More BoA, this time INTERVIEWS!

11 Aug

More BoA info everybody! I know you’re probably tired of all the BoA, but I can’t help it. I’m so proud of her! And I want her to keep trying no matter how hard it gets. I don’t want her to give up, so I’m showing her all the love and support I can right now. I mean, how often do Americans see an Asian face in the music industry? Not often. In fact, not really at all! And if they are Asian, they are usually mixed with something, or in a group where you hardly notice them (not too many groups can be the Spice Girls, who have their own style).

So anyway, I was going to dedicate this entry to my favorite BoA interviews: KISS FM interviews!

I love her interviews with this radio station, particularly the Seattle one. And the radio stations are the best because they air the songs on the radio, so it’s a good sign. Also, it’s in a comfortable setting in Seattle, funny, and cute moments, and just fun to watch. They also add some good questions that we Americans have been asking for awhile. We WANT TO KNOW> So, I’m going to show you guys the two interviews she’s had with them. Right now, she returned to Japan. But if she stays too long, she might not come back…..please don’t give up BoA!

This is a NYC interview

Young Hollywood interview!

5 Things About BoA!

BoA and Gay Pride (she’s not gay)

Early interviews!

APA interview!


Fan Questions

Those are all the BoA interviews and TV happenings I could find which helps you all get into the life of a big Asian popstar who comes to start her career in America!

~Over and Out~




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