Black Organization (Part I): Detective Conan!

3 Aug

This entry is one of the two Black Organizations that spark my interest. The first one being Detective Conan’s BO. Keep in mind Detective Conan is long (500+ episodes, 64 volumes and still ongoing). If you want to know the story, go to the DETECTIVE CONAN REVIEW in "older entries" on the left-hand corner of the screen.

The Black Organization is not really called the Black Organization. The real name has not been revealed, but it is said to have "that person’s name" or the "boss’ name." The Black Organization is a large crime syndicate that specializes in all the worse criminal activity you can think of, from robbery, to murder, to blackmail, they have done it all. And they do it secretly, often escaping the eyes of the FBI, and cleverly out-witting even Shinichi/Conan. The organization consists of very clever and professional criminals, and also they have connections in "high places." They have members from all over the world, but it seems mostly in America, as it seems majority of the members lived there. Then again, a lot of them have Japanese names. They are known to be the "Underground," known to wear clothes as "black as crows", which is symbolic in episode 176, and known to have alcoholic beverages as nicknames. They have a hierarchy in the organization. The higher you are, the more respect you get, and you receive a nickname. The BO has yet to reveal everything, but everyone knows they are the antagonists of the story.

Gin (Roller Coaster Murder case)
Gin is a shogun, a goon, clever, and witty. He has impressive deducing skills, and is good at being a criminal and getting away with it. He often knows how to elude the FBI, and knows how to escape the "two silver bullets" who are often said to be the ones who will take down the organization. He is known to have blonde/silver hair, a black hat, and drives a Porsche 356A. He also carries a silencer handgun, his favorite being a Beretta M1934, but he uses other weapons and poisons to kill often. He is always seen with his partner, Vodka, who calls him "Aniki." He was also partners with Rye, who called him "Kobito-san." Gin is faithful to the organization, and is an executive member of the BO. He never hesitates to kill a traitor or anyone who makes themselves involved. He was the person who forced the poisoned drug down Shinichi’s throat, making him shrink, thus beginning the story. He is cold-blooded, heartless, and sharp. He is also after Sherry. He can recognize her whereabouts by a single strand of hair.

Vodka (Rollercoaster Murder Case)
He is Gin’s sidekick, and often calls him "Bro." Not much else is known about him. He is a burly man, with a black hat, and shades on. He’s not very bright, but apparently, he’s good with roughing someone up or killing someone with a gun. His weapon of choice is a Browning Hi-Power. However, he has used other weapons, and poisons to kill, just like his partner. It is evident that Vodka is also loyal to the org because he has never done anything to cause suspicion among his members, and completes all missions without remorse.

Vermouth (Meeting With The Black Organization Again)
She is an American actress named Chris Vineyard. A lot of people still think she is Sharon Vineyard, Chris’ so-called mother, though they can’t explain how Sharon would’ve stayed so young. The media continues to claim Chris as Sharon’s daughter, and even showed her at her mother’s funeral. It’s no wonder everyone is confused. Vermouth is the mistress of disguise, as she’s learned from the best: Kaitou Kid’s father. Once, she even pretended to be Araide-Sensei, a friendly doctor. She is also very well acquainted with Shinichi’s mom, Yukiko Kudou, is also an actress. She is said to have beef with Jodie-sensei, an FBI member, whose father was killed by Vermouth. Vermouth is the most fickle of all the members. It is hard to read her. Though she doesn’t hesitate to kill, she seems to be reluctant when it comes to children, and Ran and Shinichi, who saved her life once. She calls Ran "Angel" and Shinichi "Cool Guy" and "Silver bullet." Her most infamous saying is "A Secret makes a Woman, a Woman." She rides a V-rod motorcycle. She is considered "that person’s" favorite, so she seems to be the only one who can get away with her behavior. She is also the only one who seems to know Ai Haibara is Shiho Miyano, or Sherry. She often wears revealing clothes….

