BoA’s Fan Support by PureDragon54

27 Aug

You want to see BoA in action? Well, some purely skilled Youtuber named PureDragon54 created this Energetic MV remix, a cut and edit of most of all of BoA’s original MVs! This is a really unique MV and one of the best fan-made videos. I’m going to tell you right now I don’t like fan-made things too much, so if I see one, it better be the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. And this is one of the most awesome things made by a fan that looks like it really should be an advertisement! They should work for SM Entertainment. I was really impressed. So here it is and enjoy!

This is also something else they made! It introduces BoA to America!

Thanks for reading! I just started college today, so I’ll be bogged down with work for until December Break! *sighs* And it seems the cost for college never ends! I find myself still purchasing books even though school has already begun. And the books and tuition is so expensive! And I’m in the process of getting my car fixed, which is turning out to be a hassle….So, I’ll probably slowing down on the amount of entries I make, but I’ll still try to keep you as updated as possible. This weekend I have a wedding, I have to prepare for that too…

~Over and Out~



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