Black Organization (Part II): Kingdom Hearts!

8 Aug

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It is finally here everyone! I know it’s been awhile, but i finally gathered my thoughts together and decided on what to say. This entry is dedicated to the black organization in the Kingdom Hearts game series! BTW, the song in that vid is from Tekken! LOL

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The Black Organization’s real name is called Organization 13, often in roman numeral (XIII). This was at first thought to be due to the fact that there were thirteen members in the org. But it turns out there were originally 14….so that will be confirmed later in the series. If it is already confirmed, I won’t tell you anyway, because of SPOILERS for myself….Organization is recognized by their all-black cloaks and even dark shoes. They also have elemental powers rested in them too. The organization is a group of "Nobodies" that formed an alliance in order to create their own hearts, which left them, thus making them nobodies. Nobodies come from people who had strong hearts, fell into darkness, and lost their hearts while strong. Though their hearts perished, their bodies didn’t. All of this was explained in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 2. The nobodies themselves don’t have hearts, and only act on what they remember, not really having true feelings or emotions. But without the organization, many have different intentions than others, and it causes an upheaval. Most of them have bad intentions. Some are even disloyal to the Org. For now, I’m going to talk about all the org members involved, and even one who helped the org. They are also known to have similar names to their original selves, just with an "X" in it. They cause many problems for Sora, the protagonist. See Kingdom Hearts Review in "older entries" on the left hand corner of the screen.

Xemnas (showed up in KHII as a nobody, Radiant Garden)
Xemnas is the nobody of Xehanort, who took on the alias name of Ansem, originally Xehanort’s tutor. Xemnas is also known as The Leader of Between, or the Guide to Interstice. Xemnas holds the power of Darkness within him from his original self. His original self was strange, and held strange powers. All he ever knew was evilness. He became interested in the "essence of the heart" and "darkness" when he became an apprentice to Ansem the Wise. But Ansem the wise wanted to stop the study because it caused danger in the world. This made Xehanort angry. Xehanort continued the study without Ansem the Wise’s knowledge with six other apprentices. Eventually, they rebelled against him and took over, causing darkness to take over the current world they were living in (kingdom hearts is full of worlds). Eventually, Xehanort was able to connect the worlds by opening the doors to darkness. This allowed Xehanort access to other worlds, bringing darkness with him. He was obsessed with darkness, and concluded that all hearts began in darkness and should end there. Xehanort was so obsessed he created his own heartless, beings born from darkness and feed on people’s hearts. He even made himself into a heartless, until Sora destroyed him! Xemnas continued the rampage after Xehhanort perished. Xehanort was crazy, but had a strong heart. Xemnas is number one in the organization, and the Superior, they call him. Xemnas is often thought to be mysterious to the org. Many don’t understand him or his intentions. He is just obsessed with darkness, and knows nothing else. His goal of gaining Kingdom Hearts is to make a world of his own image. He controls the Sorcerer Nobodies, lower ranking nobodies, and uses aerial blades called Forbidden, which look like light sabers from Star Wars…..He also makes many illusions…..Despite his crazy nature, he runs the show. He has silver spiky hair and tanned skin, which leads people to believe he’s black…He was supposedly defeated by Sora…who knows, he was such a weirdo, it seems like he’s always defeated, and comes back to life again…

Xigbar (Kingdom Hearts II, Land of Dragons)
Xigbar, also known as the Freeshooter, is number two in the organization, and one of the seven apprentices who rebelled against Ansem the Wise. No one truly knows his original being, but there is speculation that he was Braig. He controls the Sniper Nobodies, and controls two Gun arrows, which combine with a sniper rifle, and it is called "Sharpshooter." He has the ability to teleport fast and send a wave of sharpshooting missiles. He has an eye patch over one eye, and a little ponytail. I even think he has a scar underneath that eye patch. He looks very rugged, and has a funny and rough personality. He’s a bit rough-around-the-edges. He constantly called Sora "Roxas." It’s unknown why he wants kingdom hearts. He was defeated by Sora.

