Crystal Kay-Being a Black Popstar in Japan!

8 Aug

I just want to give a shout-out to my friend from Twitter:Josephinks for giving me this grand idea!
I just want to give it up to this girl, Crystal Kay, this proud African American/Korean star who is beautiful, talented, and is one of the few African Americans (mixed or not) that can speak Korean! That is amazing! I have to say she is popular in Japan for her music, which brings a little soul to the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan, for those who don’t know). And the girl is part Korean, which relations between Japan and Korea are…iffy, if you will. But I just want to share with you one of my favorite videos from her and her fabulous style! I first heard about her in 2002 when I was in my Jpop fetish, and I found her single "Replay/Rainbows" and heard the song "Reeewind" ft M-flo. I liked the song a lot. And then, about a year ago, I saw her On Demand, under the "Cutting Edge" under "Pop Japan TV!" That wasn’t the first time a star from Japan came here, but it just seemed cool to see her vids on my own television rather than online ONLY! So i was pretty excited. That’s how BoA will be for me…..when she gets there…but we’re workin on that…so check out Kuri-chan’s vids, as she’s called!


On of my favorite vids. I really like the song and I like the way her clothes change. It’s awesome!

Reeewind! ft M-flo

My first song and video by her that made me love her music so much!

Girlfriend ft. BoA

Love this song cuz it’s also got BoA, and it’s just a great song. BoA also ft. Crystal on her single….is it just me, or when BoA came to America, it seems she got in touch with her Urban side?? I think BoA secretly has African American blood…..Naw, JK, she’s just an Asian girl with some soul! Check her out in older entries on the left-hand corner of the screen!

This is an English interview by Crystal Kay! Black in Japan! That is just amazing to me!

Well, this has been all about Crystal Kay! Check out our beautiful star, finding her way in Japan, just like many Asian stars are trying to find their way here! Support them, they need love too!

~Over and Out~



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