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15 Aug

As you all can guess from my frequent journal entries, I am a writer. Recently, I’ve become engaged in writing stories. So far, I’ve only read them to my sister. But, so far, I have gotten very far. I have made many stories inspired from the American Girls, Jonathon Swifts’ Gulliver’s Travels, Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, Ghost in the Shell, XXXHolic, Detective Conan, and Cardcaptor Sakura. One is even inspired from my own life. I began the first story when I was 12, but I completed it now that I’m older and can correct the grammer mistakes and the flow of the story.

The Villain Gang
The Villain Gang is about six tweens (and become teens) who come together to form a Villain Alliance and stand by Villain rights. The six bad kids form together to get rid of the "good" kids who always outshine them, and thus end up becoming the worst kids you can ever encounter in the city. Viper, the leader of the gang, really despises a team called The Heroes, who make sure to keep the neighborhood bullies off of the streets and school yards. Together, they battle the heroes to overcome the societal arrangement of good above evil. Don’t know what you think about it, but it’s my idea for a story. I even created a movie script for it…….It was one of my most original ideas……when I was 12.

Now that I’m older, I took several Creative Writing classes, Journalism, and even Expository Writing and Composition and Rhetoric courses in college. So my writing has improved, and so has my outlining of stories.

An Eye Witness: Micheal’s Story
This story is about a man named Micheal. Micheal has one big problem, he can’t stop writing…and he can’t help creating situations that give him a reason to write. Because he wants writing to be an "occasion" he creates his own experiences. His obsession with writing causes him to lose all sanity as he "experiments" with life to find the perfect story. He robs a bank just to write about it. Sleeps with several different women just to write about the experience. And even moves to France just to know how it feels to live there, so he can write about it. This results in him losing his family, and losing his status in the social world. But after going to jail for seven years, after being accused of molesting a little boy, he moves to France, deciding he would stop his ways….until he meets a woman and a son, who teach him things about life…and spur on his curiosity..and need to write. He becomes an eyewitness to the events happening in the woman’s life.

An Eye Witness: Margaret’s Story
Margaret is an 18 year old girl who feels her life is as confusing to her as it is to anybody she tells her life’s story to. Margaret lives with her adopted "Aunt" Naya and "Auntie" Kim, and also her adopted sister Lesley with a Y. One day, Margaret meets a girl named Leslie, who spurs Margaret’s curiosity. Leslie’s life is different from Margaret’s. Margaret doesn’t know her real parents, but she’s heard that her father was obsessed with writing and in jail. She also found out her mother forced her father to have sex, causing her birth. Margaret also finds out she has a twin brother somewhere who was seperated from her when the two were babies. She lives in a crazy and hectic household, and all the responsibilities usually fall on her. But Leslie has a perfect life, the life that Margaret can only dream about. But what makes her curious about the girl, is that the girl doesn’t seem truly happy, and it makes Margaret think about how truly "perfect" one’s life can be. She becomes an eyewitness to the events that happen in Leslie’s life….and ends up finding a few things out about herself.

The Essence of…
11 year old Kollin has strange powers in him that cause him to see into the lives of others simply through his dreams, which causes him to have super brains. He controls the element known as Balance and the element Control. This causes him to be out of touch with the real world socially. He feels the best protection for himself is to close himself up in his home, where he won’t be a threat to anyone or be out of place in society, though his mother tries to encourage him to go outside, play, go to school, and make friends. He insists his abnormal powers would cause havoc on the world, and chooses to stay in his study, and observe his condition. One day, Kollin gets a strange dream about seven doctors who call themselves the Study of Balance and Control, or SBC. This peaks his interest, and he continues to follow their studies in his dreams hoping to find the answer to his existence….but he soon finds out that HE and four others are the target of study in this organization, and they have invented a project that allows them to pry into their private lives. This causes Kollin to step out of his normal closed world…..and his pursuit of knowledge changes his world, and the world of others, forever……….
This is a potential anime. hehehe….

The Lesson Learned
The 11 year old boys Benjamin, Brandon, Brent, and Bill are all well-known in their school, and eat up their popularity with pride and arrogance. Benjamin is popular among the girls, going from girl to girl at a moment’s notice because of his good looks and charm. Brandon is the smartest boy in the school, surpassing even his 8th Grade class. Brent is the strongest boy in the school, and on every sport activity in the school. His stream of successful wins makes him well-known in the state. And Bill…well, he’s Billion Dollar Baby, the non-stop, show master, who pulls pranks, magic tricks, and shows in the middle of school hours….everyone in the whole country knows him! Their lives seem perfectly fine until they meet the Hutchinson Sisters, four powerful witches who change the lives they once knew, and made it topsy-turvy!

These are my story synopsis’ for all of these stories. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY IDEA FOR ANYTHING and make it your own. I just wanted to share my ideas, my thoughts, and my stories here.

~Over and Out~


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