Kir (Clash of Red and Black)
Kir’s guise name is Rena Mizunashi. Her real name is Hidemi Hondou. She was a newscast reporter as her alias, and also part of the BO. BUT she really was undercover and is a CIA member from America. Her father was a CIA member, and had Kir kill him so she could pass the initiation to get into the BO. Eusike Hondou is her brother, and was set on finding her, his only family. Eusike was a sickly boy, with Leukemia. When she fell off of her motorcycle, she was enrolled in the hospital, where the BO went to retrieve her. Gin later suspected that she was on the FBI’s side. To prove Kir’s loyalty, he ordered her to kill Rye. She supposedly suceeded, and kept her position.

Korn (425)
He is a silent sniper. He seems older than the rest, and he appears focused. He can shoot at a 600 yard distance. He is known to wear a hat, shades, and be with his partner Chianti. He resents Vermouth because he blames her for the death of Calvados. He is known to be in a lot of missions, and to be loyal to the BO.

Chianti (425)
Chianti is loud, and rough around the edges. She has a tattoo over one of her eyes, and is impatient. She is known to have beef with Vermouth who she suspects was involved with Calvados’ death. she always seems anxious to shoot, and has appeared on numerous cases.

Bourbon (recent)
He is said to be Okiya Subaru, though it has not yet been confirmed. Bourbon is said to have recently replaced Rye, and has excellent investigation skills, He is also said to be an ex-FBI member. Not much else is known about him.

Also known as "That Person," whoever that person is, every member jumps to this person’s tune. The only thing known about him is he has a phone number that sounds like the song "7 year old Child" when punched in a phone.
Vermouth is this person’s favorite.

Tequila (Volume 12, Video Game episode)
Tequila didn’t last long as he was killed in earlier episodes. He was a very tall man (6"5), who had a booty chin, shades, and a hat. He was last seen talking to Gin and Vodka. He was killed when he picked up the wrong briefcase at a game convention, which held a bomb.

Pisco (Meeting with the Black Organization again)
Pisco is an old-time member, and remembers Sherry since she was a baby. He was good friends with Sherry’s parents and knew all about the poisoned drug they were working on. He was involved in a case after he murdered another member, who the BO became restless with. But Pisco was discovered in a leaked photo on the internet, so the BO killed him. He instantly knew that Ai was Sherry. He is also the only person who calls Sherry by her "real" first name. He was assigned to kill her, which was unsuccessful. He is an old man who smokes. He has served "that person" for years.

A fellow sniper to Chianti and Korn, and who was killed while on a mission with Vermouth. His face was never shown.

Mad Scientist
Sherry and Akemi’s father, who began the research of APTX, which was originally a drug to raise the dead. His real name was Atsushi Miyano. Even though most people called him a "Mad Scientist" he was infamous, and Agasa thought he was a kind, and polite man, interested in all of Agasa’s inventions. He joined the BO to get a head-start on his science research and use their labs. It was then he changed. He was supposedly killed in an "accident" doing research.

Hell Angel
Sherry and Akemi’s mother, name being Elena Miyano. She is from England, and has the same reddish hair color, according to pictures. She met Atsushi while studying in Japan. She was also shown to wear shades, and be very cold, shy, and off-standish. She speaks English and Japanese fluently. She left some tapes behine for Sherry. When Conan heard them, after prying, he concluded that she was a "real Angel." She was also a scientist, but not very well-known. she was supposedly killed in an "accident" doing research.

Akemi Miyano (Billion Yen Robbery Case)
Akemi Miyano, under the guise Hirota Masami, taken from her college professor’s name, was three years old when her parents got involved with the BO. She was able to live a normal life as she grew up in Japan, though she was kept under heavy surveillance. Eventually, she joined the organization to help her sister to escape. She soon began dating Rye. This caused problems for her, and the BO gave her a proposition: If she robbed 1 billion yen from the bank successfully, she and her sister, Sherry, could leave the BO, if she didn’t succeed, they would kill them both. Of course, they didn’t think she would succeed, and had planned on killing her. So when she did succeed, Gin killed her anyway. Her last words before she died was telling Conan the little information she knew about the BO. She was not a very important member in the BO.