Xaldin (Kingdom Hearts II, Beast’s Castle)
Xaldin, or the Whirlwind Lancer, is number three in the organization, and one of the seven apprentices that rebelled against Ansem the Wise. His true being is thought to be Dilan. He controls the lance-wielding Dragoon Nobodies. He uses the wind to manipulate six lances, called the Dragon Tusk translated. He has an accent that almost seems either French or Spanish…he also has side burns (lol)and a ponytail. He likes to tease….in a mean way. He was assigned in KHII to get the heart of Beast, who had a strong heart, so that a nobody could be created. Other than his mean teasing, not much else is known about him. He wants Kingdom Hearts so he can be a complete being. Sora defeated him.

Vexen (KH: Chain of Memories)
Vexen is number four in the organization, and known as the Chilly Academic. His original being is thought to be Even. He was one of the original seven apprentices to Ansem the Wise. He controls ice and carries a large sheild called "Freeze Pride." He is arrogant and feels that his status surpasses those below him. He never fails to mention he is number 4 in the org. He is a scientist, and was interested in Xehanorts’ memories. He was assigned to help the members in Castle Oblivion. He created a Riku replica to further mess with Sora and Riku’s memories, which effected their hearts. He was assigned to test Sora’s worth, create a nobody from Riku, and later, investigate Marluxia’s intentions, who was Lord of Castle Oblivion. Vexen’s life was threatened by the younger members. Eventually, and he perished by Axel’s hands. He has long blonde hair, and looks old.

Lexaeus (KH: Chain of Memories,Reverse/Rebirth)
Lexaeus is number five in the organization, and one of the seven apprentices to Ansem the Wise. He is known as the Silent Hero. His original being is thought to be Aeleus. He controls an Axe Sword, and has superhuman strength, which make him able to use earth-based powers, like breaking rocks and shaking the area. He is very silent, and stiff. He is hard-core, literally. He never smiles. He has red wavy hair, and a stone expression. He was assigned to Castle Oblivion to counter attack Marluxia who was using Sora for treasonous purposes. He was defeated by Riku, who posessed the Superior’s powers at the time.

Zexion (KH: Chain of Memories, Reverse/Rebirth)
Zexion is number six in the organization, and one of the seven apprentices to Ansem the Wise. He is regarded as The Cloaked Schemer, and his original being was thought to be Lenzo. He is the youngest of the apprentices and was the one who suggested an underground lab for research. His powers are mysterious as he uses the power of illusion and mimics other weapons. He even pretends to be others, like he pretended to be Sora in Riku’s story. He uses a lexicon as his weapon. He also creates duplicates of himself. For the longest time, no one knew what his power was, as he never fought Riku in the original version of the game. But in Final Mix and the remake, his powers were shown in battle. He is mysterious and very loyal to the organization. He thinks of it as a brotherhood. Zexion was planning on using Riku against Marluxia, who had planned to rebel against the org. Zexion has an emo-like appearance, with blue hair that covers his eyes. He was defeated by the experiment, Riku replica, who was manipulated by Axel.

Saix (Kingdom Hearts II, Twilight Town)
Saix is number seven in the organization, and one of the seven apprentices to Ansem the Wise. Because he was really new, he came at a time the rebellion was beginning, so he was not familiar with the dangers darkness could bring and followed the team to do more research. He is often called the Luna Diviner. His original being is unknown. His power controls a claymore that he wields, and draws power from the moon. He also controls the Beserker Nobodies, lower-ranking nobodies. He has silver-blue spiked hair with a large X-shaped scar on his face running down from his head to his nose. Saix is a suck-up, and the closest to the Superior. But even Saix thinks Xemnas is a little insane. Saix was ordered to stop the actions of Axel, a wishy-washy member, whose intentions were unclear for both sides of the rebellion. He wants kingdom hearts to become a full being, though he suspects the Superior doesn’t feel the same….Saix was also ordered to kidnap Kairi, Sora’s supposed "love interest" and refused to return her. He was defeated by Sora.

