MoXIE GIRLZ, THE EPIC FAIL! (lets not judge so soon)

13 Aug

Okay people. As you probably DON’T know, the newest line by MGA is being released this Saturday, August 15, 2009. And what is it called? Moxie Girlz (see review in older entries too).

This is the Moxie Girlz…..the supposed "Bratz replacement." All I have to say is WHAT THE BUTT!

From viewing some photos online, I have decided they are cute, sweeter, child-friendly, something the parents will love and purchase for their LITTLE children (5-9). BUT the Barbie has already taken that target audience. And this definitely WILL NOT get the tween market at all. And I’m not saying this just because I’m a Bratz fan. In my personal opinion, I think they are cute and pretty, but they won’t sell well with Tweens because this generation HATES SWEET DOLLS! Why do you think no one wants to buy a Barbie? She is too BRIGHT! These dolls are too colorful, and are even tackier than Barbie! They have no style whatsoever. Yes, it’s good to be unique, but not TOO unique! This generation doesn’t like color, they like dark gohthic things, like Twilight! Even Hannah Montana has gotten a tougher make-over…as Miley Cyrus, the darker version! HELLO, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR BRAINS?!

Also, as I said before, they lack the urban appeal that made the Bratz so popular. Of course, we know they can’t be the Bratz. But no one thought the Bratz would ever succeed because Barbie’s reign as fashion goddess has gone on for generations. There are very few dolls that can compete with Barbie, and this definitely can’t. WHY? Because, they have the same appeal Barbie does. If both are competing with the same material, the best material will win: Barbie.

Bratz did not have the same material. So Barbie could never compete with their stylish trends. Their trend was once of street and urban sass, and no matter how hard Barbie tried to become urban, she couldn’t, because that’s not her material.

Now I was one of the tweens that made Bratz so popular back in 2001. At that time, I was 11 years old. Back in Y2K, 2000 for you who don’t know, tweens had given up on their dolls due to influence from computers and internet, which were just becoming a big thing. Because of that, the world got smaller, children became more knowledgeable about things, due to uncensored posts, and music dominated our generation, due to the influx of pop artists (we have Britney Spears to thank for that). Instead of asking mommy for a doll for Christmas, children asked for the next Christina Aguilera CD (ya’ll remember).

That was the age when shows for tweens were coming out and showing how grown-up we were (Lizzie Maguire, remember?). Even i had stopped playing with my dolls at age 10. My Barbies were in the closet somewhere, and I was more interested in my playstation, which was just becoming a new thing too. I got a large Barbie colection, my largest ever, when I was nine, and used to lay with it all the time. But when i turned ten, that stuff was too prissy for me, uninteresting, boring, and childish. I was a tomboy. I didn’t want to be no princess, i wanted to hang with the boys. That is what is influencing this generation. This junk they are putting out there is a train wreck.

MGAE claimed in a recent press release, dated August 3, that they did research on the word Moxie (which as i stated in the older review is ridiculously hard to pronounce for young girls). They also said they found that girls like to create their own styles and be creative and be unique. Okay, I think they are confused. Girls like to create their own styles, yes, and become STYLISH and set TRENDS. They don’t want to be tacky! They also want to represent a style that is fashionable of today’s trends! They want to be street, urban, and see cute make-up. They want to play with a doll that looks cute, stylish, and popular. Moxies lack in all the components of success.

And what is with the commercial? The song is so cheesy! The commercial is cute, but just shows the uglyness of the Moxies: their clothes. Look at this commercial? What the fool?

The commercial isn’t even appealing! If I had these dolls, I would give them a complete make-over! What was MGA thinking? I know they weren’t thinking of success when they made this garbage! I just hope the Bratz can stay as long as possible, I don’t care who owns them! Or at least, MGA, listen when we tell you this will not be successful! This is going to end up like the 4everBest Friends dolls. Remember those? Epic fail! Don’t they get it by now? These dolls can barely compete with Lisa Frank and Zodiac Girlz! I am going to end this rant by saying I am truly disappointed with this line. I also want to say that I officially DESPISE Mattel, and the courts, and this whole mess that caused the Bratz to be removed, and helped to make the Tweens stop playing with dolls, once again. Parents were angry with how the Bratz looked, but now, they are going to see their tweens playing video games instead of with any doll at all!

I’m sorry, but lets stop living in la-la land about these dolls. Just because MGA owns them does not mean they are good dolls. It sucks that they are an epic fail, but it is true. I feel bad for MGA. I really like them as a company. I liked their ideas with the Bratz, and i think that if Mattel had owned them, they wouldn’t have done nearly as good of a job as MGA did. I fel bad they MGA has to resort to making tacky dolls to compete against the queen of pink Barbie. But it appears the day is drawing near. I actually dread Saturday. I dread watching the commercial, and I dread hearing the responses from my little cousins and other tweens who are too busy watching hannah montana to care anymore about dolls.

~Over and Out~


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