Sherry (Girl from the Black Organization)
Sherry, her real name being Shiho Miyano, was born into the organization, which explains her stony demeanor. she is excellent at science. She was a very important and high-ranking member, as the BO’s scientist. She completed the APTX-4869 after her parents died. She INVENTED the drug that shrunk Shinichi, thus beginning the story. After her sister was killed, she began to be suspicious of the BO. The organization didn’t give her time to ponder. They immediately put her in the BO’s gas chamber when she demanded to know of her sister. Sherry, knowing that death was near, took the APTX left in her pocket. Instead of killing her, however, she shrunk back to when she was younger. She was able to escape out of the laundry shoot and found her way to Shinichi Kudou’s house, where Agasa, Shinichi’s neighbor and friend, found her. She took on the alias Ai Haibara, and enrolled in Conan’s school. She is considered a traitor, and Gin is perplexed how she was able to escape her death. Gin is determined to kill her. She is known for her reddish-brown hair. She is part white, part Japanese, and she was sent to America as a child to study. She has a lot of western influence in her. She said she was not in a lovely school, and didn’t have much of a childhood, unlike her sister, who lived a normal life. She is constantly told by family to get a boyfriend. There’s some evidence she likes Shinichi/Conan, but not very clear. But the org knows that she has "embraced" him as her savior and protector. She was also well-acquainted with Rye, who she helped become big in the BO. The FBI asked her if she wanted to join the Witness Protection Program, but she refused, not wanting to run and hide anymore.

Rye (230)
Rye’s guise in the organization is Moroboshi Dai. His real name is Akai Shuuichi, also called Shuu by Jodie Sensei, and "the silver bullet" by Vermouth. He was part of the FBI, but joined the BO to infiltrate it. He began dating Akemi Miyano to get in, but she wasn’t a very high ranking member. He quickly became acquainted with Akemi’s younger sister, Sherry, who had connections, and helped him rise the hierarchy in the BO. At first, he kept to himself, but eventually he distinguished himself. Soon, he was called upon to work with Gin. But Gin was no idiot, and discovered Rye was a part of the FBI. Soon after, Rye’s girlfriend was killed, and Rye sought to seek revenge. Rye is now considered Gin’s biggest rival, and someone "that person" is afraid of. He was supposedly killed by Kir, after Kir had to prove her loyalty to the BO, but there is speculation and hints that he is still alive, with a scar left on his face.

Sigehiko Nomiguchi (Meeting with the Black Organization Again)
A politician, or lawyer, who was being arrested for taking bribes during cases. The BO decided to kill him at a mourning party for a famous director, afraid he would leak information to the police about the BO. Pisco was the man in charge of it, though Vermouth helped. It was evident he was doing business with the BO. His whole family disappeared soon after his death, and anyone else related to him.

Rikumichi Kusuda (Clash of Red and Black)
A low-ranking member who volunteered to pretend to be a patient in order to track down Kir, who had been enrolled in the hospital. He immediately discovered the FBI was surrounding that place. since Conan had damaged his phone, he contacted the BO another way: by suicide. He seemed crazy, but he knew what he was doing. Some say he committed suicide because he knew he couldn’t match with Akai Shuuichi who was on his tail. So he killed himself before he was caught.

Cornelius Graver (Volume 19)
He is a deformed member of the BO, and a bit psychotic. He was employed by the BO as an assassin, but the BO saw he was useless. they sent him to be tested by Sherry with APTX drug, but he escaped, and began killing innocent people thinking they were with the BO. He’s known as Numabuchi Kichiro.

Other BO Members that are considered non-canon:

Arrack (Special Volume 26)
Known to have committed suicide.

Hara Yoshiaki who was killed by gin in movie 5, after failing the mission to kill Sherry.

Irish also killed by Gin, after discovering Conan’s identity and failing to kill him.

Generic, also known as Gen, who was an old friend of Sherry’s and considers her a sister. He lost his memory due to his own removal gas. He also used the APTX-4869 to shrink.

Well, that’s the latest spill on the BO from Detective Conan. Keep in mind, this anime isn’t over and some things are subject to change over time. So keep you eyes out for the next DC info!

I love this BO because they are so dangerous, and have such interesting, and in-depth backgrounds. The character development here is remarkable and shows what a great writer, like Goshyo Aoyama, is made of.


COMING UP: Black Organization (Part II): Kingdom Hearts!

~Over and Out~



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