Stardom: BoA knows how it REALLY is….

16 Aug

You want to know how it really feels to become a star? It isn’t all phony, glitter, and glamor.

This generation is all about material things: how many cars you have, how much money you make, what kind of job you have, how you look, etc. and for one thing, it is evident in the media. In fact, the media is the largest influence today. It started with my generation (90s,Y2K 2000-2003). In my generation, kids at age 11 stopped playing with dolls and started buying CDs. That was the "Britney Spears age" and almost every show was dedicated to teenagers. Really, Britney spears was one of the youngest female teens to become a huge success from the first debut. It had a large influence. Everybody in that generation wanted to be a popstar. And it caused them to stop playing with toys to pursue empty-headed dreams that most children thought would be the easiest way to being rich…..

But this generation is worst. With the rise in technology, these children don’t know anything but music, television, and video games. With idols like Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers…..heck everyone on tv, they all don’t have any other ambitions but to sing! everybody and their mama has a CD! And everybody is trying to strike it rich. See, what the kids don’t realize is that thoug stardom is the easiest way to get rich in some instances, it’s not always easy to become a star, neither is it easy to stay a star. With media pressing your back, you have no privacy. You think your parents are bad prying into your life? Wait until the media gets a hold of you.
And then, it actually is a job. There’s work involved with staying on top of the entertainment world. Managers, hectic time schedules, and really, no time for family or friends, so it is often a lonely self-sacrificing career, especially if you become famous. Working to become famous is half the battle…

This entry goes back to BoA (I know you’re all telling me to shut up about her). But she is a big inspiration to people who want to become stars, and her life tells a true-life story of how "real" stardom is and how hard it "really" is. The show Hannah Montana is an unrealistic idea of stardom. Disney is always unrealistic!

See when I was growing up, they always said that tv is unreal. But now tv makes real things seem "unreal!" When really, what is real is hidden behind a perfect mold that doesn’t really exist. Here is some behind-the-scenes footage from BoA’s history, success, and triumph…and also the hard work, years of dedication, and seperation from her old life. Really think about this….

And with all of this phoniness, it discourages kids from pursuing goals that would really fit them: like being doctors, teachers, or even the president of the USA. It’s a shame that celebrities make more than our doctors, when our doctors have gone to school for sometimes over 7 years of college, and worked for degrees, and then here come these wannabe stars making the Benjamins….

Check that out! You may not understand it all, but you can kind of look at it and make out what it’s about. And one is even in english. So just more coming from Animejournal.

~Over and Out~


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