Tenchi Muyo! Review OVAs 7/10, Tenchi Universe 7/10, Tenchi Tokyo 3/10, Manga 7/10

15 Aug

I know it has been a looooonnnng time since I’ve truly done my anime reviews. And it’s mostly thanks to my recent Detective Conan obsession. But I went back into my old anime fetishes, and Tenchi Muyo came to mind. I first watched Tenchi Muyo back in 2000 or 2001 on Toonami. What I remembered most was all those crazy girls living in Tenchi’s household. The plot is very simple, but the story is very complicated…. But this is a review, so guess what? I have to give you the full details on this anime. I will be talking about the following things: Story, characters, art/design, manga and other adaptations, writers, and reception/appeal. Alright, my first review in a long time!

The story of Tenchi Muyo series varies from series. But it has a basic and simple plot, which even at the tender age of ten I could understand. But the story is beyond understanding. Tenchi lived his life as a normal teenager, until he accidentally released a space pirate named Ryoko, who had been hiding in a cave for 700 years. This causes the destruction of his school, and it also reveals that he is a part of the Jurain race, and a member of the royal family, which reveals his powers from the family. Because of all of this, other women were attracted to his home in search of villains that followed the space pirate, who obviously attracted attention with her devious ways…..I know the story is confusing. But you’ll see what I mean when you watch the anime. The story is wild to me. I think it was meant to be shorter than it became. It really isn’t a strong storyline, but it is only for the original OVA. The anime story is changed slightly, but the OVA was the original story. Well, the only change is how Ryoko got to Tenchi’s home….

The characters are mostly women, but the main character is Tenchi Muyo. Tenchi is the teenage boy, and is the center of the women’s world. He is involved with them and their trials, but their trials are the least recognized portion of the story. It seems like some are madly in love with him, and others like to be in his presence. My favorite character is Ryoko, the tomboish, sassy, and rude space pirate. She’s very seductive at times, and is known to be very good-looking. Ayeka, the usual rival, is also a favorite of mine. She’s just the opposite: well-mannered, and a princess. She acts like one. They are also "childhood rivals/friends (?)". Her role was not as big as in the OVA….Well, overall, the characters are very colorful, have their own personalities. The characters are well-developed, which is good considering the story is vague and confusing, due to it being strayed from the point of the OVA. But this is only in Tenchi Universe. Most of the women love Tenchi. That’s one thing they all share in common in any version… Another favorite of mine is Washu….the super genius who was banished to Earth for making a mass destructive weapon. She was also imprisoned for 700 years. The character I like least is Sakuya….she is just a stupid character. I wasn’t particularly in favor of Tenchi falling in love in Tenchi Tokyo…..it was really dumb. I’m not a fan of this part of the series…..I’m not a fan of Tenchi Tokyo at all, and it is what made me stray from the series.

The art is in the old age style of the 90s of course. As with most animes of today, it seems like most of the good ones originated in the 90s. You know, the sharp designs, less detail in the eyes, etc.

Manga and Other Adaptations
I probably should’ve stated this first so the review wouldn’t be too complicated for you. But the anime, unlike most, began with a 6-episode OVA called Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki. Then there was another OVA series that came later that is also considered canon (or important)and it is called Tenchi Muyo! Mihoshi Special. They are considered most important. Strang, right? OVAs are usually the MOST non-canon. It’s kind of backwards. Next, came the anime, which to me, is the worst of all three adaptations. The anime’s Tenchi Universe was good, but I despised Tenchi in Toko. It took the feel of Tenchi, which is a lively crowd of women who love Tenchi. Also, it put Ryoko to the back burner for a girl who could hardly compare! It was ridiculous. The final adaptation was the manga, which is really off, and then a novel, which lightly covered the series……yes, it’s a bit hectic. And all of them seem to have different stories. I only enjoy watching the OVAs and Tenchi Universe. And then there are spin-offs….Well, good thing Tenchi in Tokyo is considered non-canon…

There seem to be many writers, but mostly the most important writers are Kajishima and Hasegawa. They worked on the original story with the OVAs. The Anime International Company worked on the anime series, and it is claimed to be loosely based on the OVAs. And it’s true. Several things were changed. Just know the main plot and you’ll be alright. Really, when watching the series, i didn’t care to know the stories….But due to the many writers, it’s obvious why this anime is so all over the place. But it’s surprisingly okay due to the many ideas shifting around.

Right off, you might be thinking, "this guy is in a house full of women, what does that mean? A harem?" Well, it seems this would be provocative, especially considering his age. But surprisingly, it is just as a normal anime should be. Sure, it looks bad on the outside, but from watching it, there are really only three girls who have been closely classified as having intimate relations with the main character Tenchi. Still, people find many women living in a house with one man suspicious. Also, the story is confusing….I think this was meant to appeal to a Teen audience. It’s not really any better than Ranma 1/2 as far as wackiness, but it lacks in the same depth or definite storyline Ranma has.

Well, that’s my review. I haven’t done one in a long time and I’ve been planning to do this one. So check it out if you like, though I recommend you only check out the OVAs, and if you like anime series better, then watch Tenchi Universe, and skip Tenchi in Tokyo.

~Over and Out~



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