MGA, Mattel, and the Moxie Girlz!!!!!

27 Jul

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This new entry, if you haven’t guessed, is on the new Moxie Girlz. I’m going to give you the info on the latest.


Of course, all doll fans online know by now that the Bratz are being forced off of shelves in stores do to a court case that the makers of Barbie, the Bratz’ biggest rival, won. MGA created the Bratz in 2001 and happened to have an ex-designer from Mattel make the dolls, Carter Bryant. Turns out…he was still under contract when he gave MGA the Bratz dolls (poor guy, an old company still following after him after he quit…). The contract said that any plans an employer makes while under contract is Mattel’s. This made them win the case *sighs* and forced MGA to stop making Bratz dolls, which I think is unfair.

Do you know how bad this is? For some people who hated the Bratz and thought they were provocative, or for some who felt MGA deserved punishment, they feel this is good news.

But for most, everyone knows this is a great lost to the doll world. Bratz were the first dolls to be real competitors to Barbie. They had attitude, actually fashionable clothes, interesting accessories, and a good mix of ethnicity and skin color. They were not adults, but teenagers, and attracted the tween market, something Babs failed to do in her whole entire career. Bratz had about 5 or more CDs, more than 7 DVDs, including a live action, and lots of items like karaoke machines, phones, bedding, etc , not to mention clever ideas for doll lines. They did often wear skimpy, huggable clothing, and lots of make-up, but they expressed individuality and style.

They had a Babyz line, Boyz, Petz, and Kidz, also Lil Bratz.

All of these items are being removed next year, Spring 2010….

I feel this was Mattel’s plan all along…find a way to get rid of the Bratz plan. and they succeeded. But what they fail to realize is that MGA is not the only company disappointed….so are the millions of fans….

what I have to say is not all people know about this. Some people who are parents and don’t look up Bratz online (due to the fact they don’t care about toys) don’t even know or care Bratz will not be here.

Also, there are some little girls who don’t check Bratz online, but buy the merchandise, who are still oblivious to the fact that Bratz won’t be around. They are still putting Bratz on their wish lists….like my cousins. And so this is a threat to them.

And Mattel feels no remorse. They don’t care. They just want to see a rise in Barbie’s profits now that the real competition is out of the way. But I don’t think I will be buying a Barbie…not for my own children even! I will buy them video games before I buy them Barbie.

But…there is another problem…MOXIE GIRLZ….

The Moxie Girlz were designed to replace the Bratz, and I have to say What the butt??
They are a crying shame! They tell a depressing story all on their own! They reveal to us the damage this case has done. The Moxie Girlz are missing something….a lot of something.

Bratz have:
1)Cute clothes
2)urban, down-to-earth, Attitude and personality
3)interesting accessories
4)unique styles and lines
5)different backgrounds and ethnicity and colors
6) A sassy name

Despite the fact that Moxie Girlz wear less make-up, and have a more innocent appeal,

Moxie Girlz lack in:
1)cute clothing-they look like someone slapped some junk together from a garbage can and said "style." Their clothes are too frilly and little-girlish. They are tacky and pitiful looking.
2)Attitude-okay, they represent being yourself and following your dreams, but so does every freakin doll! Bratz had attitude! They had the glossy eyes, the big lips, like they were urban. Moxie Girlz look like naive children and look gullible. They lack sass.
3)interesting accessories-it’s too early to say much, but a bike doesn’t interest me.
4)the lines are flimsy and retarded. They remind me of little girls, once again. They don’t seem to have any fashion taste or anything different, not even from each other for that matter. Hey, they aren’t the girls with a passion for fashion right…which makes them lack style or substance.
5)ethnicity-it’s there, but it’s not interesting. They remind me of Barbie dolls or Diva Starz. Their ethnicity does not appeal to me the same way.
6) A sassy name-what the butt is a moxie? That doesn’t even make sense. kids can’t even pronounce that name. It has meaning, but what kid is going to be able to say that word? That name lacks all the sass Bratz had.

It’s really a sad situation, and to me, a lose-lose one for both Mattel and MGA. But MGA lost the most. They only had Bratz, now they have nothing. And some people even said they wouldn’t even buy Moxie Girlz. So Mattel will have succeeded once again with being on top…if anyone decides to buy Hannah Montana, American Girl, Demi Lavato, etc, which they will. Mattel has killed MGA. It’s sad really. But I won’t be purchasing any Barbie dolls ever again. Thats the spill.

~Over and Out~

 BTW: Lets Congratulate the_muse_box who is celebrating being a year older!


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