Detective Conan-My favorite episodes!

15 Aug

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Detective Conan

Volume 42, Episode 340, 341, 343,184,392,289,342,424,433,450,451,478,512

Ai Haibara and the Detective Boys

128, 129, 130, 131,135,136,137,138,139,163,164,165,212,213,230,231,242,279,280,312,313,329,330,335,336,376,394,395,396,403,404,414,421,422,423,427,428,435,436,509,524,525,542,543

Kaitou Kid Series



This is some of my favorite episodes in DC check it out!

I am completely upset because right now Detective Conan won’t be airing new episodes until SEPTEMBER 5!!!! OH, the agony!!!! I am so upset! I want to scream! Now what am I going to watch?….Well, I can re-watch my favorite episodes…..or I can read the manga, but the next portion is also being stalled until AUGUST 26!!!! AHHH!!!! A whole week without Detective Conan is like a whole week without food! Okay, not quite as devastating, but close enough! I wanted to know what happened next in the anime after Haibara discovered something about Subaru! But I was thinking….maybe I can find that case in the manga and read what happened next…hmmmm *SPOILER* But in the manga, file 703 was good because we found out that Gin doesn’t like the man called Bourbon that much. It is because Gin and Bourbon are after the same thing: they both hate Akai Shuuichi! So Bourbon claimed that Shuu can’t be dead, because he didn’t kill him. Whoever this Bourbon fellow is, he’s quite arrogant or confident, depending on your interpretation of it…….Gin wants to make sure Akai is dead before he has to face Bourbon, which leads me to believe Bourbon is an important member in the organization like Gin. OOOOO! It’s so good, I want to know more about it! Please Goshyo, finish the story! No matter how many cases there are, I still want to know about the BO. I’m tired of the Ran cases! They are such a distraction from the story! I mean what really is Ran to the DC universe but a pretty face and a Shinichi “crutch” or “support” or cheerleader, if you will? The DC universe is full of detectives, criminals, crime syndicates, scientists, police force, and people who have traveled the world. Then you have Ran, Kahzuya, and Sonoko who are just……school girls who are crushing on guys all the live-long day! I mean, their conversation is always on boys! Do they think about anything else? Ran occasionally kicks butt, which is less to say about Kahzuya, who’s supposed to know how to fight, but then they often times make Ran the Damsel in Distress or she is completely off in her technique as a fighter! It’s a shame that they show girls to be dense. You have to be dense to be cool? That’s ridiculous. You shouldn’t have to be clingy to be in love either. Everytime something goes wrong, Ran calls Shinichi, instead of figuring it out herself. Even Jodie-Sensei picked up on that. Ran is stupid. She is the worst-developed character in the series. It would be cool if she was more important, like the boss’ granddaughter or something. But Goshyo would never make his “near perfect main girl” a criminal….Yes, she has flaws, but those flaws are to make you feel sorry for her. She’s a perfect princess, who lives in a fantasy world, and thinks everyone has to love her just because she loves them.

Okay enough about her. Continuing with the BO scenario. I am just so anxious to hear the next portion. I wish Detective Conan would end before 358/2 Days but that is wishful thinking…..anyway, I know by that time, I’ll be so busy playing that game, I’ll forget about DC. Then when I regain my consciousness, I’ll be so far behind! And that’s if I get the game in September….if I can afford it. I’ve been looking for a job lately. All my money went to college. So I’m broke. I can’t afford a Nintendo DS right now. I can get the game. Maybe I can bribe my twin sister to get one for me….muwhahahahahah!!!!

~Over and Out~


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