on albums, but it is just a werid, overly sexy song. Many people say it’s different from BoA. but i don’t think so, thinking about songs like Freak in Me in Korea….but this song just sounds weird and took awhile to grow on me. And I’m only used to the chorus…..It’s about her knowing that this boy only wants her dress off, but she wants him to give all of himself if he wants that, and not his senseless accomplishments, like fast cars and bling……6/10

11. Hypnotic Dancefloor-I love this song. When I first heard it, I kept playing it over and over! It makes you want to dance, and it makes you hypnotized! I kept singing this song. It was made for a club. It is catchy, fun, but has a hint of mystery and intrigue in it……It’s about dancing and how it makes her feel, as she loves to dance. And she can dance too…(check out her MVs in the other enteries)10/10

12. Eat you Up (remix)-This came with my CD on itunes, and it’s okay, and pretty catchy. you’re not hearing this at the top, so I won’t spoil it.

Overall it gets an 8/10. I feel that it is Good. It has some really catchy songs, some really unique undertones, and some BoA flavor. It is urban, street, and often times a little intriguing….I think there are some good cuts, though some songs tend to be average, a little repetitive, and one needs to be removed completely, I feel I can listen to this album 500 times and stomach it. It will never be a boring album: no ballads. Though that also stopped BoA from using her true voice, but I don’t really care, as long as the song is catchy and makes me dance and stay awake long enough to hear the whole thing.

So that’s my BoA album review. I know I promised those anime reviews, but I have to finish the animes first…bare with me….

~Over and Out~


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