Axel (KH: Chain of Memories)
Axel is number eight in the organization, and was not a part of the apprentices. However, he has a very high rank closest to the original seven. This puts him in the middle of things. The newest members all look to Axel with respect at first because he can get them in high places, and isn’t as stiff as the originals. The originals have known him more than the other new members. But Axel doesn’t really seem to be on any side. His intentions are unclear, but he did have a closeness with Roxas, the 13th member. Roxas made him feel like he had a heart. He used to be in good standings with Saix as well. He was assigned to deal with organization traitors, though he kind of ended up being one himself. He is in charge of the Assassin Nobodies, and fights with chackrams that manipulate fire. His weapon is called Eternal Flame. He is known as the Flurry of Dancing Flames. His original self is thought to be named Lea. Axel is cunning, funny, a bit sarcastic, and a naughty boy. But, deep within him, he really wants to have real emotions. Axel pretended to befriend the newer members and go along with their plan of rebellion, and even killed Vexen as ordered by the Lord of the Castle. But because of Axel, their plans are foiled. He twists some things around to his own benefit, causing the fall of both operations entirely. Axel was worried about Roxas, who left the organization, and sought to look for him. Axel manipulates the whole situation to his advantage, betraying the rebels AND the org….???….Axel is defeated when he used a suicide attack to help Sora. Axel has firey red hair (like Rino from FF series) and two tear drop scars near his eyes.

Demyx (Kingdom Hearts II, Underworld)
Demyx is number nine in the organization. He is referred to as the Melodious Nocturne. He controls water through a sitar (cooler guitar) called an Arpeggio, which allows him to duplicate himself. He also controls the Dancer Nobodies. He was assigned to watch Sora’s progress. Demyx tries to talk to Roxas through Sora. Demyx’s personality is that of a wimp. He is always afraid of doing missions, and he always seems to get the lousy ones. He is not involved with the rebellion like most of the newbies. His original self is unknown. Demyx looks young with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He was defeated by Sora.

Luxord (Kingdom Hearts II, Port Royal)
Luxord is number 10 in the organization. He is often called the Gambler of Fate. He specializes in gambling, and controls the Gambler Nobodies. He can transform Sora into a card or die. He uses a deck of cards known as Fair Game, which is offensive and defensive battle strategies. He also has power over time. Luxord seems to love amusement, considering his behavior in Port Royal. Not much else is known about him, as he remains neutral and silent when it comes to the rebellion and kingdom hearts. He doesn’t seem to care about either one. He just finishes his assignment. He has a European British accent, and people often think he was a pirate in his earlier years, but it’s just speculation. he has a bleached fade of a haircut, if you will. he has an earring in his ear, gold hoop, and is pretty tall. He also has a "fuzz of a beard. He looks well-shaven. He was defeated by Sora.

Marluxia (KH: Chain of Memories)
Marluxia is number eleven in the organization. He is known as the Graceful Assassin, and Lord of the Castle. He is one of the newer members who planned to rebel against Organization 13. Xemnas gave Marluxia authority over Castle Oblivion, a castle that makes people forget things the moment you step in. Marluxia was going to use Sora to overthrow the organization by rearranging Sora’s memories. But it proved useless. Marluxia ordered Axel to get rid of Vexen, but was later betrayed by Axel, who was going to kil Marluxia for being a traitor. Marluxia escapes, but is later killed by Sora. Marluxia specializes "flower power" (gay, right?). He was originally supposed to be a female, but they changed him into a male. He has pink wavy hair, you can’t miss him. He uses a scythe called the Graceful Dahlia (???). He was defeated by Sora.

Larxene (KH: Chain of Memories)
Larxene is number twelve in the organization. Her original self is unknown. she is referred to as the Savage Nymph. She was one of the newer members who decided to rebel and over throw Organization 13. Her real intentions don’t seem sincere. As much as she wants to rebel, being rebellious just seems to be her nature, and she seems to always want to have a good time no matter what. She could care less about the organization’s "brotherhood." She was eager to make Sora her "plaything." But when things turn sour, her anger rages and she decides to kill Sora instead. She is very cunning, swift, and rebellious. She specializes in the power of lightning, and uses knives as her weapons of choice, which she calls Eclair. She is later defeated by Sora. She is one of two females in the org.

Roxas (Kingdom Hearts II, Twilight Town)
Roxas is number thirteen in the organization. Roxas is known as the Key of Destiny. He is the nobody of Sora, the main protagonist. Sora stabbed himself with his keyblade, releasing his heart, and the heart of Kairi which was resting in his body. He turned into a heartless while he had a strong heart. But unlike most who fall into darkness, he regained his self once again, though Roxas was still born. Namine was also born. And I believe so was Xion….Because Sora didn’t stay in darkness long, Roxas was the only member who had no memories of his original being. He wanted to know why he was the wielder of the keyblade, so he left the organization to find out. He was the first member to rebel. Axel, afraid of what the org would do to him, tried to convince him to stay. The whole organization was out to destory the traitor. Roxas got into a battle with Riku along the way, who was confused by another keyblade wielder. Riku knocked Roxas out in the second battle, causing Roxas to loose any memory he had of the organization. Roxas was then placed into a replicated world of Twilight Town. He made friends and imitated the behavior. Soon, Sora, who had been sleep for a year due to the events in Castle oblivion, began to wake up. This caused Roxas to gain all of Sora’s memories, and even his own. Roxas began to remember who he was. Roxas formed with Sora becoming a whole being again. Roxas wields the keyblades Oathkeeper and Oblivion. He controls the Samarai Nobodies, and manipulates the power of light. He also creates energy-based melee weapons and barriers. He has blonde spiky hair, similar to Sora’s hair, and blue eyes.He is also one of the youngest members. The rest of his story will be explained in the release 358/2 Days.

Xion (358/2 Days)
Xion is supposedly the fourteenth member of the organization. Somehow she was part of the org. She also wields a keyblade. My speculation is this: She was born from Kairi and Sora when both of their hearts were released from Sora’s body. Nobodies form when the heart is released from the body. But in Xion’s case, I think since TWO hearts were released from Sora’s body, it created three nobodies. Kairi’s heart was released from TWO bodies. Xion could’ve been born when Kairi’s heart was released from her own body, or when Kairi’s heart was released from Sora’s body. Roxas was created when Sora’s heart left his body, but I think Xion could be Kairi’s heart when it was released from Sora’s body because she wields the keyblade and seems to have darkness…which you have to to be a part of the org. The third could be when Kairi’s heart was released from her own body the first time in Destiny Islands in Kingdom Hearts I. Not much is known about Xion. She is one of the few females in the org. She has short dark hair.

Namine (KH: Chain of Memories)
Namine is not a part of the organization, but she is used frequently by it’s members. She is the nobody born from Kairi’s heart when it left Kairi’s body the first time on Destiny Islands. Kairi had been taken over by darkness, but because Kairi’s heart had no darkness, instead of being eaten, it traveled to another body: Sora’s, the wielder of the keyblade. Kairi’s heart was also strong when it left, and so it formed a nobody. Namine also doesn’t have any memories of her original being, but she is able to manipulate the memories of others. Namine was kidnapped in order to rearrange Sora’s memories in Castle Oblivion. Even though she doesn’t have any emotions or memories, I think a part of her wants to be good just like her original self. She is considered a "witch" with those strange powers. She has long blonde hair, with bangs similar to Kairi, and wears white instead of black.

Well, that is the spill on the second organization! I love this organization because everyone has their own cool powers that can kill, kill, kill!…But it’s not all good when you have to actually FIGHT them in the game. So everyone keep a look out for the next game dedicated to this Black Organization: 358/2 Days, coming SEPTEMBER 27, 2009!

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