UPDATE Lupin vs Conan, BoA @ Teen Choice Awards!!!!

8 Aug

Just a quick nighttime update for now. I’ve been busy doing other summer projects, and time has been flying so fast! But for now, I’m going to give a quick update. *I just remember, I forgot to check my email* It’s probably been piling up. Also, I had a three day convention which was ALL DAY…so…ya know…So this update right now is about what anime I’ve been watching lately and the latest on our Asian artists!

Lupin III vs. Detective Conan

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This was the latest episode I’ve watched, though it’s just a TV special. But now I found a new anime to get into, and write a review on! Though, I’ll still be into Detective Conan…because it’ll never end.
Well, with this long special, i feel the title should be flipped around considering how most of it seemed to revolve around Conan…..but Lupin came back strong towards the end. And once again, Ran was the damsel-in-distress….that was annoying, but at least she had more of an important role than usual….although she always plays a princess somewhere…*sighs* Don’t you hate that portrayal of the "main" woman in every anime? it’s so constant and cliche…so anyway, aside from the annoyance, the case was the best case I’ve seen in years! It was interesting, crazy, funny, and exciting…in the beginning i was fooled entirely, thinking the story wasn’t adding up…well, it did a flip-flop! Now, I have to say I can get into an anime like Lupin III. I’ve watched stuff like Ranma 1/2 and Tenchi Mouyo…yep im a big girl now…..Well, overall I give this episode an 8/10. Mostly cause I wanted to see Lupin in Tokyo and Ran got on my nerves….hehehe…her roles get dumber and dumber! Just do something with her!

Anyway UPDATE 2!!!!!!

BoA for Teen Choice Awards!

I would like you all to nominate BoA for Summer: Best Celebrity Dancer! Do all of you agree that she has been the best celeb dancer this summer? I have to say she is! no female has moves like her! And all the other nominees….well, they can’t dance. They quite frankly suck at it really. So, check it out!

And also go to older entries on the LEFT HAND CORNER OF THE SCREEN and check out BoA’s latest music video ‘Energetic’!

~Over and Out